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Best Luggage: Expand Your Storage Capacity

Travel in style with some of the best luggage

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BYNikola Petrovski, Norah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON April 1, 2021

A great travel bag can be a lifesaver during long camping trips. It’s convenient when you can pack all your travel gear including food, medicine, survival kits, clothes, and shoes in one bag without having to worry about broken zippers, torn fabric, or shattered roller wheels. Here’s an overview of the best travel luggage for long trips.

Best Overall

Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

This three-piece luggage set features side-mounted TSA locks and a polycarbonate outer shell. Each piece has four oversized spinner wheels that are multi-directional. 
There are handles on the top and sides to make carrying your luggage easy when rolling isn’t an option. Inside there are full compression panels to keep your clothes neat and organized. 
The handles could be more secure, as they tend to break unexpectedly. The wheels could be sturdier and tend to chip on rough surfaces. 
Best Value

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

This two-piece set of luggage comes with one rolling 19-inch upright and one carry-on tote. Both have an outer shell made of 600 denier fabric. 
These two bags are the perfect combination for a variety of travels and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. There are detachable handles for custom carrying options. 
The stand-up bag isn’t properly balanced and will fall over if left alone. The material tends to fray after a few uses. This can cause the stitching to come undone. 
Honorable Mention

American Tourister Fieldbrook II Softside Luggage Set

This two-piece luggage set has an upright rolling bag and a carry-on tote bag. The outside is 100 percent polyester. The corners have reinforcement. 
These bags have a super lightweight construction that makes them easy to maneuver. There are also several exterior and interior pockets for organized storage. 
The outer material of this set isn’t the most durable. The zippers can also burst open and render the bags useless.
Best Luggage: Expand Your Storage Capacity

Benefits of Luggage

  • Protection. Having a high-quality piece of luggage to put your belongings in will provide your items with protection and security. Your luggage will keep fragile items safe from the rough and tumble of flying.
  • Organization. The right luggage will provide you with plenty of compartments to stay organized. There will be compression straps to hold clothing and other items in place. 
  • Ease of Travel. When you have the right luggage set, it makes traveling easier. You can grab your bags, pack, and go without having to worry about how you’ll get around.

Types of Luggage

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These bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they’re small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. You’ll need to check with specific airlines, but the standard is 45 linear inches. This is the total measurement of the width, height, and depth. 

Upright Luggage

This is the standard rectangle-shaped suitcase style of luggage. These bags fall in a range of 24 to 27 inches wide. They are bigger than carry-on bags so the linear measurement will be bigger than 46 inches. You’ll also find that they commonly have wheels to make transport easier. 

Wheeled Business Case

These bags are better suited for the business professional. They have compartments for laptops and other technology. They’ll have wheels, extendable handles, and several interior compartments for organization. 

Duffel Bag

These are large bags with one main compartment to hold all of your belongings. They have soft sides and are perfect for long trips or those active in sports. They will have a long shoulder strap to make carrying them easier. You may even find some duffel bags with a handle and wheels. 

Weekender Bag

These bags are like a combination of a carry-on bag and a duffel bag. They are a large shoulder tote that you can throw in a change of clothes and any essentials. These bags work well when you’re going away for a day or two. They typically have soft sides with a pair of short handles and a longer shoulder strap. 

Garment Bag

If you have clothing items that need hanging, then a garment bag is perfect. They have soft sides and are meant for vertical storage with a long handle for carrying. Typically, the bag will fold in half for travel, then unfold when you get to your destination. Inside there’s a solid bar from which you can hang your clothes. 

Top Brands


Founded in Denver, Colo. in 1910, this international luggage manufacturer and retailer now has an office in Luxembourg and is on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Samsonite is at the top of the travel luggage brands. The company specializes in creating high-quality products that are perfect for the business professional or those with an on-the-lifestyle. It’s wide range of luggage, travel bags, and accessories use the latest designs and innovative technologies. The Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Samsonite Luggage is an ideal bag for someone who travels extensively. 

American Tourister 

Founded in 1933, the American Tourister brand was acquired by Samsonite in 1993. Today, its luggage is sold in more than 90 countries. Its luggage can be easily recognized thanks to the signature bright colors and patterns. The American Tourister Kids' Nickelodeon Hardside Luggage shows the fun and whimsical designs of American Tourister luggage. But it isn’t just about looks. The American Tourister Tribus Hardside Luggage is a perfect example of the quality contained in each piece. 


