Best ATV Ramps: The Top Ramps to Load Your Weekend Toys

The best loading ramps you can use to get an ATV ready for travel

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Have something fun and heavy like an ATV to move around? Without a good pair of ATV/UTV ramps, you are pretty much out of luck. Loading ramps are one of the few ways you can actually get something heavy like an ATV or quad into the back of a truck. If you are in the market for a new pair of ramps, this guide will give you all the information you need to find the right set for your needs.

  • Best Overall
    Titan Ramps Loading Ramps
    A versatile pair of heavy-duty loading ramps that set up quickly on most trucks and trailers.
    Wide and long ramp profile creates a gentle slope up to the tailgate on most trucks. Aluminum construction is lightweight and convenient for carrying the ramps around while folded.
    The folded profile is too large to keep out of the way in a truck bed. The ramps can feel flimsy under heavier loads even though they don't flex or bend.
  • Best Value
    Highland Straight Loading Ramps
    One of the most simple ramp designs available that save money and time while setting up the pair.
    Single-piece design prevents the ramps from flexing along the middle while under a heavy load. Aluminum construction is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion.
    Weight capacity is more limited than higher-end loading ramps. The lack of a folding mechanism makes it difficult to store or transport the ramps without taking up vehicle space.
  • Honorable Mention
    Yutrax TX103 Tri-Fold Ramp
    One of the best tri-folding heavy-duty loading ramps with a high weight capacity.
    The tri-fold design preserves the strength along the length of the ramp. Coming in at 28 pounds, the ramp is light for its size. Weight capacity is 1,750 pounds.
    The fold reduces the overall profile to the size of normal dual-runner ramps, meaning some space is still required to transport or store the tri-folding ramps.

Why Buy an ATV Ramp

  • Transport ATVs and motorcycles. It shouldn't be a surprise that motorized toys like ATVs and dirt bikes are the most fun when used far from home. To get them off road, you'll need a vehicle/trailer and some ramps to move everything safely.
  • Load heavy equipment safely. It's no secret that getting an ATV up into a truck bed or onto a trailer is a challenge. That much weight can do a lot of damage if it falls. That's why a good pair of ramps not only makes it easy to load heavy equipment, but the best ramps also make it safe to do so.

Types of ATV Ramps


The most common design of ATV ramps, the dual-runner setup is convenient for both two and four wheelers. Using two individual ramps, the setup makes it easy to get the right positioning and spacing between the ramps to hold the weight of large vehicles. Some ramps fold in half, but most use a straight design that lacks folding joints and extra weight.


The first of two single-piece ramp designs, bi-fold ATV ramps tend to be narrow compared to typical tri-fold and dual-runner setups. Folded, these ramps have a similar profile to a single-runner ramp. Unfolded, the average width is big enough to fit most ATVs and dirt bikes.


A tri-fold ramp often offers the entire width of an ATV (plus a few buffer inches on each side) to use when loading large equipment into a truck or trailer. They're easier to set up and position since the width is fixed, but moving them around can be a challenge due to the extra weight. With multiple folding joints and segments, they are heavier than most dual-runner ramps. 

People loading a dirt bike into a truck with a ramp.

Load a variety of heavy weekend toys with a single ramp or a set.

Top Brands of ATV Ramps


Yutrax is a company that specializes in utility equipment, ranging from loading ramps to ATV accessories and utility trailers. Innovation and unique design features are two key aspects of Yutrax's lineup. Its Rush TX500 ramps, for example, are one of the only multi-fold designs that offer a smaller-than-average folded profile. 

Black Widow

Black Widow virtually dominates the budget range of loading ramps. Offering a large line up of individual and paired loading ramps, along with some ATV and motorcycle carriers, the brand is a good option to check out if you want to save some money. Check out the Black Widow Dual Runner ATV Ramps for an affordable loading option.

ATV Ramp Pricing

  • $50 and under: Straight ramps pretty much dominate the budget end of ATV ramps (and for good reason). Without the folding joints, they are lighter in weight and cheaper in design/construction.
  • $100-$200: Common dual-runner and bi-fold ramps sit within this price range. Construction tends to be high in quality, creating higher weight capacities than most budget models.
  • $200 and above: This is the price range to check out when you need the highest weight capacity or most surface space. Larger bi-fold and tri-fold ramps are common.

Key Features

Weight Capacity

The most important spec related to loading ramps is the weight capacity: the maximum amount of weight the ramp can handle. Larger weight capacities are necessary for heavier equipment, but most loading ramps can handle an average ATV or smaller. Ramps with larger weight capacities tend to use heavier materials like steel with a reinforced design.

Ramp Width

The amount of surface area on the ramp will influence how much grip the tires of an ATV have if you drive one up during the loading process. Wider ramps offer more surface area and are more suitable for four-wheelers and other heavy motorized equipment you can't push up alone.

Mount Connection

The mounting end of a ramp works in tandem with any stability straps to keep the ramp secure while under load. Most ramps use simple ledge supports that cling onto the tailgate or trailer floor to create extra friction. These are convenient and quick to set up but can slide around if not properly anchored with straps. A few ramps, instead, use special mounting brackets that screw into the bed or floor of the loading vehicle.

