What’s The One Tool You Can’t Live Without In Your Garage?

We all have our favorite wrench or socket set, so what’s yours?

byJonathon Klein| UPDATED Jan 7, 2021 4:36 PM
What’s The One Tool You Can’t Live Without In Your Garage?

No matter how much money you’ve dropped on Snap-On tools or how overflowing your home garage is with second-hand wrenches, wire-splitters, sockets, Sawzalls, or spanners—I see you, British friends—we all have our favorite tools. That one go-to chunk of metal or plastic that we’d trade our right hand for. Your God-tier tool, to coin a phrase. 

For some, it might be a humble bag of zip-ties they keep in their trunk. For others, it’s a Makita impact wrench or a pre-fall Craftsman socket wrench, but it can be anything! What’s mine, you ask? Easy, it’s my Smith & Wesson pocket knife. 

It’s never not attached to my hip and I use it for everything. Need something unscrewed? Excuse me while I whip this out. Need a panel pried up? Yo, I got this. Does a seatbelt or wire need cutting? Done and done. A knife is one of the most versatile tools you can have and my obligatory everyday carry (EDC) stems from a horrific car accident 18 years ago when I used a fishing knife to escape the crumpled wreckage. 

Tool usage is what defines us as a species, as well as what pushes our wrenching endeavors to greater and greater heights! And though The Drive’s editors have a solid baseline of tools we all use and love and cherish and fondle,  we want to know what you, our readers, also cherish and love and care for! What’s the ONE tool you can’t live without? 

Leave your recommendations in the comments section below. The more specific you can be, the better!

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