The Rockland brand was created by Fox Luggage in 1995. The line focuses on creating colorful and patterned luggage that is attractive and affordable. Its goal is to create tough yet affordable luggage for any length of the trip. The company’s offices are located in California, and most of their business is done in the United States. The Rockland Quilt 3 Piece Polycarbonate Upright Set is a perfect example of the company’s unique aesthetic. 

Briggs & Riley

Founded in 1993 in Hauppauge, N.Y., Briggs & Riley is a travel ware company that offers a lifetime warranty for any damage caused by an airline. It challenges its designers to consider the unthinkable so that their luggage is ready for anything during travel. There are small touches, such as a pocket to hold your passport. Each bag is also rigorously tested to ensure quality and durability. The Briggs & Riley Transcend Spinner Luggage is the ideal bag for travel. 


In the Paris suburbs, Delsey manufacturers luggage and travel accessories. In 2010, Delsey luggage held the honor of being in second place behind Samsonite in the international luggage market. Each piece embodies French elegance, beauty, and style. They also are at the forefront of innovation with more than 70 patents in the company’s name. Experience French quality for yourself with the Delsey Luggage Paris Chatelet Hardside in Champagne White.

Olympia USA

For more than three decades, Olympia USA has manufactured a complete line of travel products. It’s cutting designs and commitment to quality have helped it rise to the top of the market. Each piece combines innovative technology and desired functionality.  The Olympia Nema 3-Piece Luggage Set is a perfect example of this. 

Luggage Pricing

  • Below $100: These bags use the cheapest materials, lack desirable features, and focus on value over longevity. If you don’t travel often, you can get away with a bag in this range. 
  • $100 to $300: You can find a good-quality bag in this price range that uses quality materials, sturdy construction, and desirable features. You’ll be able to get years of use and travel often with your bag. 
  • Above $300: Luggage in this category can easily cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. This luggage is for the serious traveler. You’ll also find designer luggage in this category. Luggage in this category will have the latest technology, innovation, and highest quality materials. 

Key Features


There are two factors about the size that you need to think about. First, consider how much packing space you need for all of your belongings. You need to find luggage that’s big enough to hold everything. Second, you need to consider airline restrictions. If you want to have a carry-on bag, you’re limited to a size that will fit in the overhead compartment. If you want to check your bag, it’s the weight that will limit you. A smart workaround is to have multiple bags. You could have one personal bag that fits under the seat in front of you, one overhead bag, and one checked bag. You could buy a set of luggage that contains all three of these. 


You will see some bags that have the label of “lightweight,” but you shouldn’t believe this blindly. Pay attention to how much a bag weighs before you pack it. A carry-on bag should weigh less than 10 pounds. Remember, it will get significantly heavier once you pack it. Then you’ll have to pull it around an airport and lift it over your head to fit it in the overhead bin. For larger checked luggage, airlines have weight limits on checked bags. While you can go over that weight limit, prepare to pay a penalty. 


There are two basic categories for luggage material: soft and hard sides. Both will work well and ultimately, it’s your personal preference. Soft-sided luggage will give you more flexibility and tend to be more common. This is especially true for carry-on luggage. The soft material tends to absorb shock well. It is also lighter and abrasion or scratch-resistant. Most soft-sided luggage uses some form of ballistic nylon for added strength and durability. Hard-sided luggage is better at protecting fragile items and is easier to keep clean. Companies are adding innovations consistently, such as upgrading the outer hard shell to composites that reduce weight and increase durability. 

Other Considerations

  • Handles. Pay attention to the sturdiness of the handles and their shape. You want them to be built into the inner construction of the bag. Make sure extendable handles lock into place when fully closed and extended. 
  • TSA-Approved Locks. Locks provide your luggage with security, but they’re useless when TSA needs to get into your luggage. This will result in them cutting the lock. TSA-approved locks give you security while also complying with TSA regulations. 
  • Hardware. The bigger and the sturdier the zipper, the longer it will last. If you tend to overpack your luggage, then the zipper is what feels that stress. Choose metal over plastic. Self-repairing is also helpful for when you snag a tooth. 
  • Wheels. Whether you pick two or four wheels, it’s more about quality than number when it comes to ease of maneuverability. Two wheels are more protected and easier to roll over uneven surfaces, but you have to drag the bag behind you. Four wheels let you move in any direction but are more likely to suffer damage. 

