Best RV Drinking Water Hoses: Clean Water On the Road 

Have clean water wherever you go with these RV drinking water hoses

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PUBLISHED ON October 12, 2019

One of the essential things for every RVer to have is a drinking water hose. Wherever the road takes you, you need fresh and clean water to drink. Although it might seem easy, picking the right drinking water hose can be quite challenging: it has to be approved by the government and safe for use. The water that comes out of it has to be free of contaminants and ready for consumption. We researched different hoses and composed a guide to help you find the best one for your needs.

  • Best Overall
    Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose
    Camco is one of the best choices in the category and complies with all law regulations. Free from contaminants and safe for use. Ideal for RV purposes, camping, gardening, and other applications.
    Thicker than other regular hoses by 20 percent. Flexible and tangle-free. Resistant to sun exposure and other weather threats. Machined fittings prevent leaks. Anti-kink design makes it easy to use. Measures a long 50 feet.
    The hose is very stiff, which makes it difficult to handle and store. It gets even stiffer in cold weather. Might kink a little.
  • Best Value
    Camco TastePure Drinking Water Hose
    Another safe and quality hose from Camco, at a more budget-friendly price. Certified by law, it's ideal for RVs as well as home use. Clean, pure water without plastic taste. Long enough to be used everywhere.
    This PVC hose is free of harmful elements. Sturdy and durable construction. The fittings are compatible with most standard hose connections. Excellent water pressure and maximum kink resistance. 25 feet long.
    The fittings are low-quality and might break after some time. The thin material makes the hose prone to damage.
  • Honorable Mention
    Teknor Apex Drinking Water Hose
    This hose complies with all standards and laws. The lead-free construction makes it completely safe for use. Although it's rather versatile and can be used everywhere, we find it ideal for the road. Thanks to the anti-kink technology and impressive length, it’s perfect for every RV.
    Free of all dangerous elements, safe for drinking water. No kinks, twists, or tangles. The material is stiff and resistant to sun exposure, low temperatures, and other threats. It even resists mold and mildew. The connectors are sturdy and designed to prevent water leaks. 50 feet long.
    Very stiff. Might feel heavy and difficult to maneuver. Hard to unroll and roll back up. Some buyers complained about loose connectors.

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  • The first step you should take is to check whether a particular hose is approved by authorities. Any safe hose complies with government regulations and is made from chemical-free materials to prevent water contamination. If the hose complies with all standards and laws, you're safe to get it for your RV. You’ll find the certificate under the product description.
  • Make sure to pick the proper length. Water hoses are usually 6, 12, 25, or 50 feet long. You want to get the one that will reach the water source and connect to it without stretching. If you get a hose that is too short, you'll have to go through the buying process all over again. Keep in mind that most people opt for the ones that are 25 or 50 feet long. 
  • It's very important to get a flexible water hose. When traveling with your RV, you'll probably use the hose outside. In this case, the hose will have to pass through a lot of curves and corners. If you want to have a continuous water flow, you'll need a flexible hose. 
  • Don't forget to check whether you have enough storage space for the desired hose. It's crucial to store a drinking water hose properly so it doesn't get damaged or contaminated with dirt. If you don't have a roomy compartment for it, rearrange your stuff or look for a shorter hose. 


Q: What makes a drinking water hose different from a garden hose? 

A: The main difference is in the materials used for their construction. RV drinking water hoses don't have any materials that could contaminate water and make it unsafe for human consumption. Garden hoses are just the opposite and are designed only for outdoor use. They usually contain lead or other toxic elements. 

Q: Can I use an RV water hose for hot water? 

A: In most cases, you'll be able to use it for hot water. However, not all drinking water hoses are made to withstand high temperatures. You should double-check this before you buy a particular product. If the one you want to get is not safe to use with hot water, you can opt for a specially designed hose called a heated hose. This one is perfect for use with hot water and will keep the water clean for consumption as well. 

Q: Will an RV water hose freeze at low temperatures?

A: The hose won't freeze if you protect it properly. You can wrap it up in foam pipe and heat tape. Still, if you're planning to expose it to harsh weather conditions, this safety measure might not be enough. A better alternative would be getting a specially designed hose that can withstand extremely low temperatures. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose, one of the safest and most durable hoses in the category. 

For all those who need a more affordable option, the same company offers the Camco TastePure Drinking Water Hose