Best LED Work Lights: Add Some Light to Your Work Area

Check out this good selection of work lights for different projects

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PUBLISHED ON October 9, 2019

Some good illumination can be effective when you are working on your car. Sometimes, it can also be lifesaving if you are working in a dangerous situation. Regardless of the project, LED work lights are a smart buy when you need to bring some illumination to your workspace. Here are some of our top picks.

  • Best Overall
    PowerSmith PWL2100TS
    High-Powered work light with a stand that is perfect for off-site jobs that need some extra illumination.
    The light is durable enough to be used in serious work conditions but affordable enough for use around the house or during other events like sports.
    The power output between the two lights can vary. Some flickering tends to occur between the two sides as well.
  • Best Value
    LEPOWER 50W LED Flood Light
    A great two-pack lighting kit that offers some flexibility in terms of overall placement and uses while working off-site.
    The overall durability is good for lights in this price range. Each light runs cool.
    Can be difficult to hang for use around the garage or in the garden. Somewhat dimmer than equivalent 100w fluorescent work lights.
  • Honorable Mention
    GLORIOUS-LITE 50W LED Work Light Stand
    A good single-light solution for anyone wanting a work LED light stands for a budget-friendly price.
    The light is affordable enough to buy several for a multi-light setup if desired. Good illumination supported by a stable base.
    The construction quality varies from light to light. Some lights have been known to fail after a month or two of use.

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  • Buy enough lights for what you need. Multiple lights make it easy to illuminate different parts or areas.
  • Invest in a couple of LED lights you can also hand as well as set on the floor. These come in handy when working on the engine.
  • Pay attention to the power requirements of the work light. Some operate off of battery power, but others need to be plugged into work. 


Q. Do I need a weatherproof light?

A. It's not required if you plan on working inside with them. Weatherproofing is good to have, however, when working outside.

Q. How many LEDs should be in the light?

A. This depends on the illumination you want. Six to eight individual LED lights, for example, output around 750 lumens.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best overall LED lighting setup is the PowerSmith PWL2100TS.

Need to save some money? Go with our budget pick instead, the LEPOWER 50W LED Flood Light.