Watch a Naked Man Hijack a Cab and Immediately Crash It

The theft and wreck occurred in Philadelphia on Monday. "He was completely nude. He had nothing on him but what God gave him," a bystander said. 

6 ABC via Daily Mail

A naked man in Philadelphia stole a taxicab, drove it Grand Theft Auto-style through a park, and crashed it into a curb before bystanders pulled him out of the car and police arrested him. 

Michael Emanuel was dropping a customer off in his cab when a man came up to the passenger side of his car and pulled his female passenger out of the cab by her hair Monday. When the cab driver got out of the car, the man fully stripped himself, stole the cab, and drove into three parked cars, Daily Mail reports. Pedestrians were forced to jump out of the cab's way as the naked man drove off recklessly. 

"I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes," Kyra Howell, a pedestrian who witnessed the events unfold, said to ABC.

When the car crashed, Brandon Thompson managed to grab the keys from the cab's ignition so other bystanders could safely remove the fully naked man, NBC reports. 

"He was completely nude. He had nothing on him but what God gave him," said Thompson. 

The man was arrested and taken to a hospital following the incident, ABC reports. No major injuries were reported.

Check out video of the incident below.