Best Motorcycle Tool Kits: Be Prepared on a Road Trip

These top motorcycle tool kits will come in handy during a breakdown

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PUBLISHED ON October 8, 2019

Getting stuck on the side of the road can be a pain in the you know what. Whether you're taking a short ride around town or a road trip across the country, you should always carry a motorcycle tool kit. They are portable and provide some peace of mind, particularly if you're traveling long distances. We highlight some of the best motorcycle tool kits in the buying guide below.

  • Best Overall
    Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit
    This tool kit is designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and contains wrenches, a drive ratchet, locking pliers, a tire gauge, cable tires, electrical wire, a 10-piece hex key set, and more.
    This is a great set of bike-specific tools. The tools look good and feel durable. It's also quite light and compact considering how many tools it holds
    The tool kit is too heavy and bulky to fit in a fork bag and is larger than advertised. Also, the flashlight isn't very good quality.
  • Best Value
    Cruztools SKHD SPEEDKIT Compact Tool Kit
    This tool kit for Harley-Davidson bikes includes wrenches, nut drivers, star bits, hex wrenches, a five-in-one screwdriver, pliers, a two-in-one spark plug socket, and a tire pressure gauge.
    The best thing about this kit is its size. All the tools fit into a durable pouch that is small enough to fit in a fork bag. It’s also very affordable.
    It's missing some handy items, such as zip ties, a small knife, and a flashlight. Also, the tools may be coated in an oily residue.

  • Honorable Mention
    Stockton Tool Company SAE Roadside Tool Kit
    It comes with several wrenches, drive sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, a tire pressure gauge, safety wire, electrical wire, towel, zip ties, fuses, and fuel line hose.
    This tool kit has a huge selection of tools for most mechanical emergencies. It easily rolls up to fit in most saddlebags or other storage areas and features many pockets and velcro closures.
    The tools are fine for an emergency, but not high quality enough for day-to-day use. They may break if you use too much torque. Plus, the kit is heavy and bulky.

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  • Most breakdowns can be avoided if you properly maintain your bike and have it serviced regularly. Before you go on a road trip, make sure your motorcycle is in good working order.
  • Some bikes come with OE tool kits, but they don't always include everything you need for basic maintenance and repairs. A properly equipped motorcycle tool kit will help you carry out bigger jobs.
  • You can assemble your own tool kit by purchasing the tools separately, but it may be more expensive than a ready-made kit. Plus, you have to purchase an item such as a tool roll to hold all the equipment.


Q: What should be included in a motorcycle tool kit?

A: A tool kit should have everything you need if your bike breaks down. The kit should include an assortment of tools, as well as a flashlight, battery cables, spare fuses and bulbs, and a tire puncture repair kit. And if your bike has a recurring issue, make sure you carry the right tools and parts to repair it on the road.

Q: Do motorcycle tool kits fit under the seat?

A: It depends on the size of the tool kit and the type of motorcycle you are riding. A good tool kit will be packed with an assortment of items, so it probably won’t fit. If there’s no room under the seat, you can store a tool kit in the saddlebags or in a tank or fork bag. 

Q: Are motorcycle tool kits expensive?

A: Expect to pay more for a good-quality tool kit with a large assortment of tools. Cheap motorcycle tool kits are widely available, but the items may break easily, and they may not provide extras, such as a flashlight or zip ties. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best motorcycle tool kit is the Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit.  It comes with a large assortment of tools that can conquer most roadside emergencies. 

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Cruztools SKHD SPEEDKIT Compact Tool Kit.