Best Luggage Reviews & Recommendations 2020

This three-piece set of luggage features four oversized spinner wheels that move multi-directionally. This makes traveling and moving through an airport a breeze. There are side-mounted TSA-approved locks to secure your luggage while also remaining TSA compliant. The outside shell is made of 100 percent polycarbonate. There are 11 different color options to choose from. 

There are additional handles on the top and sides of each piece. This makes carrying, lifting, and moving the luggage easier. On the inside of the luggage, there are compression panels that will keep your belongings secure and in place. Each piece comes with a 10-year limited warranty. 

Unfortunately, the handles could be more secure. They tend to break loose from one end and make it impossible to move the luggage with them. The wheels could also be sturdier and tend to chip or break when rolled across rough terrain. The wheels are also quite small compared to other luggage options.

This is a two-piece set that comes with one 19-inch tall carry-on bag and one carry-on tote. Both pieces of luggage are soft-sided with a layer of 600 denier fabric. The carrying handles are ergonomically shaped for comfort while carrying. The upright piece has two external full-size pockets and three internal organizational pockets. 

This set of luggage is the perfect combination for a wide variety of travels. The bag is the perfect size for an overnight or weekend bag. The larger carry-on bag is perfect for longer trips. You have 36 different options for colors and patterns. This lets you choose a set that speaks to your personal style. 

The stand-up bag isn’t properly balanced. This leads to it easily falling over when fully packed and left standing on its own. The outer shell material also tends to fray with wear and tear. This can lead to the stitching coming undone.

This is another two-piece set that has an upright rolling bag and a carry-on tote style of bag. The outside of each bag is a durable 100 percent polyester material. The corners are reinforced to give the luggage durability and strength. The upright piece has a push-button locking handle for easy handling. The carry tote has a smart sleeve to make carrying easier. 

These bags have a noticeable lightweight construction. This makes them ideal if you have a lot of heavy items to pack. There are also a ton of pockets to help you tuck away your smaller items and keep you organized. The in-line skate wheels on the upright bag are polyurethane and use ball bearings to minimize friction and maximize their durability. 

While the corners are reinforced, the outer material isn’t the most durable. The zippers also tend to burst when you fully pack the luggage solid.

This luggage set from Traveler’s Choice is excellent, lightweight, and has the ability to expand for your needs. It is made of 1200 denier rigid polyester with thick padding and a self-locking mechanism to keep all of your belongings safe. The luggage has corner protectors to help in going through narrow halls, around sharp corners, or across uneven sidewalks. Need more space? This luggage set can expand to allow up to 25 percent more packing room.

The luggage set in itself weighs just under 8 pounds. It comes with a tall rolling suitcase and a tote bag. While the tote bag doesn’t have wheels, it does have a reinforced shoulder strap with extra padding for a comfortable carry. The rolling suitcase measures 21 inches in height, 13.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep. The tote bag is 14 inches wide, 10 inches in height, and 6 inches deep.

However, there are some downsides. The bags are smaller than others on the market, but they are the perfect size for carry-ons. They also aren’t as durable as more expensive luggage sets.

This suitcase features a durable, hard exterior that is easy to clean and protects the contents within against damage. The multi-directional wheels make traveling over rough or uneven surfaces easy so you don’t have to lift your luggage or worry about it catching and damaging it. The interior possesses two lined compartments, garment restraining straps, and a large interior zipper pocket to help you organize your belongings.

One of the best things about this piece of luggage is its dimensions. It is lightweight, weighing just over 6 pounds. It is 20 inches tall, 13.25 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep. This makes it the perfect size to pass most airline requirements, so you can bring your luggage with you when you travel. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, giving you some security as you travel.

However, there are durability issues, with zipper tears and wheels coming off. The warranty does not cover normal and wear and tear, but does cover manufacturing defects and issues.

