Best Motorcycle Horns: Loudly Alert Others of Your Presence

You will be seen as well as heard with these top motorcycle horns

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PUBLISHED ON October 8, 2019

A horn is particularly important if you ride a motorcycle. Drivers don't always see you when you're on a bike, so you need to make your presence known with a really loud honk or beep. Choosing the right horn is dependent on a lot of factors, including its pitch as well as its power. Read on for the best motorcycle horns that will get the attention of other drivers.

  • Best Overall
    PIAA Slim Line Horn Kit
    PIAA's attention-getting horns (one at 400hz and one at 500hz) are 115 decibels loud. They work with all motorcycles, especially those with space limitations.
    The horns are lightweight, easy to install, and are a great upgrade. They are much louder than factory horns and are instantly responsive.
    Since there are two horns, you may have to get creative in finding a place to mount them on your bike. You may need additional hardware to install them.
  • Best Value
    SoundOriginal Universal Motorcycle Electric Horns Auto Horns Loud kit
    This universal horn kit is waterproof and fits most scooters/mopeds, ATVs, go-karts, Vespas, dirt bikes, pocket bikes, and motorcycles.
    The horns are easy to install and are a great value for the price. They are just loud enough for your bike and easily get other people's attention.
    The horns are not as loud as some other aftermarket horns. They also produce a high-pitched sound, which some riders may not like.
  • Honorable Mention
    WoloSuper Horns Chrome Plated Horns
    This European-style, all-metal disc horn is made of heavy steel and comes with a corresponding steel bracket and hardware for motorcycles, cars, trucks, and RVs.
    These horns get the attention of other drivers, have a raspy baritone sound, and enhance the appearance of your bike. They are also easy to install.
    You may need a wiring/relay kit when you hook the horns up because they draw some current and could potentially fry your horn switch.

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  • The sound of your horn is greatly affected by where it is directed. Keep this in mind if you install it pointing down or behind a grill or other body parts.
  • The size of the horn's trumpet affects its sound. Shorter and thinner trumpets tend to be more high pitched than longer and wider trumpets.
  • The best place to put your horn is under the headlight because that is where it will be the loudest. Also, you may need to drill some holes in the bike's frame in order to install a horn.


Q: Can I use a car horn on a motorcycle?

A: Possibly. You have to check and make sure it fits and whether it requires more electricity than a motorcycle horn. You may need a dedicated power line and relay as well.

Q: Is it legal to put an air horn on a motorcycle? 

A: Some states only allow emergency vehicles to have air horns. Other states allow air horns to be used in conjunction with an anti-theft system. Check your state's laws to see what is permitted.

Q: Do motorcycle horns come with mounting brackets?

A: Some products come with mounting kits, such as brackets. However, you may have to modify the horn or your bike in order to get them to fit properly.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best motorcycle horn is the PIAA Slim Line Horn Kit. The horns are louder than what's supplied by the factory, they're easy to install, and they're intended for use on nearly all types of motorcycles. 

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the HELLA Twin Trumpet High/Low Tone 12V Horn Kit.