New Porsche Classic Coffee Mug Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer

For the java enjoyers in your life, bring some vintage 911 flavor

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Nov 26, 2016 6:16 PM
New Porsche Classic Coffee Mug Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer

For years I've been drinking out of Porsche coffee mugs, being the crazy super fan that I am. With a handful of different styles kicking around my coffee cupboard, it was inevitable that I'd be adding another one to the arsenal. Last weekend, while visiting my local dealership for other reasons, I snagged one of these new Porsche Classic "Legends of 1963" mugs, and I already love it. With a "Legends of 1968" mug from a few years ago, and a Porsche Salzburg 917K mug from a few years before that, my historically inspired mug collection keeps growing. It only makes sense, as I really love coffee and I really love Porsche and their history. As with anything else, this mug is a great subtle way to inject a little Porsche into your morning. 

The new design mug was just launched a few weeks ago, as Porsche is really pushing their newly formed Porsche Classic department. This mug features a few overlaid vintage schematics for the 1963 development of the now-classic 901 model, making for an interesting design, making it a mug you're happy to show off at the breakfast table. These mugs are limited to just 10,000 units, so if you want one you'd better act quickly. Either visit your local Porsche dealer, purchase from your favorite Porsche online parts retailer, or visit Porsche's own online shop (appears to be the best price from my search) to purchase one. For the low price of $23.20, this might be the least expensive Porsche-related gift you can give. Make sure to fill it with a nice premium blend, it's the little things that make life great!