Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves: Stay Dry in the Rain

Keep your hands dry and your grip secure with these waterproof motorcycle gloves.

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BY Noelle Talmon / LAST UPDATED ON September 14, 2021

No one purposefully heads out for a day of riding when the storm clouds roll in. However, sometimes you simply can’t avoid riding in the rain. Perhaps the weather started sunny and then took a sudden turn for the worse. Or maybe it’s currently raining, and you have no other option but to get on and ride to your destination. 


Riding in the rain is miserable as the water soaks through your clothes and makes everything feel slippery — what you need is rain gear. This goes beyond a suit, though. A pair of waterproof gloves will protect your hands, keep them dry, and help you retain your grip. This guide will show you some of the best waterproof gloves out there and how to choose which pair is right for you.

Best Overall
Scorpion EXO Tempest Gloves

Have plenty of protection with this waterproof gauntlet-style glove. It has two gauntlets that tuck inside and outside of your sleeves to seal out the rain.

  • 100 grams of Thinsulate
  • Hipora lining
  • Goat leather palm
  • Feels stiff 
  • Liner can come out when you take the glove off
Best Overall
Scorpion EXO Tempest Gloves
Best Value
BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves

This heavy-duty glove is constructed of 400 denier fabric and is 100 percent waterproof. There’s neoprene across the knuckles and wrist for comfort and stretch.

  • Pre-curved fit 
  • Fully lined 
  • Amara cloth palm
  • Lining bunches 
  • Feels clammy 
Best Value
BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves
Honorable Mention
REV'IT! Kryptonite 2 GTX Gloves

Wear these gloves year-round with their breathable ripstop stretch shell, Thinsulate G liner, and goatskin drum dyed leather palm. The short cuff and touring fit make them comfortable and versatile.

  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • PWR|shell ripstop stretch
  • Sizing runs large 
  • Smart device fingertip not very good
Honorable Mention
REV'IT! Kryptonite 2 GTX Gloves

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Benefits of Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

  • Better grip. Waterproof motorcycle gloves keep your hands dry during rainy days. You can go out on your motorcycle regardless of weather conditions without getting soaked. This gives you a better grip and consistent control of your bike. 
  • Warmth. One of the main benefits of waterproof gloves is more warmth in cold weather. Although some of them are quite thin and designed for summer, most waterproof gloves offer thick inner layers for enhanced comfort and warmth. 
  • Enhanced protection. High-quality waterproof gloves also offer excellent protection against impacts, especially in the case of accidents. Depending on the pair you choose, waterproof gloves can give you reinforced knuckles and thick materials that are resistant to tears, bumps, and other hazards. 

Types of Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves


Repeat after us: water-resistant is not waterproof. Water-resistant gloves have an outer shell that blocks out moisture. They repel rain but are prone to absorbing water in the long run. Usually made of leather, water-resistant motorcycle gloves are ideal for summer and mid-seasons but fail to deliver enough protection for harsh weather conditions. Most water-resistant gloves require treatments with wax or similar products for creating a water-blocking barrier. They also need regular maintenance to stay in optimum condition. 


Completely waterproof gloves are ideal for all wet conditions, including deep snow. They’re made from thick, quality materials and have several inner layers for more protection against low temperatures and water. The most common material used for this option is Gore-Tex, a fabric known to provide long-lasting water resistance and breathability, but there are other types of materials that are just as efficient. The drawback of waterproof gloves is that they tend to lack ventilation. The lack of breathability makes them hot and can result in your hands sweating inside of the gloves. 


Summer waterproof gloves will be thinner and lighter weight. Winter versions will have an extra layer of insulation between the outer and inner layers. Popular insulation material is Thinsulate because it’s lightweight, effective, and cuts down on bulk. When buying insulated gloves, you’ll see insulation described by weight measurement. The more insulation, the warmer the gloves should be. 

Top Brands


Founded in Asolo, Italy, in 1963, Alpinestars is one of the world leaders producing professional racing gear. The company maintains its reputation for quality and reliability by manufacturing innovative equipment. Wearers of Alpinestars appreciate the product’s attractive designs and technological features. The Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves are waterproof and insulated for a reliable pair of gloves. 


