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Best Commuter Bikes: Save Gas and Enjoy a Leisurely Ride to Work

Get to work in style with these unique and fun commuter bikes

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BYScott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON September 21, 2020

Commuter bikes are great if you want to get to work without dealing with traffic. They are best for large cities with heavy congestion and where getting around in a car is a pain. They are also a healthy alternative to driving and are a great way to lose weight and get in shape. If you are considering commuting to work and live close enough to ride your bike, here are a few of the best commuter bikes available.

Best Overall

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Commuter EBike

The reinforced sturdy frame is foldable for easy storage. It’s versatile and doubles as an electric bike and pedal bike. The motor can reach 15 mph.
The bike comes pre-assembled. The battery lasts up to 15 miles. It features large 14-inch rubber air-filled tires for additional comfort, traction, and control.
Folding it can be a hassle and time-consuming process. It’s also heavy, weighing 40 pounds. The battery takes five hours to recharge.
Best Value

Schwinn Loop Folding Commuter Bicycle

Easy folding for quick storage. Developed out of tough steel. Long-lasting and large 20-inch wheels boost performance and grip.
Features a seven-speed shifter for additional strength and comfort. Includes a heavy-duty nylon storage bag, fenders, and a storage compartment behind the seat.
The seat may be a little stiff. Keeping it folded may require a bungee cord or straps. The shock absorption is on the low end, and you may get a lot of vibrations on the ride.
Honorable Mention

EuroMini ZiZZO 7-Speed Folding Bike

The frame is lightweight and made of aluminum. It contains an easy single folding aluminum alloy stem that allows for convenient storage and carrying mobility
It contains easily adjustable handlebar and seat components made to accommodate every rider’s specific dimensions.
Its black and yellow color scheme might be considered too garish or extreme for some riders.
Best Commuter Bikes: Save Gas and Enjoy a Leisurely Ride to Work

The SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Commuter EBike earns our top selection here, due to its array of features. The SwagCycle comes pre-assembled, saving consumers time and possible frustration caused by tedious assembly. It contains a height-adjustable bicycle seat and handlebars made for seamless adjustment to accommodate adults and teens. This hybrid option provides the versatility you need on the road. Bicyclists can either ride full throttle or cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge by toggling between power assist and pedaling. The SwagCycle accommodates riders weighing up to 264 pounds and can be folded three times. This allows for easy storage under desks or other compact spaces, making it the perfect travel companion for food delivery services. The SwagCycle’s durability and convenience allow you to have swag every time you’re on the road.

If you’re looking for a commuter bike that will always maintain its value, look no further than the Schwinn Loop Folding Commuter Bicycle.  This option contains dimensions that will readily accommodate six feet riders. The Schwinn bike weighs approximately 33 pounds and contains 20-inch wheels. It measures in at 29.5 x 29 x 19 inches when folded, providing a conveniently compact option suitable for camping or riding in an RV. This option contains a rear carry rack and nylon bag for easy carrying convenience. The Schwinn contains a seven-speed Shimano RevoShift Twist Shifter and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. These components provide the durability needed to tackle small hills and cut through brisk winds easily. The Schwinn offers the stow-and-go convenience that fits perfectly into your daily routine.

The honorable mention award goes to the EuroMini ZiZZO 7-Speed Folding Bike. This option is constructed in a stylish black and yellow combination that will allow you to create an imposing presence on the road. However, the EuroMini is more than a stylish bike. This option’s dimensions are 27 x 31 x 12.5 inches when folded. It also weighs 28. 5 pounds and contains a lightweight aluminum frame that folds in seconds and is easy to carry. The EuroMini was also made with maintaining durability in mind. It contains folding pedals, a wider saddle, and a magnet catcher to secure the folded frame. This option contains a grip style shifter along with alloy V-brakes that allow for immediate braking of your bike when necessary. The EuroMini offers the style and efficiency every bicyclist demands.

The sixthreezero Men's Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle is the perfect addition to every bicycling enthusiast’s wish list. This option contains a 15-inch durable steel frame that is ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood. Its upright construction has more than its rider’s posture in mind. Sixthreezero has its bicyclists’ safety in mind when designing this option. It also offers the benefit of maintaining comfortability for your back and shoulders. This option contains a wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips for seamless and comfortable riding. Sixthreezero can also be considered an environmentally compatible biking option. Its 7-Speed Shimano external hub allows for a wide range of riding - from leisure to long-distance commutes. It also contains front and rear handbrakes that allow for immediate stopping when you need it. Sixthreezero proves it is a viable biking option in every sense of the word.

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike provides the durability and versatility every bicycle enthusiast is looking for. This option contains a full 4130 chromo frame handlebar and fork that are joined by a 50 mm stem and threadless sealed integrated headset for maximum steering performance. It also contains removable brake mounts and a mid-BB shell. The Mongoose contains a wheelset with 20 x 2. 4-inch tires mounted on wide aluminum double Wall 36H rims with 3/8-inch female axle Front hub and 9T Cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub. This option is designed for bicyclists interested in performing amazing jumps and turns while maintaining safety. Ths bike from Mongoose also features a convenient U brake and brake levers with premium speed control. This option can be used for adults or children who are at least five-feet, eight inches in height. The Mongoose proves its worth on the road, no matter what your bicycling endeavor.


  • Make sure to use bike lanes and obey traffic laws while traveling on a bike to stay as safe as possible.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding on a bike to avoid any potential head injuries.
  • If riding in traffic or at night, you should attach reflective markers to your bike to make sure drivers can see you. You should also invest in a high-visibility jacket.
  • If the seat is too stiff or rough, you can get a replacement with thicker padding. You can also invest in a pair of comfortable cycling shorts that feature their own form of padding.


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Q: Do commuter bikes have a weight capacity?

A: Commuter bikes are built for getting around quickly and efficiently. They are designed to be light and easier to carry, so they will have a weight restriction to ensure the frame doesn’t weaken or break. Most bikes will have a maximum weight capacity of around 220 to 250 pounds. However, this will depend on the brand. You should consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines to see the weight limits.

Q: What can I do to maintain my commuter bike?

A: To properly maintain your commuter bike, you should clean the frame with a cloth, and make sure to remove any debris from the brakes, adjustable seat, and handlebars. Routinely check to make sure the bolts are tightened, and lubricate the wheels to make sure they keep spinning smoothly.

Q: How can I protect my bike from being stolen?

A: Consider getting a bike lock to secure your bike once you reach your destination. While many can be folded for compact storage, others need to be set up on a bike rack. When at home, you should keep it in the garage or inside somewhere out of the rain.

Final Thoughts

For one of the best versatile commuter bikes with an electric motor for increased speed and power, consider the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Commuter EBike

Or for a budget-friendly option, there’s the Schwinn Loop Folding Commuter Bicycle, which comes with large tires and a storage compartment to hold bags or books.