Woman Goes Viral for Turning Her Tesla Model 3 Into a Rolling Kitchen

That's going to require a whole lot of Febreze later.
Alyssa Lauren/Instagram

As of late, Californian Alyssa Lauren Manaig has been posting videos of herself cooking inside her white Tesla Model 3 via her Instagram page. If I had to guess, I’d say she probably received a portable 2-in-1 electric hot pot and grill as a promotional gift and needed to make a fun and catchy vlog about it. Manaig came up with a Muskmobile cooking series and her first video went viral, generating 8.8 million views and counting.

The would-be car gourmet boils new potatoes and chops garlic and lemon from the front seat of her car. Then she slathers butter on the portable grill and slaps on the head-on shrimp. Meanwhile, Manaig slices sausage and gets the (potentially messy, possibly staining) spices ready. And then, voilà, an entire seafood boil is ready to eat.

“WITH THE WHITE INTERIOR. YOU’RE SO BRAVE,” one commenter said on Instagram.

Manaig has gone on to post videos of her making Korean corn dogs, fried chicken, Cheetos-encrusted chicken wings, and more in the cabin of her car, which we can only imagine smells like a Long John Silver’s in full swing.

She handles raw chicken on a plastic wrap-covered cutting board, smashes Cheetos and barbecue-flavored chips in a resealable bag, and somehow manages to stay clean. Does she get raw chicken bacteria on her door handles? We don’t know. Is there lingering orange dust inside the vents? Maybe. Also, why? We have so many questions.

“Elon baby we’ve come a long way,” Manaig wrote.

Bon appétit, I guess.

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