How Do You Get Ready for Spring Motorcycling?

What’s your go-to checklist for getting back in the saddle?

byJonathon Klein|
Motorcycles photo


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Do you feel that? There’s a change in the weather. Do you feel the warmth, the sun, the lack of bitterly cold wind slapping you in the face, and icicles running down your nose? Oh yeah, spring is just around the corner, baby, and The Drive’s gear writers are itching, nay, losing our collective minds at the prospect of getting back onto our motorcycles. 

Motorcycling for us is two-wheeled freedom. The freedom to explore new roads, trails, and the world at large. But our babies have been cooped up for the past four to six months, depending on your locale. And in that time, they’ve collected a lot of dust and neglect, which is why you’re gonna want to go through a pre-flight checklist to ensure your prized possession is in canyon-carving shape

We’ve already put one together for you, and you can click here to find it, but while we were writing that together, it got us thinking. We know what we do to get our motorcycles ready for spring, summer, and fall, but what about you? What do you do to get your bike humming? 

So tell us what your checklist is, what it entails, what sort of maintenance you do beforehand, what gear you're looking to buy, and stay tuned to The Drive all this week, we’re going to be doing a series of pieces about getting your motorcycle and gear ready for motorcycling season.