Save Up to 30% On Venustas Heated Gear and More Deals From Amazon

Spring is almost upon us. These goods will get you even more stoked for its arrival.

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It's finally Friday again. Congrats, you've made it through the week. And though that dastardly groundhog here in Pennsylvania scared spring off for another few weeks, there are hints that better weather will soon be upon us—I'm looking at you, birds chirping and increasing outside temperatures. With those harbingers of spring, rather than thinking about everything you need to catch up on, you're suddenly excited about everything you have to look forward to. 

In the spirit of that, I consulted with our own resident deals wizard here at The Drive, Mr. Corey Foster, and was able to uncover some deals that'll give you something to get pumped to put to use come springtime. 

YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 288W 50 inch Light Bar, Amazon

Let's start with something for the mud junkies out there. While most offroaders don't exactly take a break during the snowy months, things do slow down. With temps dropping into the single digits, you're not likely to ride all night like you want to. That said, evenings are about to start warming up, and you're bound to start putting more and more miles on that rig. Why not give the YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 288W 50 inch Light Bar a shot? It's built with a cast aluminum body, offers 50,000 hours of runtime, and at just under $77, it's hard to go wrong. Oh, and if 50 inches won't do it, seven more sizes are available. 

Venustas Heated Fleece Vest, Venustas

Speaking of winter trailblazing, you're going to be cold. That SxS might have a cabin heater, but mother nature's icy fingers are still going to grip you tight for at least a few more months. Don't worry, though. Amazon is giving you the means to save up to 30% off Venustas Heated Jackets and Vests today. Even if you can brush off the cold once your blood gets pumping, your passenger might not be too thrilled about it. If you act fast, it just might be a great Valentine's Day gift for that sweetheart in your life that's willing to put up with anything just to be with you. 

Dyna-Glo Grab N Go XL Portable 18,000 BTU Propane Heater, Walmart

Not the kind of heat you need? No problem. There's also a sale going on the Dyna-Glo Grab N Go XL Portable 18,000 BTU Propane Heater over at Walmart. It usually sells for $119.99, but you can snag it today for $79.99. This little heater is perfect for warming up the workbench while you get to spring cleaning and can be just what you need to keep that camper shell nice and warm while you explore the world of overlanding this spring. Or, it can be the temporary replacement for the heater you burnt up during those late-night thrashing sessions. Whatever the case, heaters are always a good buy.

GEARWRENCH 4 Piece 1/4, 3/8" & 1/2" Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set, Amazon

I'm going to wrap things up with the deal I'm doing my best to ignore. Amazon is letting the GEARWRENCH 4 Piece 1/4, 3/8" & 1/2" Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set fly at 40% off today, bringing the price down to $92.87. More tools might be the last thing you need to spend money on, especially if you've already got a decent collection to work with. However, nothing propels you through the finishing stages of that winter project like new gear. That said, Gearwrench's tools are rather impressive for the price. If you have yet to give them a go, this might be the perfect way to get your feet wet. 

Alright. I'm done telling you about the deals I think are rather snazzy. Be sure to check the list below if none of these do the trick for you. 


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