Best Truck Caps: Make the Most of Your Truck

Protect your pickup bed with these top truck caps

byRebecca Henderson|
Best Truck Caps: Make the Most of Your Truck

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BYRebecca Henderson/ LAST UPDATED ON June 24, 2021

There are many reasons to buy a truck, but the truck bed is probably one of the most popular. If you’re looking into a truck cap and want more information, take a look at our buying guide below. We’ve picked out the top three truck caps we consider to be the best overall, the best value, and one we just couldn’t help but mention.

Best Overall
Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto offers an affordable, pre-assembled bed-covering solution that’s durable and relatively lightweight.
Included in this package are the stainless steel clamps you need to install the tonneau cover. You’ll also receive a weather sealing strip.
You may need to make minor adjustments to fit the tonneau cover to your truck’s bed frame.
Best Value

MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Combining an incredible price and enormous potential, the MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover is sleek, capable, weatherproof, and flexible when not in use.
A lightweight design and no-drill assembly make this tonneau cover easy to install and remove. Adjust the tension with a patented system for best sealing results.
The Velcro seal on each side can easily become less effective if debris gets inside the fibers.
Honorable Mention

BeStop Black Diamond Supertop Soft Cover

Get the benefits of a hard truck cap without the hassle of installation and loss of fuel economy with the BeStop Supertop Soft Cover.
Each type of material on this soft cover is made for outdoor use, from the heat-sealed seams to the commercial-grade zippers. Also included is a third brake light kit.
Weighing in at 70 pounds, this truck cap can be quite hard to install and remove without help. This is also a relatively expensive product.

Benefits of Truck Caps

  • A weather-proof, enclosed space. Truck beds alone are like a great big box you can store and transport items in, but sometimes you need shelter too. Don’t pack everything into the cab of the truck with you—invest in a truck cap.
  • Full use of truck bed storage. Adding a truck cap onto the bed of your 4x4 doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice storage space. In fact, some truck caps even add height so you can store large objects in a covered area.
  • Great business alternative. Rather than investing in additional trucks or commercial vehicles, you can easily throw a cap onto the truck you already own. This is especially helpful if you work in landscaping, construction, delivery, and other professions.
  • Versatility. Depending on the type of truck cap you invest in, installation and removal don’t take very long. That makes it easy to transition your truck from an open-bed vehicle to one that can transport materials in a covered space. You won’t have to commit to either type unless you choose to.
  • Protection. Most people don’t realize that one of the main benefits of installing a truck cap is the protection it offers your truck bed. Though you might still use it often, the truck bed won’t be subjected to all kinds of weather such as damaging sun rays.
  • Additional features. Believe it or not, there are some characteristics that make installing a truck cap better than having an open truck bed. For example, anyone who travels or camps can install roof rack rails on the truck cap itself for even more storage. 

Types of Truck Caps

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Hard truck caps are one of the most common types. You’ll typically see them painted the same color as the truck, but this is not always the case. Hard truck caps can offer more height in the covered truck bed space. Many of these hard truck caps include windows on the sides and rear, some of which will open. Hard caps are typically made of fiberglass. These fiberglass truck caps aren’t necessarily built to withstand the damage your car can sustain. However, fiberglass caps are still fairly heavy and easily weigh over 100 pounds.  


Whereas hard truck caps are made from aluminum or other heavy-duty metals, soft caps are typically made of vinyl. Most materials are waterproof and/or weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about soaking what’s in the truck bed in inclement weather. Soft truck caps don’t usually weigh as much as hard caps, which can topple the scale at around 200 pounds. Most soft caps don’t exceed 80 pounds. Soft caps are also easier to remove and may include windows.


A type of soft truck cap, the tonneau cover pulls across the length of the truck bed instead of on top of it. Tonneau covers come in a variety of designs, from those that include multiple panels that fold on top of one another for access to covers that roll up like a blanket to be stored near the rear of the cab. Investing in a tonneau cover can be a good way to protect the objects you transport in your truck bed, but they don’t offer the advantage of height.


You’ve probably heard of putting a swimming pool in the back of a pickup truck, but have you ever seen one with a tent? Tent truck caps are basically meant for just a few people and use the added height of a truck bed to lift the tent off the ground. It’s a great way to the camp outside but still, feel secure. You can place a mattress inside the tent as long as it fits in the truck bed, and when you’re done simply fold the tent up and store it just as easily.  

Top Brands


Headquartered in Colorado, BeStop was founded by Tom Bradley in 1954. The company specializes in soft-top covers, like this Supertop built specifically for Dodge Rams of certain years and makes.


Well-known in the industry for quite some time, BAK Industries is headquartered in Missouri. If you own a 2014-2020 GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado, they’ve got the Tonneau Cover for you. Search the company’s inventory to find out if it has a cover for your particular truck.


