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Best BMX Bike: Boost Your Skills and Performance

Practice tricks, jumps, and ride with friends with these performance BMX bikes

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON August 8, 2020

BMX bikes are built for tricks, speed, and power, and there are a lot to choose from. There are also a lot of factors to consider, including the size of the tires, the length of the handlebars, and the bike’s weight. We found some of the best BMX bikes on the market. If you want to learn how to ride or have ridden for years, here are the top ones to check out.

Best Overall

Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

A modern-looking BMX bike designed with three-piece 155mm cranks and a proprietary aluminum alloy frame and body.
It features a range of models, colors, styles, and designs with either a 16-, 18-, or 20-inch frame, and large wheels and tires.
Assembling it can be a pain, the seat is considered stiff, and the bike is expensive.
Best Value

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike

A hi-tensile steel frame and forks make it more durable, and rear alloy U-brakes provide more comfort and prompt stops.
Includes four freestyle pegs, cast aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearings, and a cable detangler that allows the handlebars to rotate around 360 degrees.
The kickstand is a bit wobbly and may bend easily. You will need tools such as an Allen wrench and crescent wrenches to put it together. Setting it up may be difficult.
Honorable Mention

Elite Stealth BMX Bike

It has a lightweight, yet sturdy, steel frame and its high-pressure cased rubber tires with directional tread ensure they wear evenly and grip the ground.
It includes a thick and padded adjustable seat on a light alloy post. Two front and two rear pegs are included. Large 20 by 2.5-inch tires help you ride over dirt, sand, and off road. Simple assembly.
The frame and handlebars may be easily scratched. The chain can get entangled with itself.
Best BMX Bike: Boost Your Skills and Performance

Benefits of BMX Bikes

  • Innovative. If you’re looking to get into a unique and challenging sport, then BMX biking is certainly for you. It takes all the best parts of riding a bike—freedom, wanderlust, and entertainment—and ramps it up by adding, well, ramps. You can probably even find a community of BMX bikers at your local skatepark.
  • Health benefits. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get and stay in shape. By choosing a BMX bike, you increase the health benefits by being able to perform tricks and stunts. Doing so increases your heart rate, leg muscles, and more.
  • They’re fun. Needless to say, riding a bicycle is just plain fun. While mountain bikes and road bikes let you roam streets and off-road trails, BMX bikes let you do so much more. You can turn a neighborhood street into a rally circuit and tackle different obstacles like jumps and grinds.

Types of BMX Bikes

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Freestyle BMX Bikes

If you want to really get a feel for BMX biking, then check out events like the X Games. Competitors can be found riding a few of our selected choices, and ones best designed for tricks are freestyle or park bikes. They are designed to be more durable and can withstand the tough impacts of jumps and high-flying stunts better than normal bikes. This also means they need to be built with sturdier steel frames.

Dirt BMX Bikes

You really don’t know how bikes handle on different terrain until you ride it for yourself. Not all bikes are capable of riding through dirt, mud, and sand. If you’re looking to tackle off-road challenges like dirt, then we suggest a dirt BMX bike. These bikes are rather similar to their freestyle counterparts but handle much better on difficult surfaces.

BMX Racing Bikes

A BMX racing bike doesn’t really require all that much explanation, but they do stand out from regular bikes in a few key points. For one, they are developed out of lighter material so they are more aerodynamic and can reach higher speeds. These materials are typically aluminum or chromoly. The frames are different as well. They are designed to be more streamlined and have the rider sitting higher up in a near-standing position.

Top Brands


Mongoose started as a small bike manufacturer out of Skipp Hess’ garage in California. Hess made the MotoMag One, the first U.S.-made magnesium cast alloy wheel for BMX bikes. The company first began as BMX Products in 1974 then transitioned into Mongoose later on, releasing the first Mongoose bike in 1985. One of its best BMX bikes is the Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike.


The company was founded in 1984 and was originally located in Ashland, Massachusetts. It wasn’t until 1985 that Dynacraft sold its first bike. It has locations in Canada and Puerto Rico as well and manufacturers far more than just BMX bikes. It also designs scooters and battery-powered rides on toys too. Today, it has a headquarters in American Canyon, California, and makes the Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Bike.

