Best Car Phone Mounts: Top Options for Hands-Free Use

Keep your device secure and accessible with a car phone mount

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Our smartphones can be an incredibly useful tool to assist you while driving. They can also be a distraction if it starts ringing and you're struggling to pick it up. Luckily, we can use phone mounts in our cars to make hands-free use simple and effective. Here are our top picks for safe and useful car phone mounts.

  • Best Overall
    WizGear - Magnetic Phone Car Mount [2 Pack]
    Small yet powerful, these magnetic vent clips are strong enough to hold any phone in place while you’re driving.
    Compact design, universal fit, two mounts for the price of one, and a metal plate that protects your phone from the strong magnet.
    Some people may not like adhering the metal plate to their phone, and certain vents will be difficult to secure the mount.
  • Best Value
    Vansky Phone Mount 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder 
    Customers looking for a great value will appreciate this affordable, three-in-one car phone mount.
    The cheapest option, comes in three different mounting options, has 360-degree maneuverability, and a quick release button.
    The vent clip is weaker than those of competitors, and the arms may be too small for some phones.
  • Honorable Mention
    Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car
    This unique car phone mount is made to hold your phone in landscape mode and closes to blend into your vehicle’s dashboard.
    Stand does not obscure your screen, can be moved and replaced repeatedly and can hold other items as well as most smartphones.
    Cannot hold larger devices, will not fit with every dashboard design, and can only hold phones in landscape mode.

Benefits of Car Phone Mounts

  • Screen visibility. Whether you're using your smartphone as a GPS device or you regularly receive calls, having the device in full view while driving is going to help make multitasking hassle-free.
  • Easy to find. Even if you don't use your phone all that often, it can be beneficial to have a location dedicated to housing it. Phone mounts eliminate the need to search for your device. 
  • Device safety. The last thing any of us want to deal with after a car accident or close call is finding that our phone was damaged. These devices are expensive and carry a lot of information, so keeping them safe in the car is crucial.

Types of Car Phone Mounts

Vent Clip

As the name suggests, vent clips hold your phone in place by clipping onto the air vents throughout your car's dashboard. An advantage these products have is visibility. Since most cars put their vents at eye level, a phone being held up by a vent will be very easy to see for the driver or passenger. The main drawback is that vent clips don't work with every interior, especially vehicles with unique vent designs.

Windshield Mount

Windshield-mounted phone holders use a suction cup to stick to a vehicle's windshield. This is similar to your average GPS set up, which makes using your phone for directions comfortable and familiar. Downsides include suction cups falling if not adequately secured, and they leave a print on the inside of your window.

Dash Mount

Another popular choice to mounting your phone holder is a dashboard mount. As long as your vehicle’s dashboard has flat surfaces, you can put a mount anywhere you want. Often, the only issue users have is the adhesive that can hurt the interior of the vehicle.


Phone cradles generally have adjustable arms to hold your phone in place. Each one is designed differently; some have arms that hold your phone from the sides, sometimes the phone clips in, and some even have a lip that your phone sits on. Regardless of design, these types of phone holders are similar to a hand holding your phone in place for you. 


The second most common way to connect your cellphone to the car mount is with a magnet. These are good for people who use less popular Android phones because the strong magnets can hold any device in place regardless of shape and size. The magnetized holder typically connects to magnetic plates that come free with the car mount holder.

Top Brands

Beam Electronics

In recent years, Beam Electronics has made a name for itself thanks to its great phone accessories. This Georgia-based company manufactures its products entirely inside the United States. Today, it has one of the highest-rated Car Air Vent Mount phone holders on the market. 


Created in 2012, this once small electronic company became a large international retailer thanks to its popular Smart Plug. Since its inception, it has expanded into the phone accessory market, creating the Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car. The product’s unique design helps set it apart from the crowd. 


iOttie makes products for travel, smart homes, and outdoor lifestyles. It is headquartered in New York City and was first established in 2010. Its Easy One Touch Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder is immensely popular.


This international company is best known for its Bluetooth speakers and headphones. However, it offers a broad range of car phone holders that are all highly-rated. Its extensive line includes phone holders for the Windshield and Dashboard, a CD Slot Mount, and a Magnetic Car Phone Mount.

Car Phone Mount Pricing

  • Under $10: You can buy a handy phone holder for under ten dollars. Basically, the most significant difference between these and more expensive options is sturdiness. As our phones get bigger and more costly, it's less likely you're going to want a flimsy car mount, no matter how cheap it is.
  • $10 to $20: This is the most common price point for car phone holders. There's a big range of products here, from vent clips and dash mounts to magnets and cradles. This price range offers some of the most popular phone mounts.
  • Over $20: Once you get into the more premium choices, you're looking at products aimed at tablets and phablets. While some of these higher-priced phone mounts are regular phone holders made from heavier-duty materials, for most people, it only makes sense to dip into this price range if you have a giant phone or tablet that requires the additional capabilities.

Key Features


A car phone holder is useless if it cannot keep your device facing up while you're driving. The overall strength of the mount's stand is a key factor in making sure you buy a useful accessory. You should also be aware of how strong your car's vents are if you want to buy a vent clip holder. If the vents are weak or old, then they’ll struggle to support vent mounts.

Quick Release

For cradle phone holders, the ability to quickly take your device off of its stand is a handy feature. Most mounts that come with locking arms also feature a quick release button for this purpose. Keep an eye out for placement and responsiveness of the quick release button.


