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Best Workbenches: Complete DIY Projects Using These Top Work Tables

These top workbenches will make tasks around the home and garage so much easier

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON June 30, 2021

If you plan on doing automotive repairs or other projects in your garage or around the house, a good workbench will make a big difference. It can provide a stable surface area for sawing, hammering, and other tasks and may feature storage options for all the tools you have scattered throughout the garage. Check out our buying guide to find the best workbench on the market.

Best Overall

BLACK+DECKER Portable Project Center and Vise

This steel workbench has a bamboo surface and is capable of supporting 550 pounds. It has a one-handed clamp system, adjustable swivel pegs, and adjustable jaws.
This bench is very flexible, sturdy, and durable. It folds up easily, can be stored on the wall of your garage, and the height is adjustable.
The assembly instructions are not very good. It's not as heavy-duty as other benches, and the work surface may delaminate if exposed to moisture.
Best Value

2x4basics Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System

This workbench includes four legs and six shelf links but not the lumber. The brackets are made of heavy-gauge structural resin, and the shelves and workbench can be customized to your liking.
It's simple to build, and it's easy to produce a straight and level bench. It’s also very flexible, sturdy, and solid, even if you don't bolt it to the wall.
The workbench doesn't come with lumber, and only the width and length of the workbench are adjustable. Some of the hardware necessary for assembly may not be included.
Honorable Mention

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

This portable workbench converts to a sawhorse with no assembly required. It's compact and lightweight and can support up to 300 pounds. It includes two quick clamps and four clamp dogs.
This workbench is stable, flexible, and strong. It sets up in seconds and supports a lot of weight. You can buy more than one to connect them together.
The clamps may not work well or may break within a short period of time. The height is not adjustable, the surface is not flat, and it does not have a handle.
Best Workbenches: Complete DIY Projects Using These Top Work Tables

Benefits of Workbenches

  • They help you organize. If you have trouble keeping track of things in your shop, a cool garage workbench can make a big difference. Many include storage features and drawers to organize tools and other items.
  • They're durable. Even for light projects, a sturdy and strong workbench is much safer to use than your kitchen countertop or dining room table for tasks such as cutting wood, hammering nails, or working on greasy auto parts
  • They provide a safe workspace. It's good to have a dedicated work area for your automotive, woodworking, and other tools, particularly if you live with small children and want to keep these items in a secure place.

Types of Workbenches

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When you think of a garage workbench, it's typically a traditional workbench used for home repair. The best garage workbench comes with everything you need to do basic carpentry projects. Typically, they have pegboard backs, drawers, and shelving to hold all the tools you need for basic tasks you do at home.


An industrial workbench is a step up from the standard garage workbench. It contains many of the same features but is much larger and stronger. A top-rated workbench geared toward industrial purposes will easily support heavy-duty projects and is usually constructed of strong, durable materials, such as steel.


This type of workbench is geared towards projects that center on electronic devices that need to be modified. Often, this type of workbench will feature a master power switch as well as additional duplex electrical outlets and knockouts. This makes it easier for you to work on electronics-related projects.

Folding or Portable 

The best mobile workbench is collapsible and foldable for easy storage. These workbenches are commonly used for smaller projects. They are very portable and easy to carry because they're not very heavy. However, even the best portable workbench is not suitable for heavy-duty projects around the house because they can't always support a lot of weight.


The surface of a workbench can be made of a variety of materials, but the best workbench tabletop is up to you. One of the most popular is the wooden top. A wooden workbench is very strong and can withstand a lot of impacts, heat, and other conditions. Many are made of maple which is thick and sturdy. A hardwood workbench can be used for many types of repair projects.


Some workbenches have a surface area made of particleboard, and they are best suited for light- and medium-use tasks. This type of garage workbench top is not as solid or strong as those constructed with some other materials. Particleboard is made of tiny wood particles that are sealed together. Typically, the particleboard on a workbench is covered in some kind of coating, making it easier to clean.

Plastic or Laminate

This type of workbench tends to be lightweight and nonconductive, so they're ideal if you're working on electrical appliances and you want to be safe around them. Plastic workbench tops are often topped with a durable, laminate coating that repels stains and dings. They are good for light assembly and packaging projects.


