At the Stroke of Midnight, this Man Leapt Aboard a Police Car

Well, that's one way to ring in the new year.

A man in Wisconsin decided to quite literally jump into 2017 by launching himself on top of a police car right at midnight Sunday morning, and it was all captured on dashcam video.

A Menasha Police Department patrol car was parked when the Kimberly, Wisconsin man—who police say was under the influence—jumped on the hood and damaged the car's windshield. Thankfully for all, video of the entire incident was uploaded to the department's Facebook page. Two police officers were injured in the course of detaining the suspect. One of the officers was brought to a hospital and released. The suspect was also taken to the hospital, then sent to the Winnebago County Jail, local news station ABC 2 WBAY reported. The suspect's name has not been disclosed.

While we here at The Drive are all for celebrating our favorite holidays in our own ways, this guy undoubtedly took that a bit far. For real, how drunk do you have to be to lunge across a police car?