Telescopic adjustability gives you the freedom to angle your phone in any direction. This can be useful for facing your phone towards you or avoiding glare from the sun. Some holders use a ball joint that's connected directly to the phone mount. Others have a fully extending telescopic arm with a joint at either end that gives you the ability to pivot your phone in any direction.

Other Considerations

  • Sizing: Knowing the limitations of a phone holder can be a determining factor when buying a good car mount. It won't help you if your device is too big or too small for a specific product. 
  • Interior Design: Regardless of the type of mount you're looking for, the design of your vehicle’s interior can change whether or not a phone mount will fit your car. This is especially true with vent clips since numerous vehicles have uncommon air vent designs. 
  • Use: While it might sound obvious, most people probably don't consider what they really use their phone for the most while driving. Depending on what apps you rely on for driving, like GPS, voice to text, or music players, you may need a specific type of mount to accommodate your usage. 
  • Charging: If you often have to charge your phone while driving, you should be aware of where your devices' ports are. Some mounts may obstruct the plug and make it impossible to use the two at the same time. 

Best Car Phone Mount Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Car Phone Mount Overall: WizGear - Magnetic Phone Car Mount [2 Pack]

WizGear - Magnetic Phone Car Mount [2 Pack]

Simple yet reliable, Wizgear offers excellent value for an even better product. With your purchase, you receive two magnetic mounts, four metal plates, and four adhering strips. Since there are no sides on the base, you can rotate your smartphone and swivel the display to get the perfect viewing angle. 

The base of this car phone mount is made out of rubber. This material is perfect not only for versatility when fitting to a car's air vent but also for reducing the impact of road vibrations. Your phone will stay perfectly in place even on the roughest terrain as the base absorbs all the shock itself. 

Naturally, this car phone mount isn't perfect for every user. If you don't use a phone case, you may not be comfortable adhering a metal plate to the back of your phone. The bonding agent is very strong, so trying to unstick the plate would be difficult. Also, with most vent clips, some vents will make it impossible to use.

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Best Value Car Phone Mount: Vansky Phone Mount 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder 

Vansky Phone Mount 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder

The Vansky car phone mount has a cradle design with the option to either mount to the windshield, dashboard, or air vent. Each of the three mounting options has a ball joint that attaches to the cradle for 360-degree rotation; the windshield mount even comes with an adjustable telescopic arm. Both the dash and windshield mounts use a suction cup.

The cradle of this holder has plastic arms with soft padding to protect your phone. The arms can hold phones with a diagonal size of 3.5 inches to 7 inches. You simply close the arms together until they secure to the sides of your device, and there is a quick release button on the back for when you're done using it. 

You may find that the vent clip isn't strong enough to hold every phone; the heavier the device, the more likely the holder will have problems keeping it upright. Also, if you own a phone that is larger than 7 inches across, this car phone mount will not be able to hold it.

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Best Car Phone Mount Honorable Mention: Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car 

Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car

Bosynoy offers a unique design with its dashboard phone mount. The dashboard pad lifts open to place your smartphone in, and the cover is spring-loaded to keep it secure. When not in use, the color options and textured exterior is made to naturally blend in with your vehicle's interior. 

The base of this phone mount is made of anti-slip rubber with an adhesive in the center. Even though it does stick to your dashboard, its bottom can be removed and washed for infinite reusability. Despite being easy to remove, the gel and rubber combined on the bottom hold a  phone in place through sharp turns and hard braking. The way the shell of this mount is designed, there is no obstruction of any part of your screen. 

If you want a car phone mount that doesn't attach to the dashboard, then this is not the product for you. Also, if your vehicle has a curved or sculpted dash design, it may not fit correctly in your car. The top piece of this mount only opens to 6.8 inches, so if your device has a larger screen, this mount will not be able to hold your phone.

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  • Be aware of the overall dimensions of your phone and whether or not the holder can accommodate it. Some holders are only designed to hold "average-sized” phones, so phablets would be too large to fit.
  • Some cell phone mounts can have pieces that obstruct the devices' ports. This can make using the car charger or headphone jack impossible while your phone is attached to the holder. Be aware of your phone's ports and whether or not a cradle will get in the way.
  • If you don't use your phone much while driving, then a holder might not be for you. Consider going about your daily routine and paying close attention to how many times you actually use your device in the car.


Q: How can I tell if a car phone mount will fit my phone?

A: Magnetic phone mounts do not have a size limitation. For cradle phone mounts, they have a maximum size listed in the product description. To accurately measure your phone, measure from the bottom left corner diagonally to the top right.

Q: Can I use a car phone mount if I have a bulky case?

A: Sometimes. Even the thickest phone cases aren’t too thick for phone holders. However, a thick phone case on a larger phone or phablet might make your device too wide to be held. To avoid this, always measure your phone with your regular case on it.

Q: Does the metal plate affect wireless charging?

A: It can. If you want a magnetic phone holder but also use wireless charging, be aware that the metal plate can interfere with the charging. 

Q: Can I turn a vent clip mount so that the device faces me?

A: For the most part, vent-mounting phone holders are limited to the vent that they’re clipped to. The shape and design of your vehicle’s air vents will dictate how the device can be angled. 

Final Thoughts

The best choice for a car phone mount is the WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount thanks to its simple and universal design. 

For a more affordable option, the Vansky Phone Mount, 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder gives you the most versatility for a low cost.

What phone mounts work for you and your vehicle? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.