Founded in 2002 in Portland, Ore., Icon has quickly grown to be a heavy hitter in the motorcycle gear market. The company aims to produce high-quality gear that’s also packed with modern performance features. Its product line is designed for those who enjoy riding sportbikes. The Icon Raiden Gloves will keep your hands dry with its leather and textile construction. 

Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket is a subsidiary company of Sullivans Inc., located in Sparks, Nev. It specializes in motorcycle gear and equipment, providing customers with a wide range of products at affordable prices. The Joe Rocket Briton Gloves are a great pick when it comes to protective wear for extreme weather conditions. 

Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves Pricing

  • Under $50: Gloves in this price range are considered budget options. They lack protective features and will have a basic level of waterproofing. These are best for short commutes around town. 
  • $50 to $100: You can buy a decent pair of gloves in this price range. They will come with protective armor, waterproof liners, and quality materials for the construction. 
  • $100 and up: When investing in a pair of gloves in this price range, you are getting the best on the market with the latest innovations. They’ll have multiple waterproofing features, be breathable, and effective at protecting your hands.

Key Features

Water Resistance/Waterproof

If you only want light rain protection for the occasional sudden downpour, then water resistance should be enough. If you plan to ride in the snow or rain, though, you need waterproof gloves. For most people, water-resistant gloves should be enough. Resistant gloves will eventually leak when encountering too much water. 

Consider breathability. Generally speaking, the more waterproof the gloves are, the less breathable they are. This can make some waterproof gloves hot on your hands, causing your hands to sweat. 


If you plan to ride in colder temperatures, then you’ll also want insulation. The most popular type is Thinsulate. The more insulation the gloves have, the more effective they’ll be in colder temperatures. However, the more insulation the gloves have, the bulkier they get, reducing dexterity and finger feel. High-quality gloves will have more insulation on the back of the hand and fingers than on the palm to help you retain dexterity. 


Measure your hand by wrapping a soft tape measure around your palm. Then measure the length of your hand from wrist to fingertip. Confirm your size on the manufacturer’s size chart. The glove should fit snugly but not too tight. The cuff should secure around your wrist to prevent them from falling off. The fingers shouldn’t be too long. Otherwise, the gloves will feel awkward while operating your bike. The cuff should also extend down your arm enough to create a protective seal with your jacket, preventing water from coming in at the wrist. 

Impact Protection

Your gloves are designed to protect your hands. The most protective gloves do more than just prevent water from getting in: a leather palm will cushion your hand from vibration and prevent road rash. Knuckle guards will absorb shocks from impact. Some use polycarbonate, while others use carbon fiber for the guards. 

Other Considerations

  • Materials and Durability. You have your choice of leather or textile for the material construction of the gloves. Both can come in waterproof and water-resistant options. The type you choose will depend on your budget and the look you’re going for with your gloves. Leather is the traditional material, but several modern textiles can be incredibly durable and protective. 
  • Dexterity. Motorcycle gloves are not the same as winter snow gloves. You need to retain the flexibility and dexterity of your hands and fingers. Try a pair of gloves on and move your hands. You should be able to make a fist easily and independently move your fingers. This will let you grip the throttle and clutch while also operating the other controls. 
  • Style. The gloves you buy need to look great. If you don’t like the look of the gloves, you’re less likely to wear them. Waterproof gloves come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. This lets you buy a pair that will match your riding style and the rest of your gear.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Scorpion EXO Tempest Gloves

Enjoy the most protection from the weather in these full gauntlet gloves. They’re unique, with a dual gauntlet design that has dual drain holes. The palms are goatskin leather with silicone reinforcement and no insulation. The hand backs have 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation and hard knuckle protectors. A hipora lining makes the gloves waterproof. The fabric used to make these gloves has a four-way stretch to conform and move with your hands. The dual risk closures give you a secure fit and continuous protection through to your jacket. 

