Best RV Propane Regulators: Protect Your Camper and Appliances

Power your appliances quickly and efficiently with these RV propane regulators

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PUBLISHED ON October 1, 2019

Keeping tabs on the amount of propane you have can be a hassle when you’re traveling in an RV. Propane powers every appliance inside the camper, and without it you run the risk of losing food and warm or cold air. Being able to properly regulate how much gas is sent to each item is a bonus. The best RV propane regulator can guarantee a safe and proper flow of propane throughout the RV. Check out these RV propane regulators before setting off on your next journey.

  • Best Overall
    Flame King Propane Gas Regulator
    The regulator automatically switches and gauges the flow between two propane tanks for extra convenience. It includes two 12-inch pigtail hoses for a quick and easy flow of propane.
    It is built to reduce noise from the propane tank. Plus, it is designed with durable and solid construction that features a plastic rain cover to protect it.
    It does not come with operating instructions, and you may need to make small alterations to get the regulator to fit. This may include drilling an extra mounting hole for the device. Plus, it is only rated for 30,000 BTU.
  • Best Value
    Marshall Excelsior Propane Regulator
    The regulator is made from a tough, raw zinc material to ensure it holds up to any harm or damage. It’s rated to handle up to 225,000 BTU.
    The high amount of BTU means it can easily power every appliance efficiently. Plus, as an automatic dual tank regulator, the device ensures you won’t run out of propane quickly. It also features a color indicator to alert you when the tanks need to be refilled.
    The mounting holes may not be threaded, so you may have to make your own mount to hold it. It also may not come with the necessary screws to mount it. Plus, the LED light may be difficult to see.
  • Honorable Mention
    Mr. Heater Propane Regulator
    It comes with a 200,000 BTU max flow and a rugged and sturdy zinc body and frame.
    The device features a pre-installed POL fitting to make things easier and more convenient during installation. It also includes a plastic cover to protect the valve from the sun
    The device may freeze up during cold nights and not work as effectively. It’s also a bit pricey since it only includes the regulator and not the hoses.

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  • To ensure your RV propane regulator operates efficiently, make sure to conduct routine maintenance on the device. Check it for any damage to the exterior or hoses to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Before setting off on a camping excursion, always check the amount of propane in the tanks. The regulator has a gauge that will inform you if the tanks are getting low.
  • If you have several appliances in your RV, consider getting a propane regulator with increased levels of BTU. One gallon of propane equals around 91,500 BTUs. 


Q: Can I manually control the amount of pressure a regulator releases?

A: Yes. Regulators come with a valve that measures just how much propane is released throughout the RV. By turning the valve, you can control just how much is released.

Q: Is mounting an RV propane regulator difficult?

A: It should be simple to mount an RV propane regulator. The device should come with mounting holes that you drill or screw into a nearby wall or above the propane tanks. You may have to make small adjustments by drilling new holes in the device to properly mount it, but they should not harm the regulator.

Q: How can I tell if the regulator isn’t working?

A: There are a few ways to tell if the regulator is failing. If the LED light is not turning on, there may be an issue with the connection hoses. Also, check your appliances. If the shower water isn’t hot or doesn’t heat up quickly enough, the regulator may not be pumping enough propane to all of your appliances. Check the hoses to ensure they are not leaking.

Final Thoughts

To keep track of the amount of propane fueling your RV appliances, consider the high-quality functionality of the Flame King Propane Gas Regulator

Or, if you need to power more appliances and monitor how much propane you have left, check out the Marshall Excelsior Propane Regulator.