The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is Fully Prepared to Launch Like Hell 

Better grab a hold of the Challenger SRT Demon's steering wheel. 

Here's what you want out of a drag car: To launch from standstill as quick as possible. From what we've gathered from the weekly hints that Dodge has been dropping about its new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, the new drag radial-equipped muscle car will be well-suited to do just that. 

The news from Dodge's announcement is all about torque, and how the Demon will be able to handle more of it. The new muscle car will have an upgraded torque converter—confirming it will be available with an automatic transmission—and new gearing for the rear axle. When put to work with the new drag tires, the Demon has about 18 percent more converter torque multiplication and an increase of around 18 percent in rear-axle torque multiplication. 

In other words, brace yourself. 

Those drag tires, massively sized to 315/40/R18, are 12.6 inches wide and have a 15 percent larger tire contact patch. As we can see in the video that Dodge dropped today, as the car launches, the tires buckle down to the pavement for grip to send the car off the line. 

Check out that clip below.