Best Truck Shocks: Enhance Your Truck’s Ride and Look

Increase comfort and performance in your truck with these high-quality truck shocks

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PUBLISHED ON October 7, 2019

Owning a good set of truck shocks can improve the ride and comfort of your truck. The best shocks increase the strength and towing capacity of the vehicle, giving you enhanced power and torque. They can make the harshest bumps feel like nothing at all and can even upgrade its performance. They also change the look of your truck with sharp and vibrant colors. Here are the best truck shocks to check out for your ride.

  • Best Overall
    Bilstein Rear Lifted Truck Shock Absorber
    This is a heavy-duty, gas-powered monotube shock absorber built for those wanting to explore the off-the-beaten-path. They are zinc plated to increase durability and performance.
    The Bilstein shock absorber is equipped to handle difficult terrain and harsh bumps and also improves the handling of your car
    They will not fit properly on trucks with a lift kit. You may need to make some adjustments like grinding the bushings. The ride also may be a bit stiffer.
  • Best Value
    CDelco Professional Premium Gas-Charged Shock Absorber
    These truck shocks are developed with a hardened chromed piston rod and are corrosive and scratch-resistant. They are durable and can take the harshest of punishments from the road.
    They are designed to reduce internal friction, which extends their life. They are also gas-charged, which makes them more efficient and gives them a faster response time.
    They are a thin set of shocks that are also shorter, giving you less clearance around the tires.
  • Honorable Mention
    Monroe Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber
    These heavy-duty shocks are developed out of nitrocarburized material. The design helps extend their lifespan making them long-lasting. They boost and tighten control without providing a harsh ride.
    Their 2-inch reserve tube is a great addition and carries more fluid within the metal to increase performance. Plus, their vibrant yellow stands out on all trucks.
    They are not powder coated or painted with any protective measures against rust, so they will need to be cleaned often. They can also be noisy and have squeaky bushings.

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  • If you want a quieter set of shocks, consider air shocks. They are powered by pressurized air that inflates inside the shaft to raise and lower them when needed.
  • For drivers who do off-roading or haul trailers and other large loads, consider a pair of heavy-duty shocks.
  • The material of the shock will make all the difference in their performance. Consider ones with high-quality paint, polished shafts, and chrome-plated pistons to increase their lifespan.


Q: When should I upgrade the shocks on my truck?

A: This will depend on your style of driving. The general rule of thumb is to swap them out every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. However, if you do a lot of heavy-duty, off-road driving or haul equipment, you may want to change them sooner.

Q: Do shock absorbers fit all styles of trucks?

A: While you might think truck shocks fit every truck on the road, they may not be compatible with every truck. Check with the manufacturer to make sure they fit your specific model. If you have a lift kit, they may not fit properly or at all.

Q: How can I tell if the shocks need to be changed?

A: It may be time to upgrade to new shocks if you notice the truck starting to sway during turns, bounce excessively, or if you find leaks in the shocks themselves. You may also notice small vibrations, increased stopping distance, and uneven tire tread.

Final Thoughts

For an improved and more comfortable ride, consider the Bilstein Rear Lifted Truck Shock Absorber

There’s also the ACDelco Professional Premium Gas-Charged Shock Absorber, which can reduce bumps and holes and increase your control at a lower cost.