Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedals: Gain Control of Your Bike

Handle your bike smoothly and safely with these high-quality mountain bike flat pedals

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PUBLISHED ON October 4, 2019

A good pedal will help support your whole foot, improve your pedaling power, and give you more control of your bike. That’s only possible if you get a great pedal design that conforms to the shape of your foot and your riding style. Consider using some of the flat pedals in our buying guide if you love to cycle with a flat shoe.

  • Best Overall
    SHIMANO Dual Platform Bike Pedal
    A dual-sided pedal that offers control over adventurous riding styles and makes walking more comfortable.
    Durable. Evenly distributes foot pressure throughout the pedal for foot relief. Flushes out mud and debris when the rider steps in. It can accommodate a wide variety of shoes and riding styles.
    Expensive. May feel slippery on the flat side. May start to make a "click" noise after prolonged riding. 
  • Best Value
    Imrider Bike Pedals
    A set of anti-skid pedals with a nail surface that can withstand almost any riding style.
    Cheap. Lightweight. Made of high-quality abrasion and corrosion-resistant material. Protected from sudden misconnections. Features an anti-skid nail surface.
    They may make holes in your shoes. Feels sharp and uncomfortable on rugged terrain. It can get squeaky. 
  • Honorable Mention
    BONMIXC Mountain Bike Pedals
    A pair of well-crafted cycling pedals with a fully enclosed design that feels comfortable on the foot.
    Stable and durable structure. They look good. Waterproof design. Provide enough grip with a non-slip effect. Suitable for a variety of bikes. Wide enough for a large foot. 
    The pedals may snap or bend during serious riding. Not scratch resistant. The coating may shear off after a few months.

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  • Grease up your pedals at least once every two weeks and even more regularly if you are a daily rider. This will help reduce friction wear on the movable parts. 
  • Keep your pedals free of dirt and debris. It's best to detach the pedals from the mainframe of your bike and use a soft brush and a cleaning cloth to get rid of the dirt.
  • If you step on the pedal and it starts to spin, be sure to adjust the bearings to make it a tight fit. A spinning pedal may hurt your foot if you step on it at a wrong angle.


Q: Are flat pedals good for long-distance riding?

A: If you wear flat sole shoes for riding, then flat pedals will feel comfortable on a long-distance ride. They are also safer since they conform to the shape of your foot. It should feel like an extension of your shoe’s sole. It may, however, feel uncomfortable if you wear cleat or studded sole shoes. 

Q: How often should I change my mountain bike pedals?

A: Most pedals can last about a year before they start to make a squeaking noise and at least one or two more years before they break from the pedal frame. With daily commuting, the pedals may break after 8,000 miles or about a year. However, you should replace your pedals if you notice that they have started to crack, break, or lose their grip. 

Q: What causes bike pedals to bend?

A: Bike pedals bend with time due to the constant pressure exerted on the flat structure. If you use your bike for daily commutes, the pedals may appear to bend. Consider buying high-quality pedals with a hardened-steel construction that's more resistant to bending. 

Final Thoughts

We chose the SHIMANO Dual Platform Bike Pedal as our top pick because the platform fits most shoe sizes, and its dual-sided feature allows for versatility when riding. 

If you are looking for a more affordable mountain bike flat pedal, consider the Imrider Bike Pedals.