Based out of Florida, Gator has certainly made its mark on the industry. The Gator Evo Hard Bi-Fold Tonneau Cover is just one of their finely-made products you’ll come to depend on.

Tyger Auto

Still relatively new to the game after about five years in the business, Tyger Auto calls sunny California it's home. Check out its Low Profile Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover if you want to keep your truck’s exterior sleek while still being able to protect the bed. 

Truck Caps Pricing

  • $99-$200: Most of the truck caps you’ll find in this price range will consist of various types of tents you can install in the bed for camping. You may be able to find a hard truck cap at this price point, but it likely won’t be very durable and may not necessarily come with the features you want.
  • $200-$800: Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700 for a decent truck cap in a wide variety of types. For example, you can find quality-made hard caps for around $400-$500. There are a number of soft truck caps in this range as well, including tonneau covers, with those at the higher end being a bit better built than others.
  • $800-$1,100+: You’ll find some tonneau covers available at this price range, as well as some soft caps. Typically, trucks with longer beds will require more expensive covers because there’s more material involved. Custom-built truck caps fall into this price point as well. 

Key Features


Since one of the biggest reasons for purchasing a truck cap is to protect what’s within from the elements, a waterproof seal is almost always a requirement. The cap itself should be sealed, but it should also attach to the truck bed rails to create a weatherproof bond. You can avoid worrying about moisture getting into the contents of your truck bed with the best truck caps.  


Truck caps must be secure in two ways: They should lock your valuables inside and also clamp down securely onto your truck bed. Truck caps with side windows are designed so the windows can only be opened from inside the bed itself. However, the back glass should have some sort of locking mechanism with matching keys to creating a secure environment. The best truck caps also use strong, heavy-duty clamps to keep the cap secure.

Durable Materials

Whether hard or soft, truck caps should be made of durable materials that will withstand frequent outdoor use. These materials should be washable—whether via a pressure washer or through an automated car wash—and be designed to repel contaminants and debris. The best truck caps won’t rip or tear easily.  


Truck caps are extremely ineffective if they don’t fit your particular vehicle, so ordering the correct size is key. Of importance is not only the length and width but also the height. The best truck caps use their size to their advantage and allow you to transport more within the space of your truck bed. 

Other Considerations

  • Windows: One of the features you may or may not like about truck caps is that they can include side and rear windows. Having windows installed in your truck cap can make for easy access, especially if you’re using your truck for work or business. Windows also make it easier to get airflow to the truck bed, which is ideal for pets or if you use the bed for camping.
  • Lining: Depending on the type of truck cap you choose, you may want to look into the types of lining you can install. Soft liners or those that provide insulation are great if you keep pets in the bed or plan to use it as a living space. Heavy-duty liners can also help if you pack a lot of tools and equipment into the bed beneath the truck cap.
  • Off-Truck Storage: Storing your truck cap properly when it’s off your vehicle is important to consider. Soft caps and tonneau covers oftentimes roll up out of the way and can be stored in a garage or outdoor shed. However, you may want to consider purchasing or building a wooden base or pallet to store your hard truck cap when you’re not using it.
  • Roof Rack Installation: You should consider whether or not you want your truck cap to have roof rails already installed or you’d like to add those on yourself at a later date. Having them installed before you place the truck cap on your vehicle is much easier to do than installing them when the cap is eight to 10 feet in the air on the back of your truck.
  • Warranty: The best truck caps will have a lifetime warranty. However, not all manufacturers will offer such an incentive. If you’re going to be using your truck cap for a long time, consider investing in a product that has a lifetime warranty. Those truck caps without lifetime warranties may not necessarily last as long or are as high quality. 

Best Truck Caps Reviews & Recommendations 2021

We chose the Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover as our top pick for the best truck cap because of the many features it offers to a variety of truck owners. A tonneau cover is an easy way to get the coverage you need without having to add weight or mass to your truck. With the Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover, you can easily install and manipulate the product, and it won’t take too large a chunk out of your savings.

Beyond the price, we chose this tonneau cover because it is made of a lightweight aluminum frame and heavy-duty vinyl material. Tyger Auto provides stainless steel clamps for installation, which doesn’t require the use of a drill. The entire unit itself only weighs about 38 pounds. Tyger Auto also includes a weather seal strip so you can make sure the contents of your bed don’t get wet. The cover mounts on top of the truck bed rail for a few more inches of clearance, and it comes fully assembled so all you have to do is install it.

Our biggest concern with the Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover is that you may have to make some adjustments to fit it to your truck’s bed. For the best fit, be sure to measure and order the proper tonneau cover size. However, Tyger Auto does offer a simple solution for anyone looking to install and use a tonneau cover on their truck bed.

