Uber Apologizes After Being Baited Into Using N-Word in Racist Support Tweet

A Twitter troll appeared to have changed his name to a racial slur and Tweeted at Uber, triggering a very unfortunate automated response.


Uber has apologized after a Twitter troll apparently baited the ride-sharing app's support account into a sending out a racist Tweet. The offending Tweet and troll account have since been deleted but as another Twitter user points out, the streets never forget—and neither does the internet. 

According to Complex, the unfortunate Tweet was in response to an apparent complaint from a disgruntled rider asking for a refund. It's believed that @realTheeCheney changed their name to the racial slur, Tweeted at Uber Support, and then changed it back once it'd triggered the desired effect: a household-name tech company on the cusp of being publicly traded dropping the N-word on Twitter.

Now, we're pretty sure Uber Support's responses are automated and this probably wasn't a case of a clueless customer support employee manually typing out that word because they thought it was legitimately somebody's name. Probably. Hopefully. 

Even still, the fact that the company's response system was manipulated so easily is a little alarming. 

In any case, Uber issued an apology about three hours later saying, "We'd like to sincerely apologize for the offensive tweet that was sent earlier. We're investigating what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again."

As of this writing, @realTheeCheney's account doesn't seem to exist anymore but Complex apparently got a look at it before it was likely taken down. The publication describes it as "a MAGA supporter who often posts and retweets offensive content."

Might we suggest implementing a filter for any potentially offensive "names" next time? We hear Florida's DMV has a pretty good repository of naughty strings of text to look out for.