Best Car Seat Stroller Combos: Keep Your Baby Comfy 

Take your baby with you when you're out and about with these top car seat stroller combos

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PUBLISHED ON October 10, 2019

Babies are cute little travel buddies, but carrying a fussy infant on your hip every time you get out of the car to put them in a stroller can be tiring. Thankfully, necessity led to the invention of a car seat stroller combo that offers the best of both worlds. In this review, we evaluate three of the best car seat stroller combos.

  • Best Overall
    Britax B-Lively B-Safe Travel System
    This combo was designed with a focus on baby safety and makes the seat-to-stroller transition a breeze. Car seat adapters are included, in case you need to attach the car seat to another stroller.
    The travel system features three areas of impact absorption to keep your baby comfortable and safe on bumpy roads. The stroller’s front swivel wheel makes tackling corners easy. It also has a peekaboo window and UV 50 canopy.
    The travel system’s interior can get too hot as the fabric isn’t very breathable. Additionally, it doesn't have cup holders, and it must be spot cleaned.
  • Best Value
    Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System
    This combo has all the bases covered,  from mommy’s convenience to a newborns’ safety. Its canopy has an additional visor for your baby’s protection. Head and body inserts are included for baby support.
    The peekaboo window is perfect for baby monitoring and ensures fresh air circulation. The wheels turn very easily, and the brakes are toe-friendly. The travel system comes with a big basket and a tray.
    The car seat’s handle isn’t padded, so it can get slippery after a while. The seat’s canopy may become loose after a few months.
  • Honorable Mention
    Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
    Use this travel system in any of the six available modes, all for your baby’s comfort. It has a bassinet, so your baby can sleep peacefully when you’re out of the car. The stroller’s four cruiser tires ride smoothly on flat terrain.
    The base of the seat is well suited for impact absorption and features a roll bar for impact deflection. The seat has a lightweight frame for easy travel. The stroller’s large canopy keeps the sun away from your baby’s face as you take strolls.
    Quality control concerns have been raised over missing components. The wheel width isn't adjustable, and you’ll have difficulty moving around in tight areas.

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  • Make sure you confirm the car seat is securely in place when you attach it to the stroller. Some travel systems have an indicative click when they are well secured. 
  • When in doubt about the cleaning method, always opt for spot cleaning—it works for most travel systems. However, the cleaning method for some of the detachable parts may be hand-wash only. 
  • It is important to confirm compatibility if you are planning to use another car seat with the stroller of your travel system. You can contact the manufacturer or supplier directly to clear any doubts. 


Q: Can I use a car seat stroller combo while jogging?

A: Every car seat stroller combo is designed for a specific lifestyle. If you love jogging with your baby, get a travel system that is specifically designed for an active parent. 

Q: Can I use a travel system for air travel?

A: Yes, some are specially designed for air travel. The strollers for these systems are built for quick turning and easy folding. Some can even fit in the overhead bin of a plane. 

Q: Is there a weight or age limit for the travel systems?

A: Most travel systems have a 50-pound weight limit, and most are suitable for kids up to six years old. However, at age six, your child may no longer need the stroller. 

Final Thoughts

If your main concerns are your baby’s safety and ease of movement, we think you’ll love the Britax B-Lively B-Safe Travel System

However, if you're looking for a great choice at a lower price, the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System is a great pick.