This Volvo XC90 Is the Ambulance I Want to Ride in if I Ever Need to Ride in an Ambulance

It’s the Volvo you’ve always wanted to save your life.

byRob Stumpf|
This Volvo XC90 Is the Ambulance I Want to Ride in if I Ever Need to Ride in an Ambulance

In my senior year of high school, I slipped on some leaves and broke my leg when I fell down a hill. My mom drove me to the hospital and got lost on the way. Looking back at it, I wish two things:

  1. I didn't break my leg
  2. I had time traveling paramedics who brought this Volvo XC90 ambulance with them to take my instead

I've never written an ambulance review before. However, I do love some Volvos, and can appreciate the effort and craftsmanship that went into this meat hauler. Removed is the classy interior and spacious family storage compartments, but what remains is the great Volvo styling and components under the hood. Nilsson builds these on both the single turbo modular "T5" engine producing 254 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque, as well as the twin turbo "D5" diesel motor, making 235 horsepower and 346 lb/ft of torque. The suspension has been modified to lift the vehicle and accommodate for an additional 1500lbs of cargo in the back. On top of all of this, we retain the factory All Wheel Drive system to put the power on the road.

One of the initial concerns that an American like myself might have is the size. We like big things; big cars, big portions of food, and apparently big ambulances too. Let's face it, this is tiny ambulance versus the huge boxy body haulers that crawl our streets. The revamped XC90 is fitted with sliding rear doors used for storage.

Sliding storage doors on the XC90 ambulance

, via Nilsson

The interior is all business as well, housing accessory lighting, computers, and larger accessory screens in both the cabin and the rear. Speaking of the rear, there is enough room for two occupants and a patient. Nilsson worked with first responders as well as emergency hospital staff to develop this ambulance to handle as much patient care as possible prior to arriving at a hospital. Arriving alive is the game, and Nilsson is helping the good people of Sweeden get just that.

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