A garage workbench top made of steel is extremely strong, durable, and stable. It can withstand heavy use and last for many years. Steel workbenches are made of powerful welds and reinforcements that allow them to hold a lot of weight. This type of workbench is necessary if you do a lot of heavy-duty projects.

Top Brands


This company started with young entrepreneurs S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, who launched a machine shop in Baltimore, Md., in 1910. Products include power tools, lawn and garden items, and home appliances. One top product is the Black + Decker Workmate Workbench 550lb Capacity Work Bench.


Husky was founded in 1924 by Sigmund Mandl in Milwaukee, Wis. The company is currently owned by Home Depot. They manufacture hand tools, air-powered tools, and tool storage options. One popular product is the Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench.

Keter Group

The global company Keter Group is based in Herzliya, Israel. It was founded more than 70 years ago and operates in 90 countries. It designs and manufacturers resin-based household and garden consumer products, including tool storage. Two top products are the Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table and Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse Work Table.

Kreg Tools

Tool and die maker Craig Sommerfeld started creating jigs in the mid-'80s. These days, Kreg Tool Company, based in Huxley, Iowa,  produces a variety of tools for clamping, joining, routing, cutting, measuring, and more. One popular product is the Kreg Mobile Project Center.

Seville Classics

Seville Classics, based in Torrance, Calif., has been designing home organization and storage products for 40 years. One recommended product is the Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench.


2x4Basics is part of the Hopkins Manufacturing Corp., which has been in business for nearly 60 years and is based in Emporia, Kan. 2x4Basics produces sturdy, durable, and customized storage and organization solutions as well as lawn and garden furniture. One recommended product is the 2x4basics Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System.

Workbench Pricing

  • Under $100: You can find some decent workbenches for under $100. They tend to be smaller, and many are portable. They won't necessarily have storage options such as shelves and drawers.
  • $100-$300: Workbenches get more expensive the more heavy duty they are and the more storage options they provide. Expect to pay a bit for a system made of steel or one that features a good-sized work surface area.
  • Over $300: A premium workbench will typically be able to hold a significant amount of weight and be built of strong, steel elements. It will often feature several drawers and shelves for storage as well as a large work surface area. 

Key Features


The best shop workbench will be wide enough so you can easily complete a variety of projects. Workbenches vary in size: They can be as small as 2 feet wide to as large as 10 feet wide. Be sure to measure the space that will hold a large or small workbench to ensure it fits.


Some workbenches come with a fixed height and cannot be adjusted. They tend to be less expensive than workbenches with an adjustable height that adapt to different-sized people. This type of bench is also beneficial for people with physical disabilities. The best workbench can accommodate people who are short or tall.

Weight Capacity

A good-quality workbench can withstand a lot of weight without bending or breaking under the pressure. Some of the best workbenches can hold between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds, depending on their construction. If you want a workbench that can hold a lot of weight, choose one with a steel frame and legs.

Other Considerations

  • Ergonomic Design: When you bend down a lot to do a project, it can take a toll on your back and other parts of your body. To avoid strain and other injuries, look for a workbench that is designed to minimize the stress on your body. Many have customizable options that allow you to set it up properly for your size.
  • Storage Options: If you want more versatility, choose a workbench that has drawers and cabinets for storage. Some also feature wall panels and pegboards for hanging small and medium-sized tools. Storage options help keep your tools and materials organized for easier access and prevent you from hunting for a lost hammer or drill.

Best Workbench Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This portable, heavy-gauge steel workbench has a 550-pound capacity and includes a one-handed clamp system. Adjustable swivel pegs support and secure various shapes, including oddly shaped pieces. This bench is great for carpenters, mechanics, and DIYers.

One of the best things about this bench is that the adjustable jaws and vertical clamping are very flexible and stable when you're clamping an object. Overall, it is very sturdy and durable, is simple to fold up and store on the garage wall, and the height is adjustable. The top sections also slide in and out for easy configurations, depending on what you're working on.

