Used Honda Accord Featured in Genius Commercial Now Going for More Than $30,000 on eBay

As of 4 pm. East Coast time hours, the Accord was going for 6,363 percent its KBB value.

FulariousTV/Youtube/Mallory Short

In just a day bidding for the 1996 Honda Accord EX Coupe we featured on the site went from $499 (KBB valued at $473) to over $30,000 on Ebay. We are not here to judge, but holy hell Batman, $30,000 for a 21 year old Accord seems a little steep. Yes, this is the EX with the 145 horsepower VTEC engine and tan leather seats, but even the biggest Accord fanboy in the world may think twice about $30,000.

What can be the reasoning behind the high bids? Most likely someone who has enough money to do it for the story or possibly a genius marketing play by the video creator to promote his production skills. At this moment, the video is trending in slot #6 on Youtube and already had over 757,000 views. Whatever the case may be, the bidding process has been distracting the whole The Drive team this Friday afternoon. According to the add, the bidding war ends in five days and the owner (soon to be former owner) of the 1996 Honda Accord may find herself leasing a 2018 Land Rover Range Rover.

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