Fall in Love With The Land Rover Defender 110 All Over Again

The Land Rover Defender 110 may be extinct.

Kacper Larski

There are plenty of poorly shot car videos plaguing the internet produced by enthusiasts who have little talent outside selecting an Instagram filter. Fortunately, the video featured below is far from that. Highlighting a widebody Land Rover Defender 110, viewers embark on a cinematic journey across many terrains. The video captures the capability of the now-extinct Defender 110 while still shooting some truly breathtaking scenes.

What can you get out of this video? The Land Rover Defender 110 was something truly special that can never be replaced. Will a comparable vehicle grace us again? Probably, but nothing quite like the rugged appeal. The video was taken as a 68 year homage to the iconic 4x4 and a fitting way to send off the vehicle.

The vehicle was provided by Icelandic company ISAK 4x4. ISAK 4x4 is an extremely cool 4x4 rental company that allows tourists to embrace the offroad experience with their own Defender 110.