One drawback of these gloves is that the fingers are narrow, making them uncomfortable for some people. However, you can account for this by sizing up if needed. There’s also no touchscreen compatibility on the fingertips.

Best Value
BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves

These durable gloves are 100 percent waterproof and are constructed from 400 denier material. They come in either all black or gunmetal gray. The fingers are pre-curved to cut down on bulk and reduce finger fatigue. The gloves are fully lined to increase their warmth. Neoprene panels give the knuckles and wrist flexibility. The palm is a lightweight Amara cloth for grip. The fourchettes are stretch fabric. Securing the gloves around your wrist is a Velcro fastener tab. The cuff is a long gauntlet style to give you plenty of protection. Elastic detailing on the wrist seals your hands from water seeping in. 

Unfortunately, these gloves lack any kind of leather, reducing the abrasion resistance of the gloves during a fall. They also don’t have touchscreen-compatible fingertips, insulation, or knuckle armor.

Best Premium
REV'IT! Kryptonite 2 GTX Gloves

These waterproof and breathable gloves wrap your hands in goatskin drum dyed leather with a WR finish, PWR|oxford, PWR|shell ripstop stretch, synthetic PU leather, and flocked PU. Insulating the gloves are Thinsulate (Type G) and a high loft poly fur tri-fleece liner. A Gore-Tex liner makes the gloves both waterproof and breathable. The gloves have a touring fit with an adjustable strap on the wrist. The thumb and index fingertips are touchscreen compatible. The cuff is a short design and constructed of a knitted fabric that stretches to a snug fit. 

Unfortunately, the touchscreen fingertips aren’t very effective, which can make them frustrating to use. The gloves also feel large on your hand, but this is because they have a layer of insulation wrapping around your hands.

Honorable Mention
Sedici Firenze Waterproof Gloves

These protective gloves are 100 percent waterproof, thanks to a protective membrane liner. They’re constructed of full-grain aniline leather with softshell fabric. The lining of the gloves is brushed fabric to give you extra cushion and wind protection. The palms are double layered for additional protection. They also have a thermo-set slider for abrasion resistance, and the knuckles have a thermo-set overlay. You’ll appreciate that the fingers are pre-curved. Stretch panels are built into the gloves to give you more flex and comfort without squeezing your hands. What makes the gloves stand out is the anti-snag hook and loop closure. 

Unfortunately, these gloves aren’t effective at repelling water, which can cause them to get wet. The sizing also runs big, so you may want to size down.

Honorable Mention
Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short Gloves

These gloves are constructed of high-quality materials that include Amica suede, Digital Suede, and elasticated fabric. Choose from all black or gloves with red or yellow accents. The fingers are pre-curved, and there are elastic inserts to give you increased flexibility and dexterity. There’s thermal insulation to keep your hands warm. Another layer in the gloves is a breathable waterproof D-Dry membrane. A tightening strap keeps the gloves secured to your hands. They also come with Dainese Smart Touch and Visor Wipe. These gloves stand out because they are CE-certified for protection. They have Comfortech knuckles and a reinforced palm. 

However, these gloves aren’t as warm as other gloves on this list, meaning they are better suited for summer and warm-weather riding.

Honorable Mention
Joe Rocket Briton Gloves

These durable cowhide leather gloves have a dystopian apocalyptic design to them. They come black and brown, making it easy to match the rest of your gear. A waterproof liner keeps your hands dry. Protecting your hands is an internal injection-molded knuckle armor. A stretch panel in the wrist conforms to your hands and wrists to give you a secure and snug fit. The gloves stand out because they have a zipper and snapped strap for securing them to your hands, giving them a unique design. There’s high-density padding on the fingers and palm to provide you with more cushioning and vibration absorption. 

One issue with these gloves is that the fingers are very long, making them awkward to wear for those with short fingers. The zipper on the cuff can also leak water.

