Best Windshield Repair Kits: Fix Cracks & Chips With These Top Products

The top windshield repair kits to correct chips and cracks in your automotive glass.

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BY Noelle Talmon / LAST UPDATED ON March 30, 2021

That small chip in your windshield might only be an eyesore today, but it can quickly spread and may even cause problems with the man when it’s time to get your car inspected. Having automotive glass replaced isn’t a huge deal, but it can get expensive and there’s no reason to spend that much money if you can repair the damage yourself. We picked the best windshield repair kits for this list so you can get your glass looking good as new.

Best Overall
Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

This kit is good for multiple repairs, and cracks vanish when examined at a 45-degree angle. It works best on 1-inch-wide round damage or smaller and cracks tinier than 12 inches.

  • Fills in chips and small cracks nicely and makes them hardly noticeable
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't take much time to complete a repair
  • Simple to clean up
  • Kit cannot patch large holes
  • Instructions are somewhat technical
  • Product has a strong odor
  • Can adhere to your skin if you don't wear gloves
Best Overall
Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit
Best Value
3M Windshield Repair Kit

Consisting of a glass resin, this windshield repair kit is excellent at preventing the spread of cracks. It reduces the look of chips and returns the seamless appearance of the windshield.

  • Kit is priced affordably for any budget
  • Comes with everything you need to fill in chips and cracks
  • Can prevent further damage
  • Kit isn’t designed for larger cracks
  • Not able to fix extensive damage
  • Only viable when used right after crack occurs
Best Value
3M Windshield Repair Kit
Honorable Mention
Clearshield Auto Glass Repair Kit

This premium kit is capable of fixing more extensive damage than most at-home kits and can be used for more than 200 repairs.

  • Top-quality components and an array of tools and resins make this professional-grade windshield repair kit the most capable option on our list
  • Premium tools and large quantities of resin come with a serious jump in price, so expect to pay 10 times what you’d spend on a traditional DIY repair kit
Honorable Mention
Clearshield Auto Glass Repair Kit

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Benefits of Windshield Repair Kits

  • Be a responsible driver. Even small chips and cracks have the potential to compromise your windshield’s structural integrity, so you’ll want to have them repaired at the first opportunity. Damage to your car’s glass can also impede your line of sight, and might even cause you to fail your state’s safety inspection.
  • Spend less. Fixing a damaged windshield is certainly more affordable than replacing it with a new one, even if you don’t shell out the big bucks for OEM glass. Many drivers find that their insurance doesn’t cover windshield replacement. If you have a high deductible, you may end up paying out of pocket anyway.
  • Get results fast. Cracked windshields don’t repair themselves. We recommend treating your repair kit like your first aid kit or flat tire kit, and keeping it in your car so it’s ready when you need it. 
  • Prevent the problem from getting worse. Most chips and small cracks can be repaired easily, but every bump and temperature change they experience while you procrastinate can make them grow so large that your entire windshield needs to be replaced.
  • You don’t have to be a pro to get professional results. The chemicals in most of these products do all the work, so all you have to do is follow simple instructions. Don’t let a cracked windshield intimidate you; there’s a good chance you can fix the problem right at home.

Types of Windshield Repair Kits


The best windshield repair kits utilize resin with a high viscosity that makes the substance resistant to flowing and thereby more stable. In order to create a tight bond to the glass, the resin should also prevent shrinkage. Synthetic resins commonly include the ingredients methacrylate and acrylic acid as well as hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.

Nail Polish

We’re just going to head this one off at the pass and point out that nail polish is not an automotive repair product. How long does a coat of nail polish last on fingernails? How long do you think it will last on your car’s windshield? Besides, even if you manage to make a chip or crack less visible, nail polish won’t do anything to restore the stability of your glass. It’s not a viable solution and we’re going to consider this case closed.

Top Brands

Blue Star Products, Inc. 

Blue Star Products, Inc. is located in Hauppauge, N.Y. The company prides itself in designing simple-to-use products that produce a high-quality professional result without requiring special skills or training. Founder Gerald Jacino is formerly the president and co-owner of Clear Star Products, Inc., incorporated in 1978. One recommended product is the Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit.


