Couple Filmed Having Sex in Car While Driving on Highway at 70 MPH

Talk about a dangerous liaison.

YouTube | Jagti Khabar

Listen, we'e not here to judge anyone partaking in the great American pastime of copulating in a car. We may be a nation of prudes, but that hasn't stopped an estimated 84 percent of us from getting down in the driver's seat—or passenger's seat, or back seat, or trunk. (Like we said, we don't judge.) But if you're keen on joining that club, consider stopping the car first instead of going at it while cruising at 70 miles per hour down the highway.

According to the Daily Mail, the amorous couple were spotted over the weekend driving through the Jujuy province in northwest Argentina on National Route 9, a major artery snaking from Buenos Aires to the border of Bolivia. In a country with one of the highest traffic death rates in the world, it's also considered to be one of the most dangerous roads, with hazards like wild animals, dust storms, and—apparently—highly distracted drivers.

The video, filmed by a passenger in a passing car, shows a small gray hatchback flying down the highway at 70 mph in the right lane with its hazard lights on. It's immediately apparent there are two bodies occupying the driver's seat, with the woman sitting on the man and...well, you know the rest. The driver's view seems to be totally obstructed for most of the clip, but he doesn't seem to mind, idly raising a middle finger to the camera as he realizes he's being filmed and accelerating out of the frame.

We don't have to tell you how dangerous this is. Instead, we'll just point you to the story we highlighted last month of a rolling Romeo and his Juliet who were injured after crashing during their own fit of passion in Washington. Distracted driving takes many forms, some more fun than others—but in the end, the result is usually the same. And if you really can't wait to get home, at least try to save it for a stoplight. 

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