Best Band Saw: Improve Your Carpentry Skills

Build and design your own wood crafts with these powerful band saws

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PUBLISHED ON October 14, 2019

Technology has made cutting wood a lot easier. Gone are the days of using a cheap metal saw to slice through a piece of wood. You can find a variety of powerful band saws that make the process much easier and a bit safer. They allow you to cut and mold wood to almost any shape and design you can imagine. If you want to improve your carpentry skills, here are the best band saws on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Grizzly Industrial Band Saw
    Has a max cutting height of six inches with a powerful one-horsepower motor. Includes upper and lower ball bearing blade guides.
    It’s built with a sturdy cast iron frame and wheels. It also has an adjustable fence with a magnifying window. The blade speed ranges from 1,800 to 3,100 FPM.
    Setting it up can be a hassle and may require two people. Aligning the table can also be a pain and a time-consuming process. The blade can also make a lot of smoke.
  • Best Value
    Skil 9-Inch Band Saw
    This band saw has a blade speed of 2,800 FPM. The machine is lightweight and can be carried and set up easily.
    It includes an LED work light for improved vision. It also features a large dust port to keep the area clean.
    It’s not designed for industrial workshops but works great at home. The motor can also heat up quickly.
  • Honorable Mention
    Wen Two-Speed Band Saw
    This device has a varying blade speed between 1,520 and 2,620 FPM. It’s rather quiet when compared to other saws. It also comes with a stand.
    It includes a built-in work light for better visibility. Plus, the table is developed out of durable and thick cast iron to prevent scratches.
    It’s hefty and can be difficult to set up by yourself. The saw isn’t as thick as others, and the machine may slightly vibrate during operation.

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  • Get a band saw with a sturdy and durable frame or stand for it to sit on. This can help reduce wobbles and ensure it can take on more weight.
  • Consider a band saw with a cast iron or steel table for stronger support. Also, find one with a table that can be tilted to provide more angles and versatility.
  • A band saw can be loud, so you will need to wear earplugs to protect your ears.
  • Consider wearing protective goggles or eyewear so you don’t get sawdust or debris in your eyes.
  • Even the thickest and most durable pair of gloves are no match for a band saw. Use extreme caution when operating the machine to avoid cutting or hurting yourself.


Q: What is FPM?

A: FPM represents feet per minute. The measurement is used to describe how many feet the blade can cover in one minute. The higher the feet, the faster and more quickly it can slice through wood.

Q: What kind of band saw do I need?

A: This will vary on what you are cutting and how often you use it. If you plan on using the band saw for smaller and lighter wood around the house, you can settle for a lightweight one without a stand. These are referred to as benchtop models. If you need to slice thicker wood and want a band saw with more features, then consider a more heavy-duty machine.

Q: Is a one-horsepower band saw a powerful one?

A: Most band saws will come with just one horsepower, and it’s all they really need. Ones with less are designed to be used around the house for smaller projects. However, you may be able to find saws with more HP that are built to handle more industrial types of wood and workloads.

Final Thoughts

For a powerful cast iron band saw capable of precise cuts, consider the Grizzly Industrial Band Saw

Or you can choose the Skil 9-Inch Band Saw, which is a more compact model with an included light at a cheaper price.