Toyota Extended Warranties In-Depth

A look at what you get with the Toyota extended warranty

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Toyota has a fairly standard factory warranty that comes with all new vehicle purchases, but if you want something extra in terms of coverage, the company’s Toyota Care program is worth a look. As a set of vehicle service plans, Toyota Care offers more value in terms of extra perks and covered issues at an extra price. Check out our in-depth look at Toyota Care’s offerings below.

Warranty At-A-Glance

  • Platinum Toyota Care: Up to 10 years/125,000 miles
  • Gold Toyota Care: Up to 8 years/125,000 miles
  • Powertrain Toyota Care: Up to 6 years/100,000 miles


  • Different program options that offer different value to different customer needs.
  • Good assortment of extra perks like roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, lodging, and meal coverage.


  • Limited coverage for drastically older vehicles. 
  • No coverage for average wear or maintenance items.

Better Extended Coverage

Don’t just rely on the factory warranty. New or used, there’s a great extended warranty with one of these providers:


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Offering more comprehensive coverage on repairs and services OEM warranties list in exclusions, an Endurance warranty actually provides the type of coverage many disappointed vehicle owners assume automakers just include automatically. 

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Warranty In-Depth

For extended warranties, automakers generally take two approaches: either extend the factory warranty or offer a vehicle service plan. Toyota has opted for the second option with its Toyota Care program, which is a set of vehicle service plans that can work after or even during the factory warranty coverage. The company has a tiered menu of plans that increase in coverage, services, extra perks, and cost depending on what you want or need. 

Premium Toyota Care

Lasting up to 10 years or 125,000 miles, Toyota’s Platinum protection plan is the top-tier choice when you want the most coverage possible. This is a popular choice for newer vehicles since it mimics the comprehensive factory coverage while supplementing it with some added perks.

Specifically, the plan includes some reimbursement perks for things like rental cars (if you are 150 miles or more away from home), meals and lodging, and unlimited towing to the nearest Toyota dealership. 

Gold Toyota Care

The Gold protection plan is a step down from the Platinum Toyota Care option but offers some of the same perks as the top-tier choice. Specifically, you will get the same reimbursement perks for rental cars, towing, meals, and lodging, but the maximum amounts for all of these are smaller than the Platinum protection. 

Like the other warranty plans, the Gold Toyota Care warranty will provide coverage in different increments, starting with three years and 36,000 miles and going up to eight years and 125,000 miles. This approach gives customers a good way to find the right coverage period they need, depending on the vehicle’s eligibility. 

Powertrain Toyota Care

The most basic service plan within the Toyota Care lineup, the Powertrain protection plan is focused on extending the typical factory powertrain warranty for a few additional years and miles. Specifically, you can extend the coverage for up to six years or 100,000 miles.

Unlike the factory powertrain warranty, the Powertrain Toyota Care coverage comes with the same reimbursement perks as the Gold protection plan and matches the maximum amounts. This offers more coverage for issues with the powertrain that are prone to leaving you stranded on the side of the road without help.

A colorful, open road

A good roadside assistance program allows you to enjoy the drive without worrying about getting stranded

What We Like

Toyota has done a good job of balancing the main coverage of the extended car warranty (that’s similar to the factory warranty) while offering useful perks that actually save money in an emergency situation. As a result, you are likely to actually find some use out of the warranties.

The tiered approach of the plans, like some other manufacturers, means that Toyota is focused on providing options for customers that don’t want to be tied into one particular extended warranty plan. The approach makes it easy to find a plan that fits the customer and vehicle better than a single extended auto warranty approach.

Finally, it’s hard to argue with the usefulness of the potential reimbursements Toyota will offer in roadside emergencies, even with a new car. The unlimited towing is great for getting yourself out of a jam, while the rental car, meal, and lodging reimbursements can potentially save a vacation from going awry in an unexpected way. 

What We Don’t Like

The main issue with the Toyota Care program is how much is left uncovered compared to what most third-party extended warranties or auto repair insurance alternatives offer. Since Toyota Care has the same basic scope as the factory original warranties, there isn’t much coverage in terms of accidental damage or maintenance needs.

For example, none of the plans cover basic wear items like batteries, tires, brake pads, and shoes, or clutch discs. Non-wear items like body panels, bumpers, interior carpet, and chrome accents are also left out of the plan.

The fact that there isn’t any kind of maintenance program with the extended vehicle service contracts also limits the money-saving potential of the Toyota Care lineup. Without it, vehicle owners end up spending more or are less likely to stick with the factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with Toyota vehicles:

  • Toyota 4Runner: Heater Core Replacement ($888 to $1,153)
  • Toyota Matrix: Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement ($393 to $470)
  • Toyota Tundra: U-Joint Replacement ($343 to $656)


Q. Does Toyota offer a true extended manufacturer’s warranty?

A. Since the Toyota Care program is a vehicle service contract, the company doesn’t offer a true extended warranty. The coverage is the same, however. 

Q. Can I get an extended warranty on a used Toyota?

A. Yes, as long as the vehicle is within the eligibility requirements, you can get a Toyota Care plan for a used car. 

Q. Can I buy a warranty after the vehicle purchase?

A. In most cases, yes. Once again, the vehicle’s eligibility will be the major determining factor. 

Is Toyota Care Worth It?

Despite some severe limitations in overall coverage for maintenance and accidental damage, the overall benefits of Toyota Care can offer some extra value and peace of mind to new and used Toyota vehicles. You are most likely to see these benefits with frequent vacationing where roadside issues are more likely and where the reimbursement perks will kick in.

More Information

Here are a few more resources you can use:

Get More Protection

It doesn’t take much to get good coverage for your vehicle. Check out these great extended warranty providers:


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You don’t have to rely on the automaker to give you vehicle coverage that actually saves you money. In fact, most factory extended warranties fall short of customer expectations.

A plan with Endurance, on the other hand, is much more comprehensive. As the top warranty provider, according to Consumer Advocates, Consumer Affairs, and Retirement Living, Endurance can cover things far beyond factory defects and flaws. So, if you want real coverage, it’s time to check out Endurance.

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