Best H11 Bulbs: Give Your Vehicle Better Illumination

Upgrade your driving experience with H11 headlights.

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BY Heather Fishel / LAST UPDATED ON June 8, 2021

Are your car’s headlights looking a bit worse for the wear? While many drivers worry about cosmetic dents and dings, it’s also important to make sure your headlights are shining brightly after many miles on the road. Unfortunately, a vehicle’s standard factory headlights can feature bulbs that burn out or lose their bright illumination over time. The perfect solution? A brand-new pair of H11 bulbs.


H11 bulbs are made for your car’s headlights. They can be used for your brights, your basic headlights, or your low-beam lights; they’ll even suit your fog lights. And you have a wealth of different options: these modern vehicle light bulbs are available in several different formats, and they can be increasingly more energy efficient, brighter, and versatile. You can even find H11 bulbs that’ll last you for years to come. If you're wondering which options are the best you can buy, we’ve got our top picks for the best H11 bulbs right here.

Best Overall
Auxito H11 Headlight Bulbs

Auxito’s H11 headlight bulbs focus on compatibility, and are shaped to fit in almost any vehicle’s mount. They’re fan-cooled, with a circular beam pattern reminiscent of OEM bulbs. 

  • Auxito’s bulbs put out around five times the lumens of factory models
  • Non-polarity makes them a cinch to install
  • Fans are never too loud
  • They’re a bit fragile
  • While they do fit in almost any mount, some of the smaller ones carry a risk of damaging the H11s
Best Overall
Auxito H11 Headlight Bulbs
Best Value
Philips H11 X-tremeVision

Philips manages to create a fantastic H11 low beam bulb at a much more affordable price compared to other lighting options.

  • X-treme Vision bulbs are inexpensive
  • Perform great in bad weather
  • Have the most straightforward installation process
  • These Philips bulbs consume a lot of energy 
  • Much more fragile than the competition
Best Value
Philips H11 X-tremeVision
Honorable Mention
SYLVANIA - H11 SilverStar Ultra

For customers looking to get the whitest headlights H11 technology can offer, SYLVANIA creates a unique product that might just be the perfect fit.

  • SYLVANIA headlights use a patented tri-band technology 
  • Have a cobalt blue nanocoating
  • These SilverStar bulbs have a much shorter lifespan than other headlamps
  • More expensive than other halogen options
Honorable Mention
SYLVANIA - H11 SilverStar Ultra

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Benefits of H11 Bulbs

  • Long lifespan. H11 bulbs, whether they’re LEDs or HIDs, are made to last you many, many miles. They’re able to last plenty longer than other lightbulbs made for vehicle use, and they’ll save you both time and money as you don’t need to replace them nearly as frequently. With some of the longest-lasting LEDs, you may never need to change your bulbs again.
  • Bright, consistent performance. Unlike your factory headlight bulbs, a new set of H11 bulbs can offer increased brightness and better illumination. Typically, you’ll get more advanced technology in a replacement bulb set, meaning you’ll be able to see better and rely on consistent lighting results.
  • Versatility. While H11 bulbs are commonly used for vehicle headlights, that isn’t the only place they can be put to work. These highly versatile light bulbs can be used for your high beams, low beams, and fog lights. Some vehicles may even be able to use them elsewhere in even more applications.
  • Energy efficiency. Since the majority of today’s H11 bulbs are LEDs, they’re incredibly energy-efficient. With a set of LED H11s installed, your car’s headlights will require less energy and create less heat while they’re turned on. It’s a great way to cut down on your energy footprint while you’re behind the wheel.

Types of H11 Bulbs


Halogen light bulbs have become a popular option ever since their creation in the 1960s. These H11 bulbs were a favorite choice because they were cheap to manufacture and could last more than 1,000 hours. This was an increase over older technology, but has since been outdone by LED and HID technologies. Halogens also have to be handled carefully because they are fragile.


These types of H11 light bulbs are known for being the brightest. HID bulbs became popular due to their improvement over the original halogens. These lights use rare metal and gases to last more than 2,000 hours. The energy consumption is much lower than halogens while creating a much brighter light. The problem with the brightness of these lights is that they are more likely to produce glare and aren't good at penetrating fog. 


LED H11 bulbs grew in popularity thanks to automobile designers. These lights are noticeably thinner than the others, and can easily be shaped into many forms. While they aren't as bright as HID bulbs, they are less likely to cause glare and perform better in foggy conditions. LEDs are also much longer-lasting while using even less energy. They are, however, the most expensive to produce.