Permatex, founded in 1909 and based in Hartford, Connecticut, manufactures premium chemical products for automotive maintenance and repair as well as the home and hardware markets. Products include gasket makers, sealants, hand cleaners, thread lockers, adhesives, cleaners, repair kits, and lubricants. One recommended product is the Permatex Flowable Silicone Windshield and Glass Sealer.


Rain-X has been one of the leading companies in aftermarket glass care for more than 40 years. Founded in 1972, the company is currently owned by ITW Global Brands. Its portfolio includes a variety of car-care products, including wiper blades and glass cleaners, car washes, waxes, and headlight restoration kits. One top product is the Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

Windshield Repair Kit Pricing

  • Under $20: Good news: even the best windshield repair kits can be had for just a few dollars. At that price, we’re having a hard time thinking up reasons not to have one in your car.
  • $200 and up: Yes, it’s a big jump, but premium windshield repair kits can yield professional results and are available to the public. If you’re on a first-name basis with your windshield repair tech, it might be time to upgrade. 

Key Features

Severity of Damage

Windshield repair kits are powerful tools, but they aren’t magic. They do their best work on chips and cracks caused by a single impact; think back to the last time a piece of gravel launched off a truck and turned your windshield into its own personal dartboard. Long cracks, compound cracks caused by larger objects, and damage that looks like a spider web are typically beyond repair and warrant a new windshield.

Other Considerations

  • Sensitivity to Temperature. In order to cure the resin patch, the best windshield chip repair kit will include instructions on the best temperature range to make the fix. Most kits recommend curing the repair in direct sunlight, while others say the exact opposite. It's essential to follow the product's directions in order for the resin to properly cure.
  • Resin Quality. The best windshield repair resin repairs chips and cracks, but it needs to be a high-quality substance. When looking for the best windshield repair kit, find one that has a denser and thicker material that dries clearly. You want the resin to blend into the windshield without leaving a big blemish. Lower-grade resin kits may dry in a pale yellow shade.
  • Volume. One windshield repair kit should be suitable for a one-time repair on a small crack on a single windshield. If you're repairing more than one windshield, you will need a kit that can be used more than once. If a single repair looks like it will require multiple kits, you’re most likely in replacement territory.

Best Windshield Repair Kits Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

This kit repairs all types of laminated windshields, minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks, and stops cracks from spreading. It’s good for multiple repairs, and the crack vanishes when examined at a 45-degree angle. The kit works best on round damage one inch in diameter and smaller, and cracks no longer than 12 inches. The kit includes a one-gram bottle of resin repair, a repair device, curing strips, razor blade, and instructions. 

This kit fills in chips and small cracks nicely and makes them hardly noticeable. It's easy to use, doesn't take much time to complete the repair, and includes enough resin to repair more than one chip. The resin cures only when exposed to UV light (e.g. sunlight), so it is easy to work with and clean up. The kit can inject resin deeply into most cracks, displacing air bubbles and restoring the look of the glass.

One downside is the kit will not work effectively to patch large holes. Also, it doesn't have a pushpin to remove some of the center crushed glass, and the instructions are somewhat technical and may be difficult to decipher. In addition, the product has a strong odor and can adhere to your skin if you don't wear gloves.

Best Value
3M Windshield Repair Kit

Available at a friendly price point, the 3M Windshield Repair kit is a popular option for those wanting high-quality at a lower cost. The set comes with everything you need to apply it, going on smoothly and needing no heating. The resin is fairly viscous, with the added thickness contributing to a quick drying speed. When it’s applied immediately after the damage, the 3M set is able to prevent more widespread cracks. As such, it is better to get this kit as a preventative measure instead of as a way to fix damage you already have. It is designed to limit the spread of cracks and therefore isn’t as well-suited towards larger-scale damage. 

For the best results, be sure to use this repair tool right after the damage occurs. Provided it’s used correctly, this valuable kit is a great way to protect the glass on your car. 