BMX Bikes Pricing

  • $100 - $300: BMX bikes will start around the same price as a normal bicycle. However, if you really want a good high-quality BMX bike, consider spending a bit more cash. Even in the lower budgeted price range BMX bikes are sturdy, reliable, and durable.
  • $300 and up: It’s when you reach well past the $300 point that you will find BMX bikes designed for competition. They will be made much more durable and feature lighter frames and materials.

Key Features


The size of the BMX bike, let alone any bicycle, is perhaps the most important feature of a bike. It helps to determine how comfortable you are on it. You should be able to find a sizing chart on all manufacturers’ websites, sometimes even on Amazon. To determine what size bike you need, follow this guideline: Measure your height and match it to the guide to see what it recommends. You should start with your inseam, and measure it from the ground to the seam of your pants.

Riding Style

We touched on the different types of BMX bikes above and they really make all the difference when choosing one. You wouldn’t choose a mountain bike if you are planning on building up your street riding tolerance, for the same reason you wouldn’t choose a dirt BMX bike if you plan on riding around urban areas. Think about what type of riding you will be doing before making a final decision on a BMX bike.


A bike is made up of a number of components and they all allow it to function. You should note what type of braking system the bike comes with as they aren’t all the same. It could feature handlebar-mounted brakes for both the front and rear wheels or just single brakes that control either. If it’s a children’s BMX bike, it may include coaster brakes where you backpedal to activate them. You should also note the size of the wheels as well, as they can make a difference when riding on the street or off-road. Larger wheels are designed to handle difficult terrain better while smaller wheels are for roads.

Other Considerations

  • Assembly. While the majority of bikes will come somewhat assembled, not all will. You should make sure if the bike you are interested in will require some assembly upon arrival.
  • Rider Weight. All bikes will have a maximum weight limit and you should really pay attention to the number. Any extra weight may result in the bike breaking or not riding as smoothly.
  • Spokes. Spokes are another important feature of any bike. They are the thin metal wires between the rims. They help determine the wheel’s structural integrity. 

Best BMX Bike Reviews & Recommendations 2020

The Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike includes three-piece 155mm cranks for enhanced quality and performance. The bike itself is constructed out of a proprietary aluminum alloy formed and butted frame. The compound helps make the bike light and easy to carry so you can easily lift it onto a bike rack.

It’s available in four different colors and four distinct styles, each one designed for riders of different levels. It also comes in three sizes—16, 18, or 20 inches—to accommodate larger riders and shorter riders alike. The frame and body is constructed out of a lightweight chrome material as well.

There are a few downsides of this BMX bike, but they don’t take away from its durability or function. It does not come fully assembled and putting it together can be a hassle. Plus, the seat is hard and can get uncomfortable during long rides.

Mongoose is a well-known brand of bicycles around the globe, and its Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike is certainly impressive. The bike features a hi-tensile steel frame and forks that increase its durability. Plus, its rear alloy U-brakes provide enhanced comfort and allow the bike to stop on a dime.

As another bonus, the bike includes four freestyle pegs to perform tricks and stunts on, as well as cast aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearings. It is also built with a cable detangler that allows the handlebars to rotate around 360 degrees so you can show off to your friends at the skatepark.

There are a couple of things you may notice about the bike, though. One is the kickstand may be a bit wobbly and can bend easily under pressure. Another thing is you will need tools like an Allen wrench and crescent wrenches to put it together when it arrives, as setting it up may be difficult.

The Elite Stealth BMX Bike is constructed to be lightweight, although it features a steel frame. It also comes with high-pressure cased rubber tires with directional tread that ensure they wear evenly and grip the ground well. All of this makes the BMX bike ride smoothly and comfortably as well.

A light bike is built to perform tricks and the inclusion of the lightweight thick and padded adjustable seat on an alloy post is a blessed benefit. It’s easy to adjust the ride height to your liking. The bike also comes with two front and two rear pegs so you can ride along with someone else or stand up in style. Plus, the large 20 by 2.5-inch tires help the bike glide over dirt, sand, and off road. Assembly is easy.

Due to the bike’s build, though, you may notice scratches and dents on the frame and handlebars. Plus, the chain can get entangled with itself. While this can be an inconvenience, it should be an easy fix to untangle it.

The Razor High Roller BMX bike designed by Razor is more along the lines of what is pictured when thinking of a BMX bike. It has three flashy bright colors and comes in a unique design. The bike is also constructed out of durable and dense hi-tensile steel and includes a sturdy steel frame.

