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Best Keyless Door Locks: Advanced Security for your Home

Enter your home without a key and increase security with these high-quality keyless door locks

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BYLinsay Thomas, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON August 21, 2020

A keyless door lock is an enhanced way to ensure your house is secure. It builds upon the standard keyhole by adding a keypad entry to get inside your abode. This increases security, making it more difficult for thieves to get access. Plus, it gives you the ability to change the password whenever you like. Below are the best keyless door locks to upgrade your home’s protection.

Best Overall

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm

Includes a high-tech touchscreen keypad with a matte finish to protect against smudges. Stores up to 30 personalized user codes. Built-in alarm.
Built-in voice control offers convenient and extra security. Smartphones ready for easy access to lock and unlock the door anywhere.
It can be a hassle to install, and the screws can strip easily. The keypad only lights up when you touch it, so using at night can be difficult.
Best Value

Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Keyless Entry

Features an auto-lock function to lock the door if you forgot. It can be programmed with up to eight individual codes.
The finish is coated in a durable metal to prevent scratches. It’s easy to install and comes with a Smart Lock feature to re-key the lock if necessary. Plus, the buttons can be muted, the deadbolt is motorized, and the keypad is lit.
The motor can be loud when engaging the lock. The auto-lock feature operates no matter if the door is closed or open, so it can be a hassle.
Honorable Mention

Ultraloq Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock

This lock includes a combination fingerprint scanner and an integrated touchscreen for convenience and versatility. Stores up to 95 fingerprints and codes at a time.
The material and design make it waterproof and dustproof. The reversible lever functions on both left-handed and right-handed doors. The responsive keypad lights up as well.
The fingerprint scanner isn’t the most responsive and may not register fingers that are cold. The manual can be difficult to understand.
Best Keyless Door Locks: Advanced Security for your Home

Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

  • Fast and easy to use. There is certainly no denying that this is faster than fishing out your key. Just walking up and inputting a code or your fingerprint is more efficient. There is a sense of safety, as well, since you don’t have to have to waste time as you go through keys or rummage through your purse. This is a much faster way to enter and leave your home.
  • Added security features. Depending upon the model you get, there are many safety features it may come with. Some will alert you if your door is tampered with, someone else tries a code, or even if someone is just outside. They can also be tied to your home security system or your smartphone, allowing you greater control of entry to your home.
  • Better for guest entry. It can feel dangerous to have multiple copies of your key printed and given to families, friends, or guests. These keyless locks allow you to program other codes or fingerprints. That way only certain people have quicker access to your home, and the access can be disabled if you choose.

Types of Keyless Door Locks

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Some of the keyless door locks have touch screens rather than buttons. There is a benefit to these as the numbers will not wear away, making it obvious which buttons you press. It also tends to be a faster process with less chance of error from a button not taking properly. 

However, these do tend to be more expensive. It also can be hard to see the screen depending on direct sunlight. If your finger is cold or sweaty, it also may not sense the touch properly. 

Button Pads

The second type of keyless door lock is the button pads. These are more traditional, with raised buttons and a lock button that you enter. You don’t have to worry about bright light making the buttons hard to see. And without the fancier electronic components, there is less to go wrong with these. They also tend to be cheaper and more common. 

However, there are drawbacks. The numbers on the buttons could erode over time, making it hard to know which key to press. The buttons could also get stuck and not register properly. At night, they could be hard to see, although most come with a backlit feature. 

Top Brands


Schlage is a door hardware and lock manufacturing brand that has been around since 1920. The company was originally headquartered in San Francisco until they moved to Colorado Springs in 1997. It is an extremely popular brand known for its high-quality products. Some of its best-known lines of door locks include Primus and Everest. Aside from locks, its products include knobs, levers, handle sets, and other hardware and accessories. Check out the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.


Kwikset was founded in 1946 and is a lock manufacturer. The company is owned by Spectrum Brands and is based out of California. It also manufactures knobs, handle sets, and door accessories. Some of its recognized brands for smart locks include Aura, Halo, Kevo, Obsidian, and Premis. One popular product is the Kwikset 99070-101 Powerbolt 2 Door Lock.

Key Features

Touchscreen or Buttons 

The most obvious feature of keyless door locks is the type of entry pad you will find: touchscreens or buttons, as mentioned above. Touchscreens are more modern, more pricey, and tend to be safer overall. Buttons are less expensive and more traditional, but can wear away and show your code after time. 

Which one you purchase depends upon what you have in mind for your keyless door lock. If you favor fingerprint options, smart functionality, and fancier security features, you likely will go with the touchscreen option. But if you want something simple and more mechanical, you will likely favor the button-type door locks. 

