NYPD Officer Hit by Suspected Stolen Car in Brooklyn During Traffic Stop

The officer got hit by a car and shot a guy last night. How was your Friday?


Two people were taken into custody Friday night after hitting a police officer in Brooklyn during a traffic stop in which the car they were driving was suspected stolen.

According to the New York Post, NYPD Anti-Crime Unit officers pulled the vehicle over a little after 10:45 p.m. on Friday, close to Riverdale Avenue and Chester Street in Brownsville. The 28-year-old male driver reportedly drove the car onto the sidewalk to try to escape, running into the officer. The injured policeman then apparently fired his weapon into the vehicle, breaking a window and injuring the fleeing suspect behind the wheel.

The officer was later taken to a hospital for a severely bruised right leg. 

The 28-year-old assailant as well as a female passenger, also 28 years of age, were taken into police custody with pending charges. As of Saturday morning, whether or not the car they were in was indeed stolen is unclear.

Notably, this wasn't the only instance in which an NYPD officer was hit by a car in the line of duty this week. Another New York cop was struck by a white Jeep Grand Cherokee this past Monday afternoon in Queens, reports the New York Post. Similar to Friday's incident, the two men in the Jeep were reportedly pulled over for driving with fake license plates and tried to speed away from the traffic stop, hitting the officer and knocking him to the ground. That NYPD officer apparently sustained a cut to the head while the two male suspects were later detained after attempting to flee on foot.