Rather than folding up like other models, this tonneau cover from MaxMate curls in on itself to roll up tight for storage or to simply to get it out of the way in order to use the entire truck bed. MaxMate’s product is affordable and easy to install, features we know make it easier to get the job done and get on your way.

There are a lot of great features we found with this particular tonneau cover. As with many similar products, this cover is made from durable, high-strength vinyl material stretched across an aluminum powder-coated inner framework. The soft vinyl makes for a great polished, sleek look that adds to the overall styling of your truck while still protecting the objects in your truck bed. Velcro strips seal the tonneau cover on each side, which also features an adjustable tension system designed to keep the vinyl covering wrinkle-free and taut. A no-drill installation process and 10-year warranty round out the great features on the MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover.

One of the drawbacks of this particular design is that Velcro tends to wear quickly over time, especially when faced with the elements. All kinds of debris can make its way into the fibers of the Velcro and diminish the material’s ability to seal properly. That being said, this tonneau cover works great if you’re looking for a simple solution to cover your truck bed without having to invest in a large, heavy truck cap.

BeStop combines the versatility of a soft tonneau cover with the height of a hard truck cap in the Black Diamond Supertop Soft Cover. This product features a number of benefits that bring together the most versatile features from both soft and hard truck cap products. Let’s take a closer look at what the Supertop Soft Cover has to offer.

BeStop makes their softcover easy to install and operate. Their proprietary attachment system allows for secure mounting with the included clamps. Zip-out side panels feature heavy-duty zippers, and BeStop even offers a tinted window kit. They also offer a two-year warranty on the softcover, which also includes a third brake light kit you can install for additional safety. And speaking of the rear of the vehicle, BeStop made it possible for the tailgate to open even when the soft cover’s rear window isn’t open.

Though this design is versatile, it does weigh around 70 pounds. It’s probably light enough for one person to carry over to the bed of the truck, but you’ll likely need assistance at each corner for the best results during installation. At nearly $1,000, the BeStop Black Diamond Supertop Soft Cover could also break a lot of budgets. That being said, it’s a viable alternative for anyone looking to install a soft top on their truck bed.  

This particular soft tri-fold tonneau cover fits 2009-14 Ford F-150 6.5-foot beds without a rail system, but it's also available in a variety of other sizes and styles and for other makes and models. The cover is designed to be a custom fit, so it's nice and tight. It has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and is constructed of industrial-strength vinyl.

The cover doesn't require any tools for installation, it folds up easy for loading, and it’s quick and easy to take on and off. To open the cover, fold the panels towards the cab and use the buckling system to set it into place. If you need to haul large items, you can drive with the cover in the 2/3 open position. It also looks nice and very clean.

However, there have been some complaints that the clamps don't hold tightly enough and can be awkward to install. Also, it's not an over-the-rail cover, and it may not fit on some vehicles that it is supposed to be compatible with.

While this particular item fits 2019-20 new body style Dodge Ram 1500s with a 5.7-foot bed, this product fits a variety of different makes, models, and bed sizes. It has aluminum panels with a matte finish that latch when the cover is partially or completely closed.

This cover does not cover the third brake light, and you can drive when it is closed, folded, or flipped up. It features a dual-action tailgate seal, so you can close the tailgate when the cover is open or closed. It's sturdy, easy to install, and almost completely waterproof. It's made in the USA and comes with a five-year warranty. Overall, it's a sleek-looking and versatile product.

One downside is that it may be shipped with missing hardware, such as the nut to attach the holding strap or the weather seal. Also, the latches are a little fussy and may fall off. In addition, it may not clip in very easily at the tailgate.

This TruXedo TruXport soft roll-up cover fits 2014-19 Limited/Legacy GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD 8-foot beds, but it also fits a variety of other makes and models. It has a 1.5-inch, heavy-duty frame and leather-embossed vinyl. It takes less than 30 minutes to install, and the support bows can tolerate several inches of snow.

The top is easy to use. All you have to do is unlock the tailgate latches and roll it up. The top can be fully closed or fully rolled up when your vehicle is moving. It takes up very little space when it is completely rolled up and when fully closed it keeps your cargo dry because the foam seal around the sides keeps water out. The company also provides a five-year warranty.

One drawback is you have to open the cover, close the tailgate, and re-close the cover to properly seal the tailgate, which can be inconvenient. Also, at highway speeds, it may flap and vibrate. The Velcro is also not the best quality.

The Lund Genesis tri-fold tonneau cover fits 1999- 20007 classic GMC/Chevy Sierra/Silverado 5.8-foot beds as well as a variety of other makes and models. It's made of marine-grade vinyl fabric and has a semi-gloss black finish. It features an integrated clip and strap system, and you can drive your truck with it in the open position.