However, the assembly instructions aren't very good, and you may have to watch an online tutorial to set it up properly. The bench is also not as heavy-duty as some of its rivals. In addition, the bamboo surface may delaminate if it's exposed to too much moisture.

This workbench has four legs and six shelf links, but the lumber for assembly is not included and must be purchased separately. The brackets are made of heavy-gauge structural resin, and the shelves and workbench can be customized and configured to suit your work needs.

This workbench is simple to build and features a design that self tightens the frame as you go. It's easy to produce a straight and level bench because the pre-fab legs do much of the work. It’s also very flexible, sturdy, and solid. In addition, the workbench is lightweight and easy to move, and even if you don't bolt it to the wall, it's still rigid and secure.

The biggest complaint is that the workbench doesn't come with the required lumber. Also, only the width and length of the workbench are adjustable; the height is fixed. In addition, the instructions and some of the screws and hardware necessary for assembly may not be included.

This portable, multipurpose workbench converts to a sawhorse with no assembly required. It's compact and lightweight and is just five-inches wide when folded. The workbench can support up to 300 pounds, while the sawhorse supports up to 1,000 pounds. It includes two quick clamps and four clamp dogs to secure a variety of shapes and materials. The top measures 31 inches by 25 inches.

This folding workbench is stable, flexible, and strong. It sets up in just seconds and is very solid, even though it's made of plastic. It includes aluminum bar clamp rails, depressions on each side for screws, pencils, drill bits, etc., and built-in storage for the two supplied bar clamps. There is also a spot to attach a power strip with zip ties. The workbench supports a lot of weight, and the feet grip the ground well. In addition, you can buy more than one and connect them together.

One downside is that it may be a struggle to get the clamps to hold items, or they may break within a short period of time. Also, the workbench's height is not adjustable, the surface is not flat, and it does not come with a carrying handle.

If you want the best bang for your buck, check out the Keter Folding Table. It helps you carry out different projects with ease, from commercial construction work to home improvement projects. Its work surface measures 33 by 21.5 inches, and it’s nearly 30-inches tall when set up. The strong steel legs offer the support you need when performing any task. The unit has a lightweight design and a sturdy carrying handle, so you can take it with you just about anywhere.

The worktable is made of heavy-duty resin and features aluminum legs. Weather-resistant polypropylene makes it resistant to rust, peeling, and denting. These sturdy materials give it a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. A unique opening and folding system allows you to set it up in less than one minute. The workbench also comes with two 12-inch wood clamps that secure different working materials to it.

The only thing missing from this workbench is built-in storage. However, storage isn’t what most people expect from it since it’s a portable workbench. However, its latching mechanisms are made of non-reinforced plastic and may break easily. It isn’t ideal for heavy-duty work, but it makes a great craft table.

We’ve included the BLACK+DECKER Workmate Portable Workbench in this guide because of its compact design, supportive structure, and versatility. It also happens to be one of the most affordable workbenches on the market. You can use it in your home and on other projects. It will make a great worktable when you’re painting your home and you can also use it outdoors when cutting lumber for woodworking projects. It weighs just 7.8 pounds and can be carried with relative ease.

The BLACK+DECKER Workmate is loaded with many great features. It can be folded and unfolded for quick projects at different work sites. And despite its small size, it supports up to 350 pounds. The workbench has two swivel pegs that clamp irregularly shaped objects. It is surprisingly strong and has a sturdy steel frame and wooden vise jaws. The jaws have retention grooves for good grip and ensure the swivel pegs clamp different materials effectively. 

Non-skid feet hold the worktable in place and ensure it doesn't slide as you saw or build. You can use it for multiple activities. However, you may have a hard time putting it together because of unclear instructions. You’ll have to use a nut and screw at some point, something the manufacturer fails to mention. The table may also fold unexpectedly and injure you.

A portable workbench must be lightweight so you can easily move it from place to place. It should also be strong enough to handle heavy-duty use. The WORX WX066 Sidekick is both lightweight and sturdy. When folded, it becomes a compact carrying case you can take with you to different places. Its sturdy handles allow for easy access.

