Best Work Gloves: Protect Your Hands While Working

Protect your hands from work-related injuries with these high-quality work gloves

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PUBLISHED ON October 7, 2019

It's important to protect your hands from dirt and injuries, especially if you spend a lot of time working on your vehicle in the garage or have a woodshop or an auto repair shop. Not just any gloves will do; you need a set of professional gloves that are guaranteed to promote safety in your work environment. Our buying guide below will help you get the best work gloves.

  • Best Overall
    Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves
    A pair of well-engineered gloves that are suitable for all work environments.
    Durable construction. Resists tears. Absorbs high-impact energy. Includes fingertip reinforcements. Machine washable. Smooth entry and mobility. Designed to improve feel and general dexterity.
    May have an unpleasant smell if your hands get sweaty. May feel too thick for small detail jobs.
  • Best Value
    G&F Seamless Work Gloves 
    Six pairs of gloves with twin material construction at an affordable price.
    It offers maximum flexibility. Feels light on the hands. Made of breathable material.  Promotes full hand movement while protecting against minor injuries. Available in a variety of colors. 
    No extra padding for comfort. No cold weather protection. Contain bug repellent smells.
  • Honorable Mention
    CLC Custom Leathercraft
    A pair of synthetic leather gloves that make it easy for your hands to pick up small objects
    Lightweight. Shrink resistant. Flexible. Stretchable. Great dexterity. Excellent grip. Keeps your hands warm in cold weather. Three of the fingertips can be used on touchscreens. Scratch-proof design.
    May feel tight during the first use. Inadequate knuckle padding. May have poor stitching at the palms.

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  • Consider washing your gloves at least twice every month. Dirt stains tend to weaken most gloves, which can expose you to more injuries. 
  • Wear other protective gear, including eye goggles, ear muffs, and a face mask for extra precaution when working on projects in your garage.
  • If you plan on working with chemicals, ensure that the gloves can resist corrosion. Otherwise, the chemical will burn through the gloves and damage your skin. 
  • Inspect your gloves regularly for any signs of wear. If you notice any holes in the palms or fingertips, then it may be time to replace them. 
  • If you notice that your skin gets irritated or you experience a stinging sensation when using the gloves, discontinue use since you may be allergic to the material. 


Q: What kind of hand injuries can you expect at a workplace?

A: Most work-related hand injuries include skin lacerations caused by blunt objects such as screwdrivers. Puncture and burn wounds are expected when you are working on your engine. You can prevent a worst-case scenario such as cutting your finger with a table saw by wearing heavy-duty work gloves. 

Q: Are leather gloves machine washable?

A: Most aftermarket synthetic and genuine leather gloves are machine washable. If the leather gloves you buy aren’t machine washable, you can clean them with a wet cloth lathered in saddle soap. Massage the soap into the gloves, and wipe them dry with a clean towel. Then leave the gloves to air dry. 

Q: Will my gloves weaken from constant washing?

A: If you can’t stand having dirty gloves, then you need to buy premium quality gloves with tough construction. Then all you have to do is follow the manufacturer's recommendations on cleaning the material and avoid using a scrubber to get rid of stains. Soaking them in soapy water overnight usually helps to lighten tough stains. 

Final Thoughts

We chose the Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves as our top pick because of their highly durable and dexterous thermoplastic rubber construction. The gloves are also resistant to wear. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of work gloves, consider the G&F Seamless Work Gloves.