Other Considerations

  • Ground Clearance: In order to work properly, ATV ramps need to actually reach the height of the loading surface (i.e. a truck bed). The length of the ramp and height of the loading vehicle influence the reach and slope of the ramp. Lower slope angles are safer, making longer ramps more popular for general use.
  • Storage Size: When you aren't using the loading ramps, or if you want to take a set on the go, the storage size will determine how much space you'll need to make. Folding ramps are better for storage, but you can easily store straight ramps with the right setup. Ladder racks and wall hooks are popular options for storing any ramp no matter its design.
  • Rung Type: Beyond the ramp width, the rung surface of the ramp affects overall loading traction. Many ramps use a ladder design with solid rungs. Great for weight and portability, the design can make it difficult to load heavier equipment if the gaps are large. Other ramps use a solid surface (sometimes with small holes to reduce weight) that offers as much surface area as possible for loading. 

Best ATV Ramps Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best ATV Ramp Overall: Titan Ramps Loading Ramps

Titan Ramps Loading Ramps

A good pair of simple ramps go a long way in terms of usability and convenience. Titan Ramps has embraced this philosophy with its pair of heavy-duty loading ramps. Coming in at 7.5 feet, the ramps offer a good balance of heavy-duty construction and lightweight portability.

The overall design fits into the typical dual-runner mold: two long ramps that fold in the middle. The rung design is unique, offering more surface area for tires to grip compared to the more traditional ladder-like design. This reduces the number of gaps in the rungs without drastically increasing the weight of the ramps.

Despite the heavy-duty construction, there is a bit of flex and give near the folding joint of the ramps as the loading weight reaches the maximum capacity. The metal is strong enough to take the weight, but the flimsy feel can be concerning at first. 

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Best Value ATV Ramp: Highland Straight Loading Ramps

Highland Straight Loading Ramps

Highland's aluminum loading ramps are a prime example of value ramps. Lacking any expensive, heavy folding joints, the pair of ramps is straightforward in use and design: Position the upper ends, attach the stability straps, and you're good to go.

Compared to other heavy-duty loading ramps, this pair is one of the lightest available. Moving and positioning the ramps without straining the muscles is easy. If you have space or a ladder rack, the ramps are also quick to stow away during transport. 

Unfortunately, the ramps can't compare to more expensive options in terms of weight capacity and solid construction. Since each ramp maxes out at around 600 pounds capacity, there is some noticeable flex with smaller equipment. It certainly can handle a typical ATV, but be prepared to see the flex when it's under load. 

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Best ATV Ramp Honorable Mention: Yutrax TX103 Tri-Fold Ramp

Yutrax TX103 Tri-Fold Ramp

One of the few reliable aluminum tri-fold ramps that won’t break the bank, the Yutrax ATV aluminum ramp is a great ramp pair if you are looking for something that can almost load it all. Coming in as a single piece, you don't have to worry about storing or setting up multiple ramps.

The tri-fold design offers a lot of convenience in terms of overall set up. Even though the folded profile is much thicker than a standard runner ramp, the width and length are about the same. Unfolded, the ramp has more surface area that can accommodate nearly any small or large vehicle under 1,750 pounds, including motorcycles and some off-roading quads.

Getting the ramp folded and unfolded can be a challenge at first. Holding 28 pounds while trying to manage the three individual segments is a struggle alone. The ladder-like rungs also have some noticeable gaps, making it difficult to get non-motorized equipment up to the ramp under your own power.

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  • Use the included safety straps to keep the loading ramps from moving under load. The straps often attach to rear hooks underneath the bumper.
  • You can use extra straps or ropes for more security. This is extremely helpful for longer ramps that tend to have more play in the middle while under load.
  • Dedicated mounting points for ATV ramps are the best way to get a stable connection with the loading vehicle. While expensive, they also can reduce or eliminate the need for stability straps, depending on what you load. 
  • Double check all of the strapping and mounting points on the loading ramps before you drive an ATV up the ramps. The movement and vibrations of the ATV will try to knock the ramps around and potentially out of place.


Q. Do I need a folding ramp if I want to take my ramps with me?

A. Not necessarily. Straight ramps are easy to store in the bed of a pickup truck, often underneath the ATV. Folding ramps are better suited for long-term storage since they take up less space.

Q. How do I know what length I need?

A. This depends on the height of the loading vehicle. Taller vehicles need longer ramps. For a typical truck, something around 7 to 9 feet is good enough to create a gentle loading slope.

Q. What else can I load with ATV ramps?

A. Technically, anything with wheels that is smaller than an ATV. Lightweight equipment like lawn mowers is perfect for loading ramps as long as the ramps are wide enough.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best ATV loading ramps is the Titan Ramps Loading Ramps. With a solid design and the convenience of a folding joint, the ramps are simple and effective to use.

To save some money, check out the Highland Straight Loading Ramps. It's hard to beat the set's value in terms of price and lightweight use.

What are your personal preferences for an ATV ramp? If you have your own favorite picks, share them in the comments below.