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Best Mountain Bike Grips: Increase Grip and Comfort on the Trail

Improve your ride, control, and hold with these high-quality mountain bike grips

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BYLinsay Thomas, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON June 14, 2021

Your mountain bike takes a beating when racing through trails and jumping hills. From the disc brakes, the tires, and the handlebars, your bike needs to be maintained to ensure it runs smoothly so you stay safe. Even the grips on your handlebars will deteriorate after a while, and when the rubber is gone, your hold can slip. We put together a few of the best mountain bike grips to consider if you want to upgrade.

Best Overall

Lizard Skins Northshore Lock-On Grip

Features textured shock absorbing sections for improved grip. Large rubber pads increase traction and control and prevent debris from getting caught inside.
Easy to install, and the material is long-lasting and can withstand punishment. It comes in a variety of colors to match your bike.
The grip is good, but it is rather hard and not spongy. They are on the pricier side for grips.
Best Value

Oury MTN Grip

These grips feature a large padded tread design for improved traction and a tight grasp. They are anti-vibration.
The grips feature several colors to match your mountain bike and helmet. Each one is also built for comfort and is soft to avoid hurting your hands.
They can rotate around the handlebars, so you may want to use a strong adhesive. The large ends may get in the way and are a bit awkward.
Honorable Mention

ODI Mountain Bike Grips

Shockproof and vibration proof for additional comfort and durability. A diamond rubber pattern provides a more pleasing grip.
Designed with a non-slip feature with snap-cap end plugs to protect against debris from building inside the grips. Developed to work in wet conditions.
The material is hard and stiff. They may be difficult to slide onto the handlebars.
Best Mountain Bike Grips: Increase Grip and Comfort on the Trail

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  • Avoid leaving the grips and your bike out in the heat for long periods of time. Extreme temperatures may cause the grips to melt or wear down.
  • While grips do provide your hands with improved control and grasp, you should wear gloves with them for extreme riding. The material will increase your grip strength and prevent you from getting injured.
  • Many mountain bike grips come with end caps, while others are open-ended. You want to close the gaps with end caps to ensure debris or dirt doesn’t fill them. If so, the dirt can tear the grips. 


Q: How do I install mountain bike grips?

A: They should slide onto the handlebars without much trouble. You should be able to easily remove the old grips by either cutting or sliding them off. Then you can replace them with the new ones. If they are sticking to the handlebars, you may need to spray the inside of the new grips with a slick solution to get them to slide on more easily.

Q: What can I do to prevent the grips from rotating on the bars?

A: You can use what is known as grip glue to hold the grips onto the handlebars. Just add a small amount inside the grip, and then slide it onto the handlebars. You can use nearly any type of adhesive to stick the grips on.

Q: Do I need to worry about a grip’s size?

A: Mountain bike grips come in different sizes. Check the bike’s owner manual to see how long the stock grips are, and then compare them to the new grips. You don’t want any of the rubber to hang over the handlebars or it may get snagged on branches.

Final Thoughts

For one of the best mountain bike grips for traction and control, consider the Lizard Skins Northshore Lock-On Grip

Or save some cash and get the Oury MTN Grip for additional strength and comfort.