Top Brands


BEAMTECH is an LED kit manufacturer with more than a decade of experience producing great products. At its inception, it focused on a wide variety of lighting options. Today, it concentrates on providing high-quality aftermarket lighting for the automotive industry. The company’s H11 LED Bulb is a popular choice among consumers. 

Cougar Motor

Cougar Motor is an award-winning automotive lighting company. The small, privately-owned company got its start in 2006 and has aimed to bring the customers excellent service and products. It offers a H11 LED conversion kit at a great value.


The well-known Philips name is now a part of a company called Signify. Signify has become the world leader in lighting technology. It works to create energy-efficient products, and its global Signify Foundation does charity work to increase access to lighting. The Philips H11 X-tremeVision is a competitively priced headlight.

H11 Bulb Pricing

  • Under $20: Some H11 headlights are available for under $20. These are bulbs with no additional parts and usually use halogen technology, which is cheaper to produce.
  • $20 to $40: Higher-quality LED and HID lights are typically more expensive than halogen H11 bulbs. This mid-price range will typically include high-quality replacement bulbs without additional installation materials.
  • $40 and up: Because most vehicles do not come with the brightest H11 bulbs from the factory, buying higher-quality H11 lights may require extra installation. These higher prices are typically for full installation kits and LED or HID light bulbs.

Key Features


Lumens is the measurement of how bright a light bulb is. One LED headlight bulb can reach over 3,000 lumens; however, some luminosity is lost due to energy production. Scattered light beams may have a higher "brightness" but aren't necessarily the best for driving. Different types of LED chips or installing extra projectors can give you a more focused light beam to better illuminate the road.


Kelvin is used to measure the color and light produced by light bulbs. The different temperatures give off different hues. Headlights that look yellowish are typically in the range of 2,000 and 4,000 Kelvin. The bluish colored headlights are much warmer, with more than 6,500 Kelvins, and traditional white lights land in the middle.


The overall performance of your headlights will depend on how they handle road conditions. The ballast is a part connected to the LED light that protects it from voltage variation and heat, and optimizes power efficiency. Bulbs need to be shockproof due to the inevitable bumps in the road, and poorly damped lights may cut out. Finally, lights have IP ratings to measure the level of waterproofing.

Other Considerations

  • Compatibility. Not every light bulb you come across is going to fit in your vehicle. There are a lot of different types out there, and you don't want to waste money buying something you cannot use. If you want a specific type of headlight that isn't compatible, you also have the option of investing in a conversion kit.
  • Legality. There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to vehicles in the U.S. Buyers should make sure that the lights they are buying are street legal and not made for other non-headlight uses. The Department of Transportation is in charge of regulating what is and is not allowed for U.S. models.
  • Energy Consumption. Nearly all the energy consumed by LED bulbs is used to produce light. This is different from halogens and HIDs, which both give off a lot of heat and can be considered wasteful. Energy efficient lights are good for the environment and ultimately good for your wallet. 
  • Price. While the performance and look of your headlights are incredibly important, the most immediate factor is what you're going to pay. This involves the type of light bulb, with LEDs being more expensive and halogens being more affordable, and also the long-term effects of replacement and energy consumption.

Best H11 Bulbs Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Auxito H11 Headlight Bulbs

Many aftermarket H11 headlights suffer from issues related to their size and shape—they’re less versatile because they’re too bulky to fit in some mounts. Auxito has designed its H11 bulbs to work around this problem. They’re small enough to fit in almost any factory socket and are non-polar, so they can be plugged in more than one way to find the perfect fit.

A useful shape isn’t the only advantage of going with Auxito. The company claims its LED H11s can put out five times the lumens of a factory halogen bulb, and in almost every circumstance, they’re right. While they are fan-cooled, the fan isn’t loud enough to hear over your engine, and they have an OEM-style circular beam pattern that announces your presence without blinding other drivers.

However, that beam pattern is a double-edged sword sometimes, as it means these headlights are less focused. While they do often reach the promised 8,000 lumens, it’s not always distributed efficiently.

Another warning about these bulbs: Just because they’re the right shape to install, doesn’t mean that they can’t be damaged by banging against the headlight frame. If in doubt, check with a mechanic.

Best Value
Philips H11 X-tremeVision

Philips produces one of the brightest H11 halogen bulbs available with its X-tremeVision headlamp. These lights are a popular option thanks to the company's reliability and the relatively low cost of this model. Since these use halogen technology, the production cost is much lower than the competition. 

