Best Car Camping Gear: Create an Easier Camping Experience

Make your outdoor camping trips a bit more comfortable with this car camping gear

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PUBLISHED ON October 13, 2019

Car camping lets you get away from the hassles of the city and go somewhere secluded where you can be in touch with nature. However, nature can be unpredictable, and you need to bring along some survival items. Also, you need to be comfortable while camping. Here is some of the top-rated car camping gear that you can bring along with you the next time you go into the woods.

  • Best Overall
    Wagan Electric Car Cooler and Warmer
    A 6-gallon container that can be used for cooling and heating your food and beverages.
    Portable. Ergonomic carrying handle. It can hold up to four 2-liter bottles of water. Great for family road trips. High cooling and heating temperatures. It can be used to keep medicine cool.
    May drain your car’s battery. It can cause a fire if left unattended. Cheap quality DC plug may melt if overused.
  • Best Value
    Lanqi Survival Kit
    A 16-piece car camping kit with a variety of safety and adventure tools that are great for the outdoors.
    Affordable. Includes a compass. Includes a collection of military tactical gear and life-saving gear. Portable. Readies you for unexpected events. Waterproof casing.
    Small knife. Some of the tools may not be durable. May be challenging to keep all the tools organized in the set.
  • Honorable Mention
    FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress
    A car camping air bed with an extended air couch and two air pillows
    Comfortable. It can be used as both an outdoor and in-car sleeping cushion. Great for pets. It comes with an inflator and deflator pump. Available in different colors. It can fit in most cars.
    Prone to leaks. Not flame-resistant. Low-quality pump. May deflate under heavyweight.

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  • Before buying any kind of fire-starting gear, check the rules in your camping zone. If it lists that no fire is allowed, switch to LED lighting options and fused electrical warmers. 
  • Ensure that all the valuable items that you bring to the outdoors are in lockable bags. Put anything that’s not in use in your trunk.
  • Remember to lock the car doors to prevent unauthorized access and wild animals from destroying your car’s upholstery. 
  • Always carry a tool that can help you send a distress signal in case you are lost and your phone’s battery is dead. Whistles and flame guns are handy tools in that type of situation.
  • Try not to drain your vehicle’s battery if it’s your main power source. Look into the amperage of the devices you intend to power and consider buying a backup generator if there’s enough room for it in your car.


Q: Is it safe to cook inside a car?

A: Typically, no. It’s easy for your seat covers to catch fire in case you forget that something is cooking in there. Also, it may take weeks before you get rid of the food smell in your car. A food warmer is much safer since it doesn't produce as much heat as a cooker. Just remember to monitor the food and always use high-quality and safe products. 

Q: What car is best for camping?

A: Car camping involves sleeping in your car, and any car is good to sleep in if you have the right camping gear, such as inflated mattresses for a high level of comfort. However, if you plan to bring more than two people to the camping trip, you can use a bigger truck or purchase a tent extension that attaches to the back of your car for extra room. 

Q: Do I always have to keep the engine running when powering my accessories?

A: Yes, you do if you don't want to shorten your battery’s life. However, take care not to keep the engine running for long since it will use up a lot of fuel. Alternatively, you can try to enjoy an authentic experience outdoors and not bring too many rechargeable appliances that will leave you constantly fretting about recharging them. 

Final Thoughts

We selected the Wagan Electric Car Cooler and Warmer as our top pick because it’s a handy piece of camping gear that lets you enjoy cool beverages and warm food. It also has a decent capacity and can hold and preserve most of the food you need for your trip. 

If you are looking for a cheaper type of car camping gear, consider the Lanqi Survival Kit.