Most Versatile
Clearshield Auto Glass Repair Kit

If you find yourself making frequent calls to your local windshield repair shop, it might be time to invest in this Clearshield repair kit. Unlike other quick-fix kits, this uses higher-quality components and has enough resin for 200 repairs. The hard case includes a metal repair bridge for proper alignment, an applicator with eight internal and four external rings for a tight seal, resin, pit sealer, 100 curing squares, 20 drill bits, 10 razor blades, and an ultraviolet light. This kit can repair much more severe damage than your average consumer-grade product, but it also requires far more skill. Don’t go drilling your windshield until you are comfortable with the procedure and understand the risks. Once you know what you’re doing, this kit is capable of professional results.

This high-end kit is the most expensive option on our list. There are better options for a one-time fix, but this can pay itself off quickly if your windshields get regularly bombarded by rocks or hail.


Honorable Mention
Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

This windshield repair kit from Blue Star is an approachable option for anyone who needs to fix a small crack or chip in their windshield. Each kit includes an injector, alignment seal, resin chamber, sheet of curing film, razor blade, one tube of resin, and instructions in English and Spanish. This is a single-use kit, so it comes with enough resin for one repair and the other components are disposable. It’s simple to use and can stop the damage from spreading. For best results, plan on setting aside about an hour to repair your windshield on a warm, sunny day and review the instructions carefully. It’s possible that glass damage will still be visible after a repair, but this kit makes chips and cracks significantly less noticeable, giving you a better view of the road in addition to minimizing the chances of a crack spreading.

This kit comes with all the tools you’ll need for a precise repair, so make sure to take the time to set it up correctly. If you rush the job or don’t align the kit’s components just right, you’ll end up starting from square one again.


Honorable Mention
EWK Windshield Repair Kit

Save yourself from frustrating repeat trips to the store with this all-inclusive windshield repair kit from EWK. When replacement windshields cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars (did they forget to mention that at the Tesla store?), you can save yourself a lot of money by repairing chips and cracks yourself. This kit is capable of fixing surprisingly extensive damage, including cracks up to a foot long. You’ll get a bottle of resin, a repair bridge, a razor blade, curing strips, and the chamber and driver necessary to complete a high-quality repair.

This kit requires a bit more skill than some, but it comes with everything you need and we love the price. Before you rush off to replace your auto glass, give EWK a chance to save the day.

Honorable Mention
Delta Kits Magnibond Windshield Resin

If you want a solid repair that won’t remind you it’s there, we recommend this advanced Magnibond resin from Delta Kits. This powerful resin fills chips and cracks to strengthen your windshield and make blemishes almost disappear. Keep in mind that this includes the resin and eyedroppers needed for application, but not curing strips or a repair bridge. These bottles are a great way to save money if you already have access to the rest of the tools you’ll need to repair a cracked windshield.

For best results, apply this resin using the included eyedropper when the ambient temperature is between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, which can weaken the resin or cause discoloration. Once cured, it works well in any climate and carries a temperature rating of -58 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Multi-Surface Sealer
Permatex Flowable Silicone Windshield and Glass Sealer

This flowable silicone sealant repairs cracks on windshields and glass as well as on sunroofs, RV vents, vinyl, rubber, and steel. It is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, vibration, and shock. It dries clear, is waterproof, and seals leaks in hard-to-reach areas. This product works really well on smaller leaks and makes the surface area water-tight. It does a good job of sealing around older windows and windshields that use gaskets. You simply put a small bead around the edges and it seeps into the small openings that are leaking.

However, it can be a challenge to use this product on vertical angles because it has a tendency to drip. Some users also complain that it's not more "flowable" than typical silicone caulk. It may also cause a bubble effect on the repaired area.

Honorable Mention
Tri Glass Windshield Repair Bridge

Maybe you’ve already picked out your ideal resin and you have a razor and curing strips at home; bring out the best in all of them with a Tri Glass repair bridge that’s good enough for professional use. 

This tool is designed to force resin into the damaged area of your car’s glass using consistent pressure for a strong, bubble-free result that looks as good as new. Unlike the plastic bridges that are included in most kits, this one is machined from solid metal so it won’t flex or crack. Knurled handles and large threads on the attachments let you position this bridge exactly where you want it. 

We’ll admit that this tool is pricey, but it sure beats shelling out five times that amount for a new windshield every time you get a chip or crack. If it’s good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for us.


