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Best Motorcycle Coolants: Keep Your Engine Cool

These top motorcycle coolants will keep your engine running efficiently

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BYLinsay Thomas, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON May 31, 2023

You should regularly change your motorcycle coolant because it deteriorates over time, which can affect performance. A good coolant is engineered so it keeps your bike operating at a temperature that fosters optimal efficiency. Check out our buying guide to find the best motorcycle coolants on the market.

Best Overall
Engine Ice High Performance Coolant

Engine Ice High Performance Coolant

This nontoxic coolant is biodegradable and phosphate-free. It keeps boil-over temperatures to 256 degrees Fahrenheit or less and freeze-up protection to -26 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Contains propylene glycol, which eliminates water pump gasket and seal failures
  • Also better reduces operating temperatures in high load and high-stress conditions compared to standard coolants
  • May not notice a big difference in temperature drop or an increase in performance
  • Bottle is also on the small side
Best Value

Maxima Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant

This ready-to-use 50/50 blend of ethylene glycol-based antifreeze and deionized water provides rust and corrosion protection for aluminum and magnesium motorcycle and ATV liquid-cooled engines.
  • Protects your engine from freezing up in temperatures as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features antifoam agents to reduce water pump cavitation and increase cooling capacity
  • Ethylene glycol is toxic. You may not notice any difference in temperature or performance
  • Also, the bottle is small
Honorable Mention

Honda Coolant Ready to Use

This genuine OEM Honda 50/50 blend is ready to use on any motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or snowmobile.
  • Very high quality, and it's already premixed, so you just open and pour it
  • Overall, it works as advertised and expected
  • Biggest drawback is it's a little expensive for what you get
  • Also, it's geared toward Honda motorcycles
Best Motorcycle Coolants: Keep Your Engine Cool

Summary List

Best Motorcycle Coolants: Reviews & Recommendations

A bottle of Engine Ice High Performance Coolant will have your motorcycle’s inner workings functioning at their very best. This biodegradable, phosphate-free, and non-toxic product will lower your bike’s operating temperatures, preventing boil-over and protecting your fluid when winter arrives. It can keep your boil-over temp stable at 256 degrees Fahrenheit and will protect against freezing in weather as cold as -26 degrees. Made with propylene glycol, it’s actually able to help prevent water pump gasket and seal problems over time and many miles. The formula is engineered to help your motorcycle operate at optimum performance, and it can prevent power loss caused by too much heat. Every bottle is pre-mixed, blending the coolant formula with deionized water so it’s ready to use ASAP. This coolant is safe for aluminum and other (or most) metals, so you can use it without worry.

The Maxima Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant is a great choice if you’re looking for a affordable yet value-filled coolant. It’s perfect for any budget, but it also offers a whole lot of benefits for you and your bike. It’s a ready-to-use coolant made with a 50/50 blend of top-tier ethylene glycol antifreeze and diluting deionized water. Together, these two ingredients are safe for aluminum and magnesium — meaning the coolant can be used in just about any motorcycle — and work to protect your bike. It’ll provide a high level of rust and corrosion protection while you ride, and it also includes antifoam agents to help keep your water pump in its best possible shape. With this motorcycle coolant in your system, you’ll be protected against freeze-ups in temperatures as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit and from boil-ups in temperatures as hot as 265 degrees.

Motorcycle owners, like all vehicle owners, can be picky about the products they use — and if you own a Honda bike, you can’t go wrong by choosing the Honda Coolant Ready to Use. This product is made and formulated by Honda, so you know that you’ll get a blend of ingredients that are safe, protective, and just generally good for your bike. This versatile Honda coolant can be used in any Honda motorcycle, but it’s also perfectly safe to use in other motorcycles as well as ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and other vehicles. It features a 50/50 blend of coolant ingredients and water so it’s ready to use ASAP. Each bottle protects from a freeze point of -34 degrees and a boiling point of 265 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to temperature protection, your motorcycle will also get protection against corrosion, as this coolant includes a non-abrasive corrosion inhibitor in its mix of ingredients.

Valvoline Zerex Original Green Coolant is a great option for protecting your motorcycle’s cooling system — and it has a history of being a quality product used for decades by automakers. Formulated with low-silicate and 30 to 50 ppm of denatonium benzoate, this coolant will prevent boil-overs and freeze-ups in varying temperatures. Add this coolant to your bike, and it’ll protect to temperatures as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit. It’ll prevent damaging problems like rust and corrosion in addition to offering all-weather protection, extending your engine’s lifespan by keeping it at bay with a patented organic acid corrosion inhibitor. This coolant can even reduce the odds of deposits forming in your cooling system thanks to its inclusion of demineralized water.

BMW Antifreeze Coolant is an especially great option if you own a BMW motorcycle — but it can be used in other motorcycle makers, too. It’s the factory-recommended coolant for BMW engines and cooling systems, and it’s made with an ethylene glycol-based formula that can keep your bike protected from temperature changes as well as potential damage. It’ll prevent freezing in cold weather and sufficient cooling in hot weather, with the option to dilute the concentrated coolant as much or as little as needed. Sold in a one-gallon bottle, this coolant for motorcycles can also protect metals like cast iron, steel, and aluminum against rust and corrosion issues. It’s nitrate- and phosphate-free, which prevents the buildup of silicate. A bittering agent is included in the mix as well.

Our Verdict on the Best Motorcycle Coolants

Our pick for the best motorcycle coolant is the Engine Ice High Performance Coolant.  It reduces operating temperatures and is nontoxic. 

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Maxima Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant.


  • A premixed coolant is easier to use. If you choose a pure coolant you must mix it with distilled water before using it on your bike. This requires knowledge of the proper ratios in order to combine the coolant and water properly.
  • Don't choose products that contain phosphates, silicates, or similar substances. They can cause your motorcycle's aluminum and magnesium parts to corrode. If you are eco-friendly and don't need an anti-corrosive coolant, choose organic-based fluids.
  • The weather is important when it comes to the type of coolant you use. For example, in summer you need to keep your bike's operating temperature within certain limits so it doesn't overheat. Choose a coolant that can protect it in all types of weather.


Q: Can I switch from a silicate-based motorcycle coolant to an organic one?

A: Yes, but it can be challenging. You must be sure to flush your system and remove every drop of old coolant before using the new, organic fluid. However, some organic coolants may be compatible with other coolants, which will save you time.

Q: How often do I need to change my motorcycle’s coolant?

A: Experts recommend changing your coolant every two years regardless of how many miles you've put on your bike. Coolant deteriorates over time and becomes less effective at removing heat away from the engine.

Q: Can I throw my old coolant in the trash?

A: Coolant is very toxic, so it needs to be disposed of properly. After you remove the old coolant from your motorcycle, put it in a container and label it with the contents. Check with a local garage or your local government to find the nearest disposal facility.