Best Backpack Sprayers: Quickly Eliminate Weeds 

These top backpack sprayers will help you get rid of weeds in no time

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PUBLISHED ON October 10, 2019

If you do a lot of work around your yard, there are a variety of products you can use to kill weeds that take over your lawn and garden. One of the best ways to apply these products is with a backpack sprayer. This device helps you evenly dispense weed killer around your property. It can also be used for other applications. Check out our buying guide below to find the best backpack sprayers available.

  • Best Overall
    Petra Powered Backpack Sprayer
    This device includes a cart, extended hose rack, and built-in wand holder. It sprays for six to eight hours on a single battery charge and has a 100-foot commercial-quality hose.
    This device is fast and easy to use. It comes with a large assortment of spraying tips and wands. You have the option to use it as a backpack, with a cart, or with the 100-foot hose.
    The handle may bang into your legs when you're using it. The hose can get in the way, and the metal wand may pop apart if you're not holding on to it properly.
  • Best Value
    Field King Professional No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer
    It's designed so that chemicals will not drip down your back. It includes a 21-inch poly wand and four nozzles. The internal piston pump delivers up to 150 psi.
    It’s strong, rigid, and easy to assemble. It's also comfortable on both the chest and the back. The tank pressurizes quickly, and it’s simple to keep it pumped up while using it continuously.
    It may start leaking or the pump assembly may fail within a short period of use. Also, the handle does not fold down, making it more difficult to store.
  • Honorable Mention
    My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer
    This automatic 60-psi pump will spray up to 30 feet. It sprays for eight hours on a single battery charge, and its spray pattern varies from a fine mist to a long-distance jet.
    It comes with a variety of hose and tip options, and it provides a lot of pressure without the need to constantly stop to pump it. It’s also easy to use.
    It is a little heavy and requires a lithium-ion battery, which can weigh a lot. Also, the shoulder straps may be slightly uncomfortable.

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  • A backpack sprayer’s nozzle can produce a variety of droplet sizes, including very fine, fine, medium, coarse, very coarse, and extremely coarse. The sprayer should indicate what size droplets should be applied. If the droplets are too fine, they will drift. If they're too coarse, they will not spread far enough for even distribution.
  • Choose a product that is comfortable so that you don't get fatigued while completing your work. Many backpack sprayers have an adjustable and padded waist, shoulder, and chest straps.
  • Properly maintain your backpack sprayer so that it operates efficiently and lasts a long time. Make sure to wash it after every use with either water or a commercial cleaner. Also, lubricate the seals and o-rings at least once a year.


Q: Is it better to use a sprayer with a motorized pump?

A: It depends on how much work you need to do. If you only spray your weeds a few times a week for 15-20 minutes, a motorized sprayer isn't necessary. However, it makes the job easier.

Q: What is the best spray pattern to use? 

A: A backpack sprayer's wand has a nozzle that can produce many patterns. Most people prefer using an even flat-fan pattern for single-nozzle applications. Other patterns include extended flat fan, full cone, hollow cone, and flood.

Q: What is the ideal PSI for a backpack sprayer?

A: Read the instructions on your sprayer so you know how to calibrate it properly. Typically, a pressure between 20 and 60 psi is fine, but some sprayers offer much more than that. The aim is to have as little drifting as possible while maintaining accuracy and a uniform pattern.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best backpack sprayer is the Petra Powered Backpack Sprayer. It can be used with a cart, as a backpack, or with a hose, and it works for up to eight hours on a single charge.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Field King Professional No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer.