Best Motorcycle Exhausts: Boost Your Bike’s Sound and Style

Get that classic rumbling sound with these top motorcycle exhausts

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PUBLISHED ON October 8, 2019

All motorcycles include an exhaust system, which are pipes that release gas from the engine. The exhaust includes a muffler that helps reduce noise. A high-quality motorcycle exhaust can boost your engine's performance and help you ride faster. But which one is best for your bike? We've done the research to find some of the best motorcycle exhausts on the market.

  • Best Overall
    VooDoo Industries Chrome Universal Cafe Style Exhaust Pipe
    This exhaust is intended for 1-3/4 or 1-1/2-inch pipes. It’s designed for classic universal Japanese motorcycles as well as German and British bikes.
    The exhaust sounds much better than a stock system. It is throaty and raspy and produces a nice popping tone. It gives your bike a unique look and is easy to install.
    Some may find these pipes too loud, but they can be toned down with fiberglass packing. Also, you may have to cut and modify the heat shields.
  • Best Value
    ISTUNT Universal 51mm Slip-on Modified Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Muffler
    This stainless steel exhaust fits dirt bikes, street bikes, scooters, and ATVs. It's a two-inch, slip-on exhaust that is easy to install but does not feature a DB killer.
    It's very well built for the price, has a very deep sound, and looks great. It feels sturdy, can withstand high temperatures, and is quite loud
    The supplied adapter may not reach your exhaust hanger, and some welding may be required.  It may be too loud for some riders.
  • Honorable Mention
    Emgo Turn-out Style Universal Muffler
    This exhaust fits 1-3/4 and 1-½ inch pipes. It produces a louder and deeper tune than a stock muffler. Exhaust flows pretty freely, so it’s fairly loud.
    Installation is straightforward and simple. Three reducers are included, so it can match most header pipes. It has enough baffles to cut high-pitch sounds and ear-splitting backfire.
    You may need to modify it to fit certain bikes, and it might not even fit with adapters. It may be too loud for some riders.

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  • Before purchasing an exhaust system, make sure you have information about your bike's engine as well as the year, model and make of your motorcycle. You will want to buy a compatible exhaust that fits properly on your bike.
  • When installing a new exhaust, you may have to make some modifications. For example, you may have to relocate the oxygen sensors, or you may need to buy additional bolts. Every bike is different, so be aware that you may need to do some alterations to get it to fit and perform properly.
  • Some riders wrap their motorcycle exhausts to prevent them from burning their legs. The process may also increase performance, and it also provides a custom look.


Q: What’s the purpose of a motorcycle exhaust?

A: The exhaust discharges gases away from the rider and passenger. It also dampens noise and promotes performance. Most exhausts are made from aluminum and steel, but some are made from other materials, such as carbon fiber. 

Q: How do I get a deeper sound from my motorcycle exhaust?

A: One way is to remove the baffles from your pipes. You can eliminate the baffles by removing the nut that is typically placed on the bottom of the exhaust pipes.

Q: Why do some exhaust pipes turn blue?

A: It's typically due to the heat that the exhaust emits. If your system runs too hot, it can cause the pipes to turn a bluish color. You can wash, polish, and buff the pipes to clean them. However, if you do this too often, it can damage the finish on the pipes.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best motorcycle exhaust is the VooDoo Industries Chrome Universal Cafe Style Exhaust Pipe. It produces a great, throaty sound and is a large improvement over your stock exhaust system. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the ISTUNT Universal 51mm Slip-on Modified Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Muffler.