All of those components make it capable of performing tricks and jumps without damaging its integrity or build. The bike also includes large 20-inch wheels to roll over bumps more easily and comfortably. Plus, the hand brakes are mounted on the handlebars and control both the front and rear brakes.

However, you will notice right away that the bike does not come with pegs on either the front or rear wheel. This is a basic staple of a BMX bike, and although they don’t come equipped with the bicycle, you can install them yourself if you feel like doing so. Another issue is it doesn’t come fully assembled and it can be a major pain to put together.

With a name like Tony Hawk, you can be assured this bike is designed for tricks at the skatepark. It also comes with custom Tony Hawk labels and graphics and custom grips for improved handling and comfort. Plus, its 20-inch wheels are large and durable enough to handle jumps and difficult terrain.

The bike also has front and rear brake calipers for enhanced stopping power, 48-spoke wheels, front and rear pegs for maximum performance, and is designed by Dynacraft. It’s a great BMX bike for older kids and teenagers looking to get into BMX riding. It’s also reasonably-priced as well.

However, it does not come fully assembled. You may also run into an issue when it comes to tightening the handlebars. The pedals don’t feel all that reliable, so you may want to upgrade to newer ones in the future. Plus, the stickers may peel off over time.

Another one of our Dynacraft BMX bikes is an excellent starter bike for riders. It features 20-inch wheels and comes in a unique blend of red, white, and black colors. It is equipped with classic coaster brakes instead of the mounted handlebar triggers. Plus, the grips are padded to be extra soft on your hands.

It’s designed with a tough steel frame that can take a beating, includes a kickstand, and is built for riders ages 6 to 10 weighing around 105 pounds. The seat is fully adjustable, too, so you can ride comfortably. Plus, it features a pad on the handlebars to reduce the risk of injuring yourself.

However, the bike will require assembly and the instructions aren’t the most helpful when it comes to putting it together. It also may arrive with scratches, dents, or dings on it.

Right away, the first thing that stands out is the name attached to this BMX bike. For fans of Stranger Things, you probably recognize the BMX bike from season three of the show. It’s designed for younger kids or teenagers who enjoy hunting mind flayers or playing Dungeons and Dragons. It features handlebar brakes, a front-mounted LED light, and looks like it’s right out of the 1980s.

It’s a well-crafted and great-looking BMX bike constructed with a durable steel frame that features large 20-inch wheels. It comes in a vibrant yellow color with accent graphics, a cool design, and a padded seat that makes for a comfortable ride. It’s also reasonably-priced and is designed by Mongoose.

However, while the seat may be padded, it can still be stiff and uncomfortable. Also, the handlebar brakes can be too stiff as well which may make it more difficult for younger riders to use at first.


  • If you are a beginner rider, you may want to consider purchasing a heavier bike as it will have increased stability and durability.
  • Note what style of riding you are going to be doing on your BMX bike. If you want to get into freestyle events, you may want to consider a lighter bike. If you’re a dirt racer or jumper, you will want one with thick tires for difficult terrain.
  • The more spokes there are on the wheel, the stronger and more durable the BMX bike will be.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike no matter what kind of riding you are doing. You should also consider wearing elbow and knee pads.


Q: What size BMX bike do I need?

A: You will need one that is large enough for you or your child to ride comfortably. Check with the manufacturer and consult its size chart to find one that is the most compatible.

Q: Will I have to put the BMX bike together?

A: Maybe. However, many may come pre-assembled or with pre-assembled parts like the handlebars. Assembling a BMX bike isn’t very difficult. If you have trouble, you can consult the internet for guidance or take the bike to your nearest bike shop.

Q: How do I take care of my BMX bike?

A: When it comes to maintenance, ensure that the chain and bearings are properly greased, so they don't wear down, freeze up, or break. Make sure the tires are aired up with the correct amount of tire pressure. Don’t over-inflate them or put in too little air. Also, make sure the seat and handlebars are tightly locked in place. During tough rides, they can loosen, and you can use a wrench to tighten them again.

Final Thoughts

For one of the best BMX bikes with a tough frame and sturdy wheels, consider the Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

Or check out the Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike if you want to spend a bit less cash and still get a fun BMX bike with pegs included.