Best Mountain Bike Helmets: Tough and Durable Protection

Enjoy the trail with these comfortable, sturdy, and padded mountain bike helmets

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PUBLISHED ON October 3, 2019

Growing up we were taught to always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Whether it’s a leisurely trip around the neighborhood or a fast-paced ride on a forest trail, every cyclist should wear one, especially mountain bikers. There are a number of things that can knock you on the head during a ride, and having the best mountain bike helmet will protect your head through them all. Here are a few of the best-rated mountain bike helmets to wear for protection and for adding a little style to your ride.

  • Best Overall
    Giro Revel Bike Helmet
    Developed with a polycarbonate shell and a thick liner of padded foam for increased protection.
    Includes 22 vents for more airflow to keep you cool. Features a snap-fit visor to block the sun and tree branches. Available in a selection of colors.
    The straps are long and may dangle around your chin. It may fit a bit snugly so you may need one size larger than usual. Then you can adjust it.
  • Best Value
    Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet
    A rugged and stylish mountain bike helmet with large wind tunnel vents for maximum airflow and comfort while you ride.
    It features a custom dial for a tight and adjustable fit to your head, comes in several colors to match your bike, is light yet sturdy, and the padded foam is comfortable.
    The chin strap is thin and can be a hassle to adjust to fit comfortably (as are the ear straps), and they can feel a bit harsh on your skin.
  • Honorable Mention
    Base Camp NEO Mountain Bike Helmet
    A comfortable and modern-looking helmet developed out of sturdy polycarbonate material.
    Built with 18 air vents to keep you cool, plus a removable, soft, and cushioned liner to increase comfort.
    It only comes in black and is a bit heavier than other helmets. The visor is not adjustable.

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  • To keep the dangling straps out of your face you can wrap them around the straps near your ears.
  • If the padding comes off, you can use a strong adhesive or double-sided tape to secure it onto the helmet again.
  • If the helmet is able to move more than an inch or slides over your scalp, it is not secured properly and you may need a smaller size.


Q: How can I be sure a mountain bike helmet fits comfortably before buying it?

A: Measure your head and compare the size with the manufacturer's sizing chart. To do this, measure the width of your skull and consult the sizes listed with the helmet. You will want a helmet that fits comfortably without being too snug or too loose.

Q: Can I mount a camera to any helmet?

A: You will need to check with the manufacturer to ensure you can mount a camera on the helmet. Many may not be able to properly carry the extra weight and that can throw off their effectiveness. Sturdier and more robust helmets should be able to handle a camera as long as they have a mounting bracket.

Q: Can I wear glasses or goggles with a mountain bike helmet?

A: Yes, you can wear both glasses and goggles while wearing a helmet as long as they do not interfere with the helmet or cause it to sit more loosely on your head. You may want to consider putting glasses on first before strapping on the helmet to ensure a tighter fit. Goggles can be placed over the helmet.

Final Thoughts

For a strong and comfortable mountain bike helmet, consider the Giro Revel Bike Helmet. Our more budget-friendly pick, the Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet, features thick padding and multiple air vents to keep you cool.