Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts: Stay Safe & Connected While You Ride

The top mounts to secure your phone on the highway or off-road

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As a motorcyclist, unless you have a death wish or happen to be an octopus, using your smartphone for navigation or to snap a few shots of particularly stunning scenery during stops is incredibly dangerous. Thankfully, you can buy a phone holder for your motorcycle’s handlebars so you can safely use navigation apps while you ride. Read on to find the best motorcycle phone mount for your bike..

  • Best Overall
    Macally Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount 
    The best motorcycle phone holder impresses with superior stability, quality, durability, and versatility.
    Compatible with most smartphones, lightweight yet durable aluminum build, rotates 360 degrees, secure hold, easy to install.
    Somewhat pricey. 
  • Best Value
    AILUN Silicone Strap Motorcycle Phone Holder
    This bargain-priced phone dock for motorcycle, bicycle, and baby stroller applications offers a lot for the money.
    Fantastic price, shock absorbent, hassle-free installation, durable and washable silicone construction.
    The grip is lacking compared to other mounts, occasional fitment concerns with some smartphones.
  • Honorable Mention
    Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Phone Mount
    A universal motorcycle phone mount that has the value, versatility, and convenience dialed in.
    Compatible with most smartphones, six clamps for great stability, silicone netting adds extra security.
    Not as well-built as other phone mounts, some fitment issues with certain smartphones. 

Benefits of Motorcycle Phone Mounts

  • Use navigation apps. While many riders consider getting lost and refusing to ask for directions a rite of passage like an early morning posterior tattoo, everyone needs a little assistance from a navigation app or GPS at some point. A sturdy motorcycle cradle securely holds your smartphone or GPS device so you can safely navigate your way to your destination.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes. Nothing pairs better with riding than Swedish death metal, Broadway show tunes, or whatever your jam may be. With your smartphone safely stowed in a motorcycle phone mount and a nice set of earbuds, you can set a suitable soundtrack for your open road exploits. Rock on!  
  • Catch important calls. Instead of fumbling for your ringing phone in your pocket, you can screen who’s calling you when your phone is docked in a cradle. If it’s an urgent call—say any call from your spouse—then you can safely pull over to take it.
  • Record your rides. With your smartphone cradled in a motorcycle phone holder, you can easily snap a shot of particularly stunning scenery while at a stop or record your ride and share your adventure with friends and family later on. Recording your rides may also be an effective means of documenting evidence in the unlikely event of an accident.

Types of Motorcycle Phone Mounts


This is probably the most common type of motorcycle phone mount. This cycle phone mount attaches to your handlebars via a hard plastic or metal clamp and features a rubber phone grip and silicone netting that secures the corners of your phone. Clamp phone mounts are very popular because they provide secure, stable, and safe mounting options for your smartphone, GPS, and other digital devices. 

Silicone Strap

Like clamp-style phone mounts, silicone strap motorcycle mounts also attach to your handlebars but use a strap for attachment instead of a clamp. Silicone phone mounts are excellent all-weather options because they boast durable, soft, and washable materials. Additionally, these mounts tend to be easy to use and affordable, though lacking in overall grip compared to other types of motorcycle phone mounts.


This type of motorcycle smartphone and GPS mount attaches to your cycle’s windscreen. An advantage of windscreen phone mounts is that you can mount your phone higher up than handlebar mounts, giving you a better view of your screen. This style may be the best phone mount for Harley-Davidson touring bikes. 

Top Brands


Starting out in the early ‘90s as a manufacturer of Mac-specific accessories, Macally has since expanded to become an international designer of cross-platform equipment. The brand currently has a diversified product offering, ranging from wireless Bluetooth earbuds to phone mounts for motorcycles and bicycles. A top-selling product is the Macally Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount


Established in 2015, Roam is a Maine-based manufacturer of active gear and accessories for motorcyclists, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts. The brand offers a wide range of products appealing to consumers with an active and adventurous lifestyle. This product range includes everything from lightweight packable backpacks to bike phone mounts. One of its most well-known products is the Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Phone Mount.


