Best Solar Battery Maintainers: Save the Lives of Your Batteries

Boost and preserve your batteries with these solar battery maintainers

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PUBLISHED ON October 15, 2019

Solar technology is an excellent alternative for powering up all kinds of devices. Solar chargers and battery maintainers are very easy to use, and as long as you keep them under a clear view of the sky, you'll maintain your batteries at peak power. They'll breathe life into flat batteries and enhance performance with little effort. But for maximum benefits, you'll need to get quality maintainers for the job. For that reason, we put together this buying guide to help you choose the best one.

  • Best Overall
    Suner Power Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer
    This 12-volt solar charger and maintainer safely charges different battery types and is suitable for cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Connect it with clamps, or plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. No maintenance is required.
    The device has a blocking diode to prevent overcharging as well as power draining. It's made of premium solar glass and features a sturdy ABS frame. The strong shell makes it weather-resistant and durable. It comes with a one-year warranty.
    The clamps could be too loose, and you might need to replace them for a tight grip. The polarity can be reversed, causing it to drain out the battery. Charges slowly on cloudy days.
  • Best Value
    Schumacher Solar Battery Maintainer
    This 12-volt maintainer preserves and extends battery life. It's ideal for all vehicle types and works on other devices too. Amorphous solar technology makes it suitable for any weather. It even works on cloudy, rainy days.
    The device is easy to use and maintain. It connects by clamps or plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. It's efficient and able to recharge fully-drained batteries. The sturdy, water-resistant shell makes it rather durable.
    It doesn't have a diode to prevent overcharging or battery drain. You'll need to buy one separately or unplug the device more often. Hard to place securely because of its slippery exterior.
  • Honorable Mention
    Eco-Worthy Solar Charger and Maintainer
    This 12-volt charger and battery maintainer works on batteries for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more. It plugs into the cigarette lighter socket or connects by battery clips. The built-in diode prevents overcharge and battery drain.
    This maintainer is safe and easy to use. It powers up and maintains different battery types, extending their lifespan. It’s perfectly safe to use outside in any weather conditions. It’s weather-resistant and durable. It doesn't require maintenance.
    There's no LED indicator light, so it's hard to guess whether it’s working. The cord is a little short. The product comes without any instructions. It’s not waterproof and can resist water only to a certain degree.

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  • Most newly designed solar battery maintainers are water and weatherproof. Still, you should double-check this before you buy a particular product. You will use this device outside because it needs solar energy; therefore, it'll be exposed to harsh conditions daily. A water and weatherproof design is a must if you want it to last. 
  • Before you start using a solar maintainer, check that your battery is working correctly. It often happens that the battery is already damaged before it’s connected to the power supply. In this case, no charger or maintainer can bring it to life, so it can’t be blamed for the malfunction.
  • Solar battery chargers and maintainers are slower than electric ones. They work, but it may just take some time. Be patient and let them do their job.
  • Don't forget to check your battery every once in a while. Many people tend to leave a battery on a maintainer and forget about it. Although it's unlikely that it will get damaged this way, you should still keep an eye on it.


Q: What is a solar battery maintainer?

A: It's a device that keeps batteries at their best performance. A solar maintainer prevents overcharging and complete discharge. It also improves charge quality, so you can run your devices at any time. A solar battery maintainer is recommended for both active and stored batteries. 

Q: How do solar maintainers work?

A: Just like any other solar device, a solar battery maintainer converts energy from the sun into electricity. Then it either supplies batteries with the necessary power or cuts the power off completely to avoid overcharging. If you have a flat battery, a maintainer will pass more power to it to keep it alive. On the other hand, it will cut off the power for fully charged batteries to prevent damage due to overcharging. 

Q: Do I have to put a solar battery maintainer under direct sunlight? 

A: Every solar device works best during the daytime, but you don't have to put them under direct sunlight. Low-quality panels could be affected by humidity and other weather conditions, but high-quality ones can work even when it's cloudy. Keep this in mind before you buy a particular product.

Final Thoughts

The Suner Power Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer made it to the top of our list. It’s a versatile device that proves to be very efficient and durable. If you prefer a cheaper option, we recommend the Schumacher SP-200 Solar Battery Maintainer