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Best Concrete Driveway Sealers: Restore the Look of Your Driveway

Protect your concrete driveway from damage with these concrete sealers

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON May 19, 2020

Concrete is a popular building material in many garages and driveways since it looks appealing and is long-lasting. However, concrete can fade and start to chip without proper maintenance. If you are looking for the best concrete sealer for your driveway, here are a few options you should consider.

Best Overall

Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer

A five-gallon breathable solvent that leaves an appealing wet look and enhances a faded surface.
It provides a long-lasting gloss finish. Non-yellowing formula. UV-resistant. Easy to recoat. Easy application. It can be used on loose concrete. Reduces concrete degradation or damage.
It has a strong smell. May not last long on porous concrete. Expensive.
Best Value

MasonryDefender Concrete Sealer

An affordable one-gallon penetrating concrete sealer that will leave a glossy shine and not alter the original look of your concrete.
Leaves a long-lasting coat. Leaves no residue on the surface. Eco-friendly sealant. Protects concrete surfaces from cracking or pitting. Resists fungus and mildew buildup. Protects against ice melts.
It may not last the advertised five years. You may need to buy more for a large driveway. May leave spots if overused.
Honorable Mention

EnduraSeal Concrete Sealer 

A five-gallon solvent-based sealant that leaves a semi-gloss look on the concrete and doesn’t leave a yellow residue.
100-percent pure acyclic. Highly durable. It doesn’t discolor the surface with time. Almost no odor. Works great on colored, stamped, stained, and exposed aggregate. It can be used in both commercial and residential properties.
Application brushes cannot be reused. May leave a cloudy residue. Slippery on stamped concrete.
Best Concrete Driveway Sealers: Restore the Look of Your Driveway


  • Clean the surface before applying the sealer. Remove any grass and loose concrete particles, and give it a good sweep. 
  • Remove any tough grease stains from the concrete floor with a degreaser. Grease may limit the effectiveness of the sealer. You should also gently scrub out the oil stains. 
  • Mop the floor to make sure that the surface is free of any dirt or chemicals. Let it dry before applying the sealer. 
  • Apply the sealer to any cracks and minor defects to prevent further damage. Leave the sealer to dry for at least seven hours for the best results. 


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Q: How long do concrete driveway sealers last?

A: Most high-quality sealants can last for at least two years without reapplication. However, it will depend on the quality of the product and the daily conditions the concrete is exposed to. For example, if you drive a heavy truck on your driveway and it constantly rains in your area, then the sealer may not last for more than five months. 

Q: What’s the best sealer application tool?

A: Spray applicators are the best since they can penetrate the cracks, and it takes a shorter time to cover the entire driveway. A roller is easy to use, but it may miss on the chipped or cracked parts. A regular brush is a bit strenuous to use, and it will take longer to finish your entire driveway. 

Q: Why do tire marks appear on a sealed driveway?

A: When you drive your car for a long period of time, the tires heat up and the plasticizer (a polymer compound in the tire) leaches out of the tire. The plasticizer causes the hot tire marks on your sealant. You can use a higher-quality sealant that darkens the surface and stays immune to the marks of your tires. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer. It’s great for first-time users and helps to hide the rugged look of the concrete typically caused by harsh weather elements.

If you would like a cheap concrete driveway sealer that will help you restore the look of a section of your driveway, consider the MasonryDefender Concrete Sealer