Tackform Solutions is an American family-owned company that manufactures accessories for smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. Specifically, the brand specializes in tablet and phone mounts for motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and more. The Tackform RidePro Bike Phone Holder is one of its hottest products.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Pricing

  • Under $10: Budget-minded buyers have many affordable motorcycle smartphone mounts to choose from at this price point. Quality and features vary wildly depending on the mount, though this is to be expected given the cut-rate pricing.
  • $10-$30: Shoppers will find an abundance of motorcycle phone mounts in this price range. Generally, these phone holders feature solid build quality, stable grip, and excellent value. 
  • Over $30: If you can splurge a bit on a phone dock for your motorcycle, you’ll have a bevy of high-quality options to select from in the higher end of the pricing spectrum. These mounts are typically made from durable materials like steel, and deliver stable, secure mounting in a variety of rougher terrain. 

Key Features

Vibration and Shock Absorption 

Remember—your smartphone will be secured in its holder when you hit potholes, roll over speed bumps, or slam through rocks during some daring off-road adventures, so you’ll need a phone mount that can absorb those shocks and vibrations. Rubberized grip and silicone netting are ideal features for shock absorption because they move with your phone instead of jolting it.

Smartphone or GPS Compatibility 

Step one in selecting the right phone mount for your motorcycle or bicycle is to ensure that it fits with your smartphone or GPS. Measure the dimensions of your smartphone or device and compare it with the phone mount’s compatibility range. If your phone is at the low or high end of this fitment range, contact the phone mount manufacturer to confirm its compatibility. 

Handlebar Compatibility 

Your phone mount also has to be compatible with the handlebars on your motorcycle, bike, or stroller. The majority of motorcycle phone mounts can be adjusted to fit with your handlebars, but it’s important to measure the outside diameter of the metal part of your handlebars and not the grips. This will ensure proper fitment.

Strong and Secure Grip 

You’ll want to find a phone cradle with a Herculean grip for your smartphone so it stays safe and secure during all types of riding. Grip types like the Finger Grip or X-Grip are popular because they provide a sure and secure grip for your phone. In addition, look for a mount that offers stable and confidence-inspiring attachment to your handlebars or windscreen. 

Durable Construction 

Your motorcycle phone holder will be subjected to all the elements: brutal sunlight, whipping wind, pelting rain, and everything in between. Look for a quality phone mount made from a rugged and durable material like zinc alloy, aluminum, or ABS plastic. Additionally, if a phone mount features gripping bands, ensure it’s constructed from strengthened rubber or silicone for maximum durability.

Other Considerations

  • Easy Installation: The whole point of equipping your cycle with a phone mount is to make your life easier, so you’ll probably want a mount that’s easy to install and detach. Look for phone mounts that don’t require special tools for installation and permit one-handed operation.
  • Swiveling Functionality: The best motorcycle phone holders feature 360-degree swiveling capabilities so you can easily pivot your smartphone or device to your desired position. This also lets you conveniently switch from landscape to portrait orientation on the fly.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Overall: Macally Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount

Macally Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount

The Macally Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount snagged our top spot for its unbeatable combination of durability, stability, versatility, and user-friendliness. Its adjustable clamps will provide a sturdy and secure grip for smartphones (with or without cases) featuring a width between 2.25 and 3.42 inches. Installation is a snap, too—simply use the included hex screw and the corresponding rubber pad to adjust the size and provide a confidence-inspiring grip on your phone or GPS. 

We loved that this motorcycle phone mount can rotate 360 degrees so you could view your screen in portrait or landscape orientation. Macally claims that the mount is vibration-proof and crash-tested, and judging by its stout construction, we have no reason to doubt these claims. In the event that you’re not completely satisfied with this mount, Macally gives you a lifetime satisfaction guarantee or you’ll get your money back.

This motorcycle smartphone holder doesn’t give us too much to gripe about, but we do have to call out its rather expensive price tag. We believe that the price of ownership is completely worthwhile though. The Macally is the best all-around clamp phone mount for your motorcycle, bicycle, ATV, and more.

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Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Value: AILUN Silicone Strap Motorcycle Phone Mount

AILUN Silicone Strap Motorcycle Phone Mount

For a waterproof motorcycle phone mount that offers decent grip and hassle-free installation but won’t break your piggy bank, the AILUN Silicone Strap Motorcycle Phone Mount is a great choice. This universal motorcycle phone mount is compatible with any cellphone featuring a screen size between 4 and 6 inches. Constructed from durable and washable soft silicone, this mount won’t scratch your screen. 

Bikers and cyclists looking for a simple phone mount will love how easy this one is to install: simply loop the silicone belts into the mount and around your handlebars, and select one of the eight adjustment loops to securely tighten it. The mount is shock absorbent for a stable and secure grip.