The stylish traveler will enjoy this duffel bag for its utility as well as its looks. It has versatile travel options, and its multi-colored outside and character make it a great bag with multiple uses.

This duffel bag comes with a retractable handle for when you want to roll it around, but it also has reinforced straps if you choose to carry it. The wheels are recessed, making them further protected against damage that often befalls luggage wheels when going over rough surfaces. It comes with eight exterior compartments to help organize your belongings when traveling. It is very lightweight, weighing just over 6 pounds. It is small enough to go under your seat when flying, but that does depend on how heavily you pack it.

It is not a heavily reinforced bag, so if you are not careful with it then it will rip and tear. It is, after all, a duffel bag and not a heavy-duty suitcase. But with that comes the better price, though you will need to be careful not to overpack it or it could rip.

This extremely durable luggage is made with micro diamond polycarbonate texture to make it highly scratch-resistant. Whether you’re on your first trip or your 20th, this luggage should still look the same. It comes with four multi-directional wheels, making your luggage easier to carry over rough or uneven surfaces. It also comes with a highly secure side-mounted lock, protecting your belongings from theft. It comes with garment restraint straps to keep your clothes in place, a mesh divider to organize your belongings, and a zipped modesty pocket all on the interior.

This luggage is built to last. It weighs just over 10 pounds. It comes with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tear.

However, there are some downsides. This is a large piece of luggage, so it will have to be checked at an airport. If you are looking for style, this may not be your main choice. The exterior has some design, but is otherwise plain. Also, this closes with a zipper rather than a latch, which can cause some tearing if you pack heavy loads in it.

This luggage weighs over eight pounds, putting it at the higher end of weight. But it is hardy, durable, and perfect for long trips. It has four spinner wheels, a retractable handle, and a second handle on the bottom for ease of transporting. The bottom tray is designed for extra durability and stability for heavier loads. It can expand up to two inches so you can pack more if you need to.

This luggage comes with a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. A big perk of buying this product, though, is that it comes with a one-year warranty for damage caused by an airline or other carrier. That gives added peace of mind if something is to go wrong with your luggage on its first trip. It has two exterior pockets, a full length interior lid pocket, a side accessory pocket, and garment security straps.

There are some downsides, however. This bag will fit in some overhead airline bins, but not all, so you will have to double-check before your flight. Also, there are some construction issues, such as handles and zippers that easily break.


  • Remember to keep your food and drinks well sealed before packing them in the bag. Tip the containers over to confirm that they are airtight. 
  • Consider putting dirty clothes and clean clothes on the extreme ends of your luggage. That way you won’t have to do the “sniff test” when looking for clean clothes. 
  • Avoid packing sharp tools and objects in your luggage. They may rip the fabric. If you have to bring them, seal them in a bubble bag or any other cushioned material. 
  • Make a list of all the necessary items you need for your trip before packing. Cross out most of the luxury items and fancy gadgets that you don’t need for camping. It will help you pack lighter.
  • Try to maintain a one-bag-per-person rule for camping. If your children are under 10 years old, they can share a bag. You can bring one extra bag for toiletries or snacks. 
  • Store your electronics—like your laptop, charger, and phone—at the top of the bag. It will be easier to access them and you won’t have to worry about damaging them with excess weight. 


Q: What is the best type of wheels for luggage?

A: The most popular type of wheels are in-line skate wheels, which make it possible for you to tilt your luggage as you drag it behind you. Luggage pieces with four wheels and a flexible carrying handle are also popular for dragging heavy loads with ease. Generally, you should prioritize wheels made of polyurethane; they are more durable.

Q: Are hard suitcases good for camping?

A: Only if you don’t plan on carrying it around during your trip. The hard suitcase can be used for storing your clothes in your RV. You should, however, consider using a soft backpack if you plan on leaving your RV behind and going out to explore nature.

Q: Which type of luggage is allowed on a plane? 

A: Most airlines do not limit the type of bags you can bring in-flight as long as you are within the baggage allowance limits. Luggage should be an acceptable size and should not pose a threat to the other passengers and the aircraft. You should check with your airline before your flight on whether your bag fits within the airline’s allowable limits. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels. It allows you to travel in style and has multiple storage components that can carry all the essential items you need for your trip.

If you are looking for an affordable and weather-resistant bag, consider the Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set