Safety and Security 

One of the top reasons to get a keyless door lock, aside from convenience, is the extra security. These can hook up to your current security system and give you more comprehensive control over your home. You also can set it to alert you to certain things, like an attempt to put in the code or someone at your door. 

There is also the option of assigning codes to other people, which reduces your own keys floating around. You can also revoke the code access if you are moving or no longer want that person to have access to your home. 

Other Considerations

  • Fingerprint Entry. Some of the more expensive keyless door locks come with a fingerprint entry option. As the name implies, you can scan your fingerprint to unlock the door rather than use a code or a key. You are also able to program others’ fingerprints to give only certain people access. This is, obviously, a highly secure way of locking your door. However, this technology is not perfect, and you can have issues with the fingerprint not scanning properly. If you have worn fingerprints, this may not be the best option for you.
  • Alternative Doors. Front doors are the number one thing we think about protecting when it comes to our home, but are there other rooms in your house worth an extra lock? Perhaps you have guns you want to keep your children away from. Maybe you have a safe or valuables stashed somewhere you don’t want guests to wander into. If that is the case, look for a keyless door lock that is compatible across other types of doors. The safest way is to measure the thickness of the interior door and ensure the keyless door lock will work with it.

Best Keyless Door Locks Reviews & Recommendations 2020

For the best in safety, security, and convenience, Schlage has created an excellent keyless door lock. It has a modern touch screen that is highly sensitive. It is also fingerprint-resistant, giving you added peace of mind that no one can guess your code. It has Z-Wave technology that optimizes your remote management capabilities alongside your home security system.

It is BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 Certified, which is the highest residential rating. It comes with a built-in audible sensor to alert you of activity at your door. This comes with three modes you can choose from: activity, tamper, or forced entry. The package for Schlage comes with a connect deadbolt, a back-up key, batteries, a user guide, and instructions for installation.

There are issues, however, with its functionality if you live in a high humidity area, like Florida or Alabama. The moisture can build inside and destroy the lock.

Kwikset’s SmartCode Signature Series has always delivered excellence at an affordable price. This is a touchpad electronic deadbolt that has a hole for a key, although one is not necessary. The pad is backlit to help visibility in the dark or harsh sunlight. It has a tamper-resistant cover to keep you safe. You can also enable the auto-lock feature in case you are worried about forgetting to lock it. You are allowed to program up to eight user codes on the keypad, and it locks with just a simple press of the button if you choose not to use the auto-lock.

This is BHMA Grade 2 Certified for safety. Overall, this is a solid and dependable product. It is not rated as high for security as our best overall pick, but Grade 2 Certified is still good.

Due to the button nature of this keyless door lock, there is the risk of wearing it off over time if you are rough with it. While you can set it with eight different codes, there is no way to track usage or determine who put it in what code, so it may end up being just a moot feature.

Ultraloq has designed a great keyless entry that is worthy of an honorable mention. You can use your fingerprint, a code, or a key to enter. You are able to set different codes or other fingerprints to allow entry to others in your home on a permanent or temporary basis. 

This doesn’t have to be used on just the front door, either. It is compatible across other doors in your home in case you want to keep them sealed off. The touchscreen is inset to make it harder for others to see what you are inputting. It can be set up in only 10 minutes.

However, there are some reported functionality issues with this. The fingerprint scanner can be moody, and the code might not always work. It also isn’t the easiest to install and is better with two people. This isn’t a cheap product, but it does fall in around the mid-range when it comes to price.


  • Remember to reset the master code after installing the device. Many will be a simple code and can be guessed by anyone, which isn’t very secure. 
  • Make sure to keep the included keys nearby in case you ever get locked out of the house, the machine malfunctions, or the keypad won’t unlock for some reason.
  • It is best to install the most keyless door locks away from the elements. Many need to be protected by a porch or covered patio to ensure that rain or water doesn’t get into the system.


Q: How do I know when the battery is low on a keyless door lock?

A: Many keyless door locks will have a colored light to show the battery charge. Green means it is fully charged, yellow or red may mean it is getting low and the batteries need to be swapped out. 

Q: Why won’t my keypad let me enter my code?

A:  You may have entered the code incorrectly or pressed the keys too quickly. Keyless door locks come with a time-out feature that will lock out the user for a short period before he or she can try again. This helps to deter potential thieves and would-be robbers. The device should take around 60 seconds to become active again.

Q: Does the touchscreen or fingerprint scanner work with gloves?

A: While keyless door locks with physical buttons will work with gloves, it’s highly unlikely a touchscreen one will. You may need special gloves that work with screens to ensure the touchscreen can read your print. However, a fingerprint scanner will not function through gloves at all.

Final Thoughts

For one of the most versatile keyless door locks with an alarm and several personalized codes, consider the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm.

You can also check out the Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Keyless Entry for a much lower-priced keyless lock with additional security and an auto-lock ability.