There are a few minor complaints—the grip is suitable for most typical driving conditions, but it may be insufficient for rougher terrain. Hardcore mountain bikers and motocross riders should choose a more robust dirt bike phone mount. Also, some phone models like the iPhone X may have some fitment issues so contact the manufacturer and confirm that your smartphone is compatible with this mount before purchasing it. 

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Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Honorable Mention: Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Phone Mount

Priced well below other options, the Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Phone Mount delivers a compelling mix of versatility, value, and convenience. Boasting universal compatibility with smartphones featuring a width of up to 3.5 inches, this phone bracket for motorcycle, bicycle, and even stroller applications is very versatile. 

It fits handlebars with a diameter measuring between 0.875 and 1.25 inches and features six plastic clamps for a secure yet screen-safe grip. A soft silicone netting stretches up to four times its size, providing added security during rougher terrain or more rigorous driving. We loved that all these features are thoughtfully incorporated into such a reasonably priced phone mount.

There are a few things we don’t love about the Roam phone mount, namely its grip isn’t quite as strong as more expensive motorcycle phone mounts. The quality, while solid, also falls short of the ultra-durable build quality of pricier mounts. Fitment issues can occur with certain smartphone models, so be sure you contact the manufacturer to confirm that your phone is compatible with this mount.

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  • Before mounting your phone holder to your motorcycle, find a position where the mount won’t obscure your view of the dashboard. Sadly, local law enforcement officers will not be sympathetic to your “I couldn’t see my speedometer, so that’s why I was going 30 over the limit Mister-Kind-Officer-Sir” excuse. 
  • Always measure your phone or GPS to ensure that it fits with a motorcycle phone mount. For easy reference, manufacturers will list the measurements of your phone on their website or in your user manual. 
  • It may be a wise idea to upgrade your phone case to a more rugged model when considering a motorcycle or bicycle phone mount. Look for phone cases that feature waterproof, shock-absorbent designs and protect your screen from scratches, cracks, and other damage.
  • Test out the sturdiness of your phone mount while driving at low speeds on smooth, paved roads before tackling more treacherous terrain. Carefully observe how well your phone is held into place and make any adjustments to the grip points if you notice any weak points.
  • Always exercise sound judgment and avoid texting and other distracting activities while in motion. Avoid checking your friends’ social media updates and limit your smartphone usage to important tasks like navigation.


Q: How do I adjust a universal mount to hold my phone?

A: The precise way to adjust a universal phone mount varies by model, so consult the manufacturer’s instructions or user manual for the proper procedure. This is a typical walkthrough: First, pull the grip apart, insert your phone, and release the grip so it clamps onto it. Finally, stretch the silicone netting over the corners of your phone until it’s snug and secure.

Q: How do I install my phone mount?

A: Once again, the exact method varies depending on your mount, so read the manufacturer’s user manual for best results. In most cases, open the clamp and place it around the handlebars of your bike in your desired position. Next, screw the clamp closed until it’s secure. Then, place your phone into the cradle, mount your bike, and adjust it until you have you can see your screen without obscuring the view ahead or your dashboard.

Q: Is there an ideal spot where I should mount it on my handlebars?

A: It’s all about striking a balance between providing quick and easy access to your phone without blocking the view ahead or your instrument panel. Obviously, you’ll want to mount your phone on the right or left-hand side, depending on your handedness. Always strive for a position that gives you complete control over your steering and doesn’t require you to take your eyes off the road. 

Q: How long will my phone mount last?

A: With proper care, the best motorcycle phone holders will last an indefinite amount of time. Avoid placing stress on your motorcycle mount by pulling or leaning on it. Always follow your manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions to maximize the lifespan of your mount. 

Q: Sweet! Now I’m going to listen to music with my wireless earbuds while I ride. This is legal, right?

A: These type of laws vary state by state, but a number of states like California only permit drivers to listen to music with one earbud in place. See what the local laws are in your state according to this database compiled by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Final Thoughts

Our winner for the best motorcycle phone mount is the Macally Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount. It’s the best-built mount with outstandingly secure grip for a vast assortment of smartphone models.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on a mount, consider the AILUN Silicone Strap Motorcycle Phone Holder.

Do you rock one of these mounts on your motorcycle or bicycle? Prefer another model? Voice your opinion in the comments below.