Best Garage Door Openers: Seamlessly Open and Shut the Door

Gain access to your home with these high-quality garage door openers

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PUBLISHED ON October 10, 2019

The garage is one of the most used entrances to your home, and it should be protected. By having one of the best garage door openers, you ensure that the door opens and closes properly and effectively every time you press the remote. Whether you need a new garage door opener to make things quieter or add more convenience, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the best-rated garage door openers to consider.

  • Best Overall
    Chamberlain Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener
    This garage door opener adds convenience with the ability to pair it with a smartphone over WiFi. It also includes remotes and a backup battery in case of power outages.
    It has a reinforced steel belt drive system to enhance its lifespan and reduce noise. It has a superior range and can function from 1,500 feet away.
    To use the WiFi, you will have to subscribe to a service, but you can use the remotes without it. The door may not open or close as quickly as other brands.
  • Best Value
    Genie ChainMax Garage Door Opener
    It comes with a reinforced railing that protects against dirt, dust, and debris buildup. The chain drive opens quickly and effortlessly with its 140V DC motor.
    Along with two remotes, it also comes with a wall-mounted panel for added convenience.
    It is a chain drive garage door opener, so over time, it may begin to squeak and whine. The five-piece railing may also rattle around when operating.
  • Honorable Mention
    Liftmaster Wall Mount Garage Door Opener
    This opener comes in a unique and protective casing to keep it free from dust and dirt. This also extends its life. It mounts to the wall to prevent vibrations and noise from traveling through the ceiling.
    It is compatible with wireless technology, so you can control the garage from anywhere. The built-in security 2.0 rolling code feature chooses a new random code each time the remote opens the garage to prevent thieves from hacking into the system.
    Without the WiFi, you will have to be in close proximity to the garage door for the remote to function. It also may slow down during winter.

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  • To prevent the garage from sticking to the ground when it’s wet or hot outside, consider using a good lubricant on all of the moving parts.
  • You should consider testing the garage door safety features by placing an object in front of the laser grid while the door is closing.
  • For added security, look for a garage door opener that changes the codes sent between the opener remote and the receiver. This can stop thieves from hacking into the system and copying previous codes.


Q: How do I get the belt to quiet down?

A: The best way to get the belt to stay quiet is by using a garage door lubricant, such as the 3-IN-ONE Professional Garage Door Lubricant with Smart Straw. A word of warning against lubricants: while the compound is designed to help lubricate metal and make things easier to move, it is not built to clean parts.

Q: How do I install a garage door opener?

A: If you don’t want to hire a professional, you can simply reuse the old mounting brackets and harnesses from the previous opener. If you are adding a new one, you will need to install the mounting brackets by hand to the ceiling and follow the guidebook closely.

Q: Do garage door openers have a weight limit?

A: Yes, garage door openers are limited by how much weight they can carry. You will need to know the full weight of your garage door before purchasing and installing a new opener to ensure it can open it properly.

Final Thoughts

For a wireless, durable, and long-lasting garage door opener, consider the Chamberlain Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener. Or you can select the Genie ChainMax Garage Door Opener, which is both convenient and powerful at a cheaper price.