Honorable Mention
ATG Windshield-Fix Repair Kit

When your priority is stopping a crack from spreading, the ATG Windshield-Fix Repair Kit is a terrific option. It is designed to address small chips in the glass as well as thinner cracks. The set itself comes with 16 different pieces, each with a different role. The powerful injector and sealing rings contribute to the airtight vacuum. The high-grade resin fills the hole while the adherent parts are there to hold the surrounding glass tightly together. The resin leaves behind a smooth result, preventing distortions in vision when you look through the glass. Coupled with the scraper, you can get smooth and even results from all angles. The shelf-life of the equipment is fairly lengthy, making it a good tool to keep around in case of an emergency. 

Bear in mind that the resin is really powerful, but you only see full effects if it’s cured under UV light. As a result, either repair the glass in direct sunlight or use a UV lamp in order to get the best results. 


  • Fix windshield damage as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the higher your chances of making the problem worse. Every mile you drive with a chip or crack is an opportunity for it to spread, and any dirt that makes its way into the damaged area will be visible after the repair is finished.
  • Windshield repair kits are not a substitute for replacement. While properly applied resin will restore the structural integrity of your glass, it won’t eliminate visual damage and you’ll still be able to see where the repair was made. Don’t worry, though, you’re probably the only one who will notice.
  • Look for a kit that has all the accessories required for the job: resin, an injector, curing strips, adhesives, applicators, and a razor blade. Alcohol wipes, pushpins, and a pedestal are also great to have to complete the task.
  • When repairing a crack, make sure it isn't bigger than 1.5 inches in diameter. Also, make sure a star- or flower-shaped crack is smaller than 6 inches in length.
  • Be patient when repairing your windshield. Take your time, thoroughly read the directions, and become familiar with all the tools before you start the project. If you rush, you may make a mistake.
  • The first step to a quality repair is cleaning the surface. Remember that any dust left behind will become trapped in the resin and remain visible after it hardens. The residue left on the surface can also affect the resin’s ability to properly bond with your glass.
  • When spreading the resin, determine how much pressure you need to apply (too much can make the crack worse). Use only quality resin, and smooth it out enough so that the windshield wiper blades don't get caught on the substance and loosen the patch.
  • When you finish using the windshield repair kit and the resin solidifies, use a razor blade to scrape excess resin away from the windshield. Then clean the glass with a cloth.
  • Not all windshield damage can be repaired. Before you spend your time and money on a do-it-yourself repair kit, thoroughly inspect the damage and determine if a replacement windshield is required.


Q: Is it better to repair or replace a cracked windshield? 

If the crack or chip is smaller than the size of a quarter, a windshield repair kit can do the job just fine. A good-quality DIY kit will prevent a rock chip or crack from expanding but will not remove the damage, and correcting a cracked window is not very costly. In fact, professionals use similar or identical techniques to repair small chips and cracks. However, if the crack, bullseye, or star is directly in front of your line of sight, you may want to replace the windshield. Also, if your vehicle is old, the windshield may not hold up as well under stress and probably should be replaced.

Q: How do I use a windshield repair kit? 

Position the applicator over the crack, and insert the extension base over it. Put the resin tube over the extension and tighten it until resin replaces the air inside the applicator. Press the syringe to insert six to 10 drops of resin inside the applicator. Put the provided screw inside the resin chamber, and turn it clockwise until it tightens. The resin will press against the glass. After five to 10 minutes, unscrew and remove the applicator.

Q: How do you keep a windshield crack from spreading? 

There are ways to delay the inevitable, but a cracked windshield is only going to get worse. Every bump and change in temperature has the potential to damage your windshield beyond repair. You can even cause a crack to spread just by touching the glass with your finger. Take our advice and fix the problem before it’s too late.

Q: Can I use a windshield repair kit on other things? 

Sure! If the alternative is to throw something away, it might be worth your time to try repairing it with one of these kits. We’ve heard of people repairing everything from old-school glass headlights to the glass in a procure frame.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best windshield repair kit is the Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit. The biggest benefit is that it can be used for multiple repairs. It is also easy to use and makes chips and cracks significantly less visible. 

For a less expensive option, consider the 3M Windshield Repair Kit.

For a premium option that’s good enough for the pros, take a look at the Clearshield Auto Glass Repair Kit.