The X-tremeVision lights perform well in poor weather conditions. They have a yellow light associated with them (with a temperature of 3,400 Kelvin) and are perhaps best suited to be fog lights. These lights are also much easier to install compared to others on the list, which helps lower the cost as no kit is required.

While Philips makes one of the top H11 halogen bulbs, the X-tremeVision lights come with a few drawbacks. They consume twice as much energy as LEDs, and if you accidentally leave them on, you're more likely to drain your car's battery. The bulbs are also incredibly fragile, and the company warns not to touch the glass during installation. Using gloves or paper towels while handling them is essential. 

SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra

SYLVANIA is one of the most successful automotive lighting brands in both the OEM and aftermarket segments. The company has been around for more than 100 years and is a leader in cutting-edge technology to promote a high-quality driving experience. 

The SilverStar Ultra bulbs use a patented tri-band technology that produces one of the brightest light beams available. These lights also utilize an advanced technology called cobalt blue nanocoating. This helps the bulb's performance and creates the H11 white bulb light you'd expect from a 4,000-Kelvin headlamp. Thanks to the company's experience, these lights are guaranteed to comply with every state's legal standards. 

While these are some of the best high beam bulbs you can buy, the SYLVANIA lights aren't ideal for every situation. One of the most significant drawbacks is the lifespan of the SilverStar Ultra bulbs. These white halogen headlight bulbs only last 125 hours. On top of that, the bulbs are more expensive than other headlights that last much longer. 

Premium Pick
Beamtech H11 LED Headlight Bulb

If you crave the strength of a halogen headlight but don’t like how hot they get, look no further than Beamtech’s LEDs. These Korean-built bulbs are engineered to match the powerful light of a halogen lamp, but they actually exceed halogen lamps in lumen output. Beamtech’s H11 headlights emit 4,000 lumens each (8,000 per set) and put out far less heat.

The low heat output doesn’t just make these bulbs safer but also prolongs their lifespan, allowing them to shine for around 30,000 hours before burning out. Additionally, the lack of a need for a cooling fan makes your headlights less noisy. The halogen inspiration also reveals itself in the beam pattern—these bulbs emit light from a concentrated strip rather than spreading less-intense light around in a circle.

The downside with Beamtech LED headlights is that they’re an unusual shape, which doesn’t fit neatly in every vehicle. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are three possible ways to screw these bulbs into the socket, so you can’t always be certain whether they won’t fit your car or if you’re just installing them wrong.

Honorable Mention
Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

For drivers looking to move on from their dim OEM halogen headlights, Cougar Motor’s LED H11 bulbs are a great choice. They’re vastly more affordable, easy to install, and throw a wider beam of light without flickering. Some LED bulbs have been known to require professional rewiring, but there’s no risk of that here.

Cougar Motor H11 headlights are also notable for their color, which is far more pleasant to look at than even most other LEDs. The shape and strength of the beam combine so they do a great job of illuminating the entire road in front of you. Some headlights are just for letting other cars know you’re there in the dark, but these will actually increase visibility in almost all conditions.

The major drawbacks of Cougar Motor LED headlights are that they’re fan cooled, which adds an extra layer of noise to your drive, and that they’re too bulky to fit in certain vehicles. They also suffer a bit in the durability department with individual bulbs sometimes burning out by the six-month mark.

Honorable Mention
Lindmeyers H11 Halogen Light Bulbs

If you’re looking for a set of H11 bulbs, it’s hard to beat the Lindmeyers H11 Halogen Light Bulbs. Sold as a set of two bulbs, these H11s offer 55 watts, work with any vehicle’s 12-volt system, and shine with clear amber light. You can use them in your headlights for low or high beams, or you can put them to use as fog light bulbs. They deliver a 4,300K temperature and work with super bright xenon technology. Meant to last approximately 1,000 hours, these compact bulbs are a solid value if you need replacements.

However, these are halogen bulbs instead of LEDs, meaning you’ll get some impressive beams of light with good brilliance, but they won’t last as long as LED bulbs. They can also create more heat and use up more power. You’ll need to replace them later down the line.

Honorable Mention
Lasfit H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

These bulbs may be pretty small, but they deliver impressive brightness thanks to modern LED technology. Perfectly sized to slip right into your headlights’ low beams, high beams, or fog lights, you’ll have just the right fit no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Just about universally compatible, these bulbs offer the right balance of bright light and lasting quality.