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a professional who uses a workbench daily, you’ll be impressed by the features of this workbench. Its metal legs don’t sink into soft ground or slide out on a pavement. Another bonus? It gives you a solid base to work on. You can also use it to tailgate. The workcenter weighs 13 pounds, but don’t let its weight fool you. It easily bears the weight of heavy objects and can support up to 300 pounds.

The Sidekick comes with two link locks that let you connect more Sidekicks to create a long work counter. Four clamps hold your objects in place as you work. But it should be noted that the workbench doesn’t connect to other WORX workbenches, like the WORX Pegasus. You also can’t store anything under the table without lifting it.

Sleek, sturdy, and well built, the Fedmax Mobile Garage Workbench can stand up to both small and big jobs. Its heavy-duty steel frame adds to its durability. It is flexible in its function and is equipped with a hard-wearing worktop. You can easily switch between locking casters and leg levellers. The casters let you easily move the workbench while the locks ensure it stays in one place as you continue your project.

We love the thick worktop that can take a beating and still maintain its level surface. And while the table is on the upper end of the price range, it is popular for its versatility and durability. Fedmax has used one-inch thick acacia for the worktop, the hardest wood on the market. Acacia is sturdier than beechwood, which is used for many workbench worktops. Thumb screws allow you to easily adjust the table’s height. According to many users, the Fedmax Mobile Garage Workbench maintains its structural integrity after years of heavy use.

However, the screws the manufacturer provides are short and even when completely tightened, the workbench may still be unstable. The wood also starts splitting after a while.

Stay productive into the night with this lighted work table by Seville Classics. It features a built-in power strip with USB charging ports that lets you charge your gadgets as you work. You can store small tools and hardware in the smoothly gliding drawers for easy access. The compact table has a solid work surface for on-site repair jobs or different home improvement projects.

We like the big pegboard with 23 hooks for hanging commonly used tools or larger items. You can store miscellaneous work supplies on the cantilever shelf on top of the pegboard. The unit has a heavy-duty steel frame and leveling feet that prevent it from sliding. A powder-coated finish protects it from corrosion. It weighs 113 pounds, and its worktop measures 48 x 24 inches. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

Seville Classics designed this lighted workbench to be easy to assemble. It can easily fit in tight spaces such as one-car garages and indoor craft areas. It is ideal for those who work into the night or want a sturdy worktable for a small space. 

However, we don’t like the anchors in the wood that hold the bolts, as they easily come out, making the table unstable. Additionally, the manufacturer doesn’t provide instructions for installing the eight O screws provided.


  • If you choose a workbench without any storage options, make sure the surface area is large enough to hold all your tools as well as the materials you'll be using.
  • If you only plan on working on tiny projects, you will only need a small garage workbench. If you plan on working with heavier tools and materials, you'll need more room to work and a bigger bench.
  • Each time you finish a project, make sure to clean and organize your workspace. Don't leave your tools lying around because it looks messy and may be hazardous for small children.
  • To extend the life of your workbench, be sure to clean the surface area frequently. This will keep it smooth and prevent it from staining. If a material such as dried glue sticks to the surface, it can create an uneven surface, which can adversely affect your project.


Q: Where should I put my workbench?

A: Many people put a workbench in their garage, particularly if they do a lot of automotive work. However, you need to make sure there's enough space for both the bench and your vehicle. You can also put a workbench in a shed or separate workshop. If you don't have much space, consider using a workbench that folds up.

Q: What do I need to assemble a workbench?

A: Most workbenches require just a few tools for assembly. Typically, you'll need some screwdrivers, a hammer, wrench, and measuring tape. A power tool can make the job easier and quicker. Many workbenches come with screws and other hardware you need to put them together. 

Q: Can I put caster wheels on my workbench?

A: Some workbenches are light enough and designed to accommodate wheels. Just make sure the bench is securely locked in place when you’re working on it so it doesn’t move and cause an accident. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best workbench is the BLACK+DECKER Portable Project Center and Vise. It's portable, easy to store, has an adjustable height, and is versatile for a variety of projects.

For a less expensive option, consider the 2x4basics Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System.