The powder-coated aluminum is corrosion-resistant and features high-impact polycarbonate. The tri-fold frame is well-built and easy to work with, and it's simple to remove when required. The top also has weather-tight seals to repel water. No assembly is required, and installation takes just five minutes. It has a tight fit even when it's folded at highway speeds, and it keeps your cargo dry.

One problem with this cover is the latches are a little stubborn. There have also been some complaints that the hinge breaks very easily, and the list of vehicles that it is compatible with may be wrong, so you need to double-check the specs.


  • When storing your hard truck cap, place it on a pallet or wooden base to keep it off the ground. You should clean it well before you cover it with a tarp or fitted sheet. Make sure that any weather stripping or sealing material is kept solid to ensure a tight fit the next time it’s installed.
  • To keep items from sliding around in the truck bed, place rubber matting along the entire length and width. Whether the bed is coated with a protective layering or not, the mats will keep heavy objects from slamming into the cab, sides of the bed, and the tailgate.
  • If you keep a lot of items in your truck bed that you want to access easily, consider investing in a pull-out track system. It allows you to have a raised platform that can easily slide towards the tailgate without coming out completely. These can be very handy for business owners and contractors.
  • If you travel with your pets often and just don’t want to keep them in the tent with you all the time, consider lining your truck bed and cap with a soft, insulating material. It will allow you to keep your pets in a safe environment and make them more comfortable.
  • Staying organized is key to making the most of your truck cap if you use it to camp. If you make your own bed frame, consider designing it to hold materials as well as keep you comfortable during the night.
  • Never install a truck cap by yourself. Invite a few friends over or have a local business or dealership install it for you. You’ll create a safer environment, and you might learn some truck cap tips from them as well.
  • Regularly cleaning both your truck bed and truck cap is crucial to the longevity of both components. Before and after installing your truck cap, wash out and clean your truck bed. Once the truck cap is off, clean and wax the exterior so it’s ready to go for next time.
  • It’s important to check the seal of your truck cap often. No one wants to be driving down the freeway and seeing a truck cap fly off in front of them. Check the cap for any movement before you get behind the wheel and it could be your own life you save. 


Q: How do truck caps attach to the truck bed?

A: Most truck caps will attach to the bed via clamps. These clamps go beneath the bed rails of the truck bed and around the lip of the truck cap. Depending on the type of truck cap you choose, you may or may not need to drill holes in your truck bed. The best truck caps don’t require drilling for installation.

Q: Can you easily remove truck toppers?

A: Yes and no; it depends on the type of truck cap you choose. Many of the products we’ve mentioned in this buying guide are easy to install and remove. However, the heavier a truck cap is, oftentimes the harder it is to remove. Always have an extra hand in case you need it. 

Q: How heavy are truck caps?

A: Most truck caps weigh between 20 and 200 pounds. Some can weigh more or less, depending on the materials they’re made of. If weight is a concern for you, we recommend looking at a soft-top versus a hardtop because the softer material will likely be much lighter than the hard cap.

Q: Is every truck cap lockable?

A: No. Most of the soft caps like the tonneau cover simply use the lock in your tailgate to provide security. However, the rear door of many hard truck caps can often act as a locking mechanism. You’ve probably seen the T-handle lock on most truck caps, which feature a hidden lock beneath the rubber exterior coating.   

Q: Will most truck caps work if my truck has a spray-in bed liner?

A: They should, but check with each manufacturer before you purchase their product. If the bedliner is even you shouldn’t have any issues getting the clamps to a seat.

Q: What’s the most secure type of truck cap?

A: There’s not necessarily a certain type that’s the most secure. You should consider the most secure type to be the one that has a lock that’s always locked when not in use.

Q: Do they make a universal truck cap?

A: Unfortunately, they do not. The truck cap that would fit a Toyota Tacoma isn’t necessarily the same one that would cover a Chevy Silverado or even a brand-new truck for that matter. It’s important to know the dimensions of your truck bed and order accordingly.  

Q: How long do truck caps typically last?

A: The longevity of a truck cap depends on a variety of factors, including frequency of use, material type, climate, frequency of maintenance, etc. Most truck caps should last around five years or more, but it depends on what you purchase and how you treat it.

Q: Do you need special tools to attach the truck cap to the bed?

A: Not necessarily. As long as you can lift the truck cap to the cab height you should be able to install it fairly easily. Most manufacturers will include any special tools you need.

Q: What size bed will a truck cap fit on? 

A: Manufacturers make truck caps to fit on short beds, long beds, and nearly any bed in between. For a custom fit, you can look up your vehicle and see what’s made for each specific make, model, and year. Most truck caps cover beds that are as short as five feet and as long as or longer than eight feet. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best truck cap is the Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover. The versatile design and ease of use of this product make it a no-brainer.

Truck owners on a budget should consider the MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. It’s a little bit of secure storage that won’t be too painful on your wallet.