Watch Hoonigan Garage Make Donuts In a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Shred all the tires.

YouTube / The Hooligans

Many exotic car owners find themselves babying a car, barely taking it out of the garage and never thinking about cresting even 3,000 rpm. Other owner, however, burn the tires off and terrorize the town. We at The Drive tend to side with the latter.

In this short video, published on the official YouTube account for TheHoonigans, we see the unsung heroes at Ken Block's lifestyle company doing what they do best with a Ferrari F12berlinetta: shredding tires. For a little more than 30 seconds, we get to hear the F12 sing its 731-hp V12 song. Although there are plenty of other ways to use your F12berlinetta, we have to prefer this over letting it sit in a garage. A car is meant to be driven—and if you are apart of Hoonigan Nation, that may entail some stanky donuts.

The video took place after Hoonigan Garage invited Car Porn Racing over to watch the smoky spectacle. Needless to say, the show seems to have been a great success.