Each one of these LED bulbs creates cool white light from 50 watts and 5,000 lumens. To increase the amount of light provided, these bulbs feature eight 45 millimeter flip chips on each side. The resulting light is about 200 percent brighter than what you’d get from halogen H11 bulbs — a considerable difference. 

One drawback to keep in mind is that if you own a Jeep or BMW, you may have issues connecting these bulbs properly. You may need additional parts or cables to make them work.

Honorable Mention
Protekz 6000K H11 LED Headlight Kit

The Protekz 6000K H11 LED Headlight Kit is efficient, bright, and impressive when you’re on dark roads. These low-heat bulbs are constructed with Cree LED chips, which deliver 12,000 lumens (6,000 lumens per bulb) and can last over 50,000 hours in total. That’s an impressively long lifespan that’ll keep you and your car driving in bright, clear visibility over many, many miles. These H11 bulbs are also IP68 waterproof, with a high cooling speed, so they’ll keep functioning properly in any weather. There’s no warm-up time either; turn on your headlights, and these bulbs will kick on instantly at 100 percent brightness.

However, there is one significant drawback: these H11 bulbs are solely made to fit Pontiac vehicles, specifically Pontiac G6s. You may not be able to put them to use in other makes and models if they don’t offer an exact fit, so double-check what fit your headlights need.

Honorable Mention
Xentec 6000K HID Replacement Light Bulbs

If you’re interested in HID bulbs instead of more traditional halogen or LED, then Xentec 6000K HID Replacement Light Bulbs are the right fit for your needs. Designed for any car, truck, or SUV from any automaker, these HID H11 bulbs make for a seamless fit into your headlights whether you need low or high beam replacements. These xenon bulbs deliver a 3,000 lumens output, which is three times the brightness of a traditional halogen headlight bulb. They use 35 watts and have a 9- to 16-volt input.

These HID bulbs will last about three times longer than your average halogen bulb. However, they can’t match the same extensive lifespan of LED bulbs. You’ll enjoy increased brightness — along with improved visibility on the darkest roads at night — plus longer, broader vision, so you’re safer while behind the wheel. Equipped with all of the wires and connectors you need, these HID bulbs are also pretty simple to install.

Honorable Mention
Sylvania H11 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

This set of two bulbs designed just for vehicle headlights can increase visibility, helps you see farther down the road, and provides brighter light without increasing glare.  

With these H11 bulbs, you’ll get a combination of excellent illumination and good durability. The bulbs are made with a special robust filament and proprietary gas mixture, which are features that are meant to deliver superior performance. As an OEM brand, Sylvania’s bulbs should also seamlessly fit right into any car’s headlights. And they’re also DOT legal, so you can trust that you’re choosing just the right bulbs for safety and legal use on any road. 

However, these H11 bulbs grow dim over time and use. Their halogen nature means they won’t last as long as HID or LED alternatives, so make sure to keep an eye on your headlights, as the bulbs will grow noticeably less bright over years of use.


  • Always refer to your vehicle's owner’s manual for what type of bulb your headlights require. H11s can be used in the regular headlamp and as fog lights. Sometimes they require special installation.
  • It's essential to know your state's regulations when it comes to headlights. In some states, HIDs are illegal, which means they may not be an option for you. 
  • How often you drive in poor weather conditions may affect your choice. The brightest bulb does not necessarily mean the best at penetrating fog, rain, or snow. 
  • If you're just looking to replace the bulb, you can find out what type it is by looking at the bottom of your old bulb.
  • The average warranty for headlights is about two years. If you run into issues before the two years are up, most companies have technical support to help you with any problems.


Q: What cars use H11 bulbs?

H11 headlights are a type of single beam bulbs that are often used in modern vehicles. They are interchangeable with H8 and H9 housing units; some cars may have these as the stock option, while others may need to be converted. 

Q: What weather conditions can H11s be used in?

LED lights are optimal for any weather. They don't emit heat, which helps them adapt to any climate, and they're designed to work great in rain and fog. HIDs are the best for nighttime driving, although poor weather conditions can reduce their visibility significantly. 

Q: Will my H11 bulbs turn yellow?

Your bulbs shouldn’t turn yellow. If they do, there is a problem with the ballast and the amount of heat. 

Q: Which headlights blind other drivers? 

HID lights are known to cause a glare, which irritates oncoming traffic. LED lights are less likely to do this, especially if angled properly. 

Final Thoughts

For consumers looking for an H11 bulb upgrade, the Auxito H11 Headlight Bulbs are the best option available. For customers looking for a cheaper H11 bulb, by comparison, the Philips H11 X-tremeVision is a great value.