Honorable Mention
Cortech Scarab 2.0 Gloves

These gloves will give you a maximum amount of protection from abrasion, impacts, and weather. The durable exoskeleton is constructed of drum-dyed goatskin leather, hipora three-layer waterproof liner, and 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation. There are molded Hitena knuckle guards and outside wrist guards. The fingertips are touchscreen compatible. Lining the gloves is a plush two-millimeter fleece. The pre-curved fingers and gauntlet cuff add to the comfort of these gloves for all-day riding. They also come with a TPR shield wiper blade and 3M Scotchlite reflective piping. 

Unfortunately, the liner can separate from the glove, causing it to pull out when you remove your hands. It can be challenging to push the liner back in the glove. These gloves are also best for cool weather rather than frigid weather. 

Honorable Mention
Alpinestars Corozal Drystar Gloves

This short cuff glove is perfect for cooler weather with a goatskin leather palm and stretchy polyamide fabric construction. Keeping your hands dry is the patented Alpinestars Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane. This glove stands out because it’s reinforced with foam padding on the palm and outer hand. They also have a patented bridge between the third and fourth fingers. Your hands will appreciate the pre-curved design to reduce fatigue. They also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips for convenience. The cuff is a soft neoprene with Velcro closure, making them easy to take on and off. 

One drawback of these gloves is that the sizing runs small, so you’ll need to size up when ordering. You may want to go two sizes up if you plan on wearing a liner with them. 

Honorable Mention
REV'IT! Hydra 2 H2O Gloves

These winter weather gloves come in black, green, and navy. The palm is protected by goatskin for superior abrasion resistance. The outer shell is constructed of PWR|shell 500 denier twill stretch for a custom fit and maximum flexibility. To keep your hands dry, the gloves have a hydratex layer sandwiched with a layer of Thinsulate G and a lining of polar fleece to keep your hands cozy and warm. Temperfoam hard shells cover the knuckles, thumb, and palm. The index finger and thumb are touchscreen compatible. This glove stands out with dual cuffs for layering with your jacket.  

One potential drawback of these gloves is that the fingers are a bit long. However, they won’t hinder your ability to ride. The knit cuff can absorb water, but it should be worn under your jacket, so this shouldn’t be an issue either.

Honorable Mention
Icon Raiden Gloves

When you wear these gloves, you'll never have to worry about getting wet hands. The primary construction is a durable textile that's reinforced with an Ax Laredo palm. The gloves' interior has PrimaLoft insulation for warmth and a waterproof hipora liner to keep you dry. To give you knuckle protection, there is a D30 guard that keeps the bulk down. A hook and loop closure system secures the glove onto your hands. While the gloves are all black, they also have reflective graphics for increased visibility. You'll find these gloves to be comfortable with plenty of flex and stretch. 

The downside of this glove is that it doesn't have touchscreen fingertips, making it harder to use your smartphone. It also lacks breathability, making your hands feel hot in warmer rainy weather.


  • If you wear your gloves in the rain, carefully dry them out afterward to help the gloves retain their size and shape. It’ll also preserve the materials and construction for a longer, useful life. 
  • Look for gloves that are meant for your style and type of riding. This will ensure they’re durable enough to withstand the abuse you’ll put them through. 
  • Wear your waterproof gloves when it’s not raining to break them in and conform to your hands. This will make them more comfortable to wear when it’s raining. 


Q: Can I just use any pair of waterproof gloves on my motorcycle?

No, you shouldn’t use just any waterproof gloves when riding your motorcycle. Gloves that are designed for riding have less bulk and a palm that helps you have a better grip. 

Q: Can I use a touchscreen with waterproof gloves?

If you want to use your smartphone while wearing gloves, look for a pair with touch screen compatible fingertips and thumb. This will let you interact with the screen while wearing the gloves. 

Q: Are waterproof motorcycle gloves washable?

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to caring for your gloves. Some are machine washable. However, most waterproof gloves have special treatments that will get degraded in the washing machine. It’s better to hand wash the gloves. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best waterproof motorcycle gloves is the Scorpion EXO Tempest Gloves with 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation and hipora lining. Consider the BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves that have a pre-curved fit and are fully lined for a more budget-friendly option.