Honda's Factory Warranty

Looking at Honda’s main factory warranty and what you get with it

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Honda has a limited warranty coverage that rivals most other automakers today. As a result, you can expect coverage that is fairly comprehensive for just a short period, meaning nothing major stands out with Honda compared to others.

Still, there are a few small perks you should know about if you want to get the most value from a new factory warranty when buying a new Honda vehicle. 

Warranty At-A-Glance

  • Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage: 3 years/36,000 miles
  • Powertrain Coverage: 5 years/60,000 miles
  • Roadside Assistance: 3 years/36,000 miles
  • Parts Coverage: One year after part is purchased and installed


  • A good amount of coverage for parts and accessories when installing at a Honda dealership
  • Free roadside assistance that lasts the entire length of the comprehensive warranty


  • The short comprehensive warranty period

Better Extended Coverage

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Warranty In-Depth

Honda’s approach to its factory warranty coverage matches other automakers today: comprehensive but short. This approach makes it difficult to enjoy the long peace of mind a true factory warranty can offer on a new vehicle, but the amount of covered parts is adequate for the time it lasts.

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

Honda’s comprehensive coverage lasts for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Under this portion, almost all of the parts and components in a vehicle are covered from factory issues and defects caused by poor workmanship or materials. 

Specifically, this portion covers complex and pricey components that normally take a professional or certified technician to replace correctly. Like other factory warranties, the comprehensive nature of this coverage means that almost anything but normal wear items is covered from defects. 

This “factory defect” aspect is important since it drastically limits the scope of the factory warranty. Instead of covering costs for maintenance or incidental repairs (i.e. accidents), the factory warranty won’t apply in these cases. This often comes as a surprise to most new vehicle owners. 

Powertrain Coverage

The powertrain coverage of the Honda warranty lasts for five years or 60,000 miles. Unlike the comprehensive warranty, this coverage is more limited in scope, meaning there are more exclusions. This is normal since this coverage is meant to focus on the most important drive components of a vehicle.

In reality, this is actually an inclusionary type of coverage: It lists what parts are included and leaves out everything else (things like gaskets and transfer cases). The main components covered are limited to the drivetrain, engine, and transmission.

Like the comprehensive coverage, these components are often pricy and difficult to replace, especially on your own. Since the powertrain coverage lasts longer than the comprehensive, this portion offers more potential cost-saving benefits over its lifespan. 

Additional Coverage

Unlike most extended warranties and mechanical breakdown insurance plans, the Honda factory warranty doesn’t offer too much in terms of perks or additional coverages. There is the usual assortment of the safety system and rust prevention like other automakers have, but there’s only a couple of extras most of the competition doesn’t include.

The roadside assistance, similar to what some other automakers provide for free or for an extra fee, actually lasts longer than some. At three years or 36,000 miles, the assistance actually matches the comprehensive warranty, so you’ll be covered for the entire duration of the main bulk of the factory warranty.

Extensive coverage for replacement parts and added accessories isn’t as common with the competition, meaning Honda actually offers some additional value here. Under this portion, all replacement parts have a one-year coverage period after installation. Accessories are covered for three years or 36,000 miles if they are installed at the time of the vehicle’s purchase.

A car after a major accident

Like other car warranties, Honda’s coverage doesn’t cover accident damage

What We Like

The small, but important, extra perks that come with the Honda warranty is where this factory coverage really shines. Everything else being equal in terms of the comprehensive and powertrain warranties, it’s the small things that can make a big difference when saving money on unexpected repairs.

We like the idea behind the parts and accessories warranty coverage since this is one area some automakers either don’t cover at all or just leave in the sometimes ambiguous coverage area of the comprehensive warranty. Because accessories must be installed at the time of purchase to be covered, the three-year/36,000-mile lifespan will last the duration of the comprehensive coverage.

The 24-hour roadside assistance is also an attractive addition since it lasts the same amount of time as the comprehensive coverage as well. This assistance includes services like jump starts, flat tire repair, lockout assistance, free towing, and more. 

What We Don’t Like

There are a couple of major and minor complaints to be had with the Honda factory warranty coverage. In general, the limits of the coverage are common to anything that fits in the factory warranty category: Everything is just short and sweet. 

The comprehensive warranty terms, for example, generally don’t cover a new vehicle long enough to address the lingering factory defects that aren’t due to wear and tear. Automakers that offer four- or five-year comprehensive warranties, on the other hand, do a better job of shielding customers from these unexpected issues and costs.

There are also a few minor limitations with the extra perks we generally like overall with the Honda warranty. While the roadside assistance lasts for three years, it would be nice to have the extra peace of mind for at least the length of the powertrain warranty, if not longer. The fact that accessories aren’t covered unless they’re installed when purchasing the vehicle is also a drawback.

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with Honda vehicles:

  • Honda Accord: Wheel Alignment ($220 to $278)
  • Honda CRX: Radiator Replacement ($380 to $650)
  • Honda Odyssey: Wheel Bearing Replacement ($317 to $581)
  • Honda Pilot: Power Seat Switch Replacement ($496 to $506)
  • Honda Insight: Headlight Bulb Replacement ($46 to $54)


Q. Is the Honda factory warranty the same as its certified warranty?

A. No. The factory warranty is the coverage that comes with all new Honda vehicles right from the dealership. A certified warranty comes with used Honda vehicles that fit into the company’s Certified Pre-Owned program.

Q. Are batteries covered under the warranty? 

A. Yes. The original battery is replaced by the standard factory warranty. If and when you need to replace it, a replacement battery from a Honda dealership will be covered for 100 months (eight years and four months). 

Q. Does the factory warranty transfer with new ownership?  

A. As long as the original warranty is still in effect, then yes. Warranty transfers will need to be done by Honda personnel, however, so the new owner may have to call in for it to take effect. 

Q. Are oil changes covered by the Honda warranty?

A. No. Maintenance services, like oil changes, aren’t included since the warranty only covers factory defects. Consult the vehicle owner’s manual for the recommended oil change schedule.

Is Honda's Warranty Worth It?

Honda’s factory warranty offers a lot of cost-saving value in the short amount of time it lasts, but it doesn’t offer much more than the competitors. The company has effectively matched other automakers, so the real worth of the factory coverage is simply the extras you get for that short amount of time. 

Between roadside assistance, the longer powertrain warranty, and the limited coverage for parts and accessories, you’ll enjoy a few small perks compared to other standard factory warranties. 

More Information

Here are a few more resources you can use:

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