The 12 Best Zipcar Models in the Nation, Ranked

Car-sharing doesn’t have to mean car-boring.

Car-sharing services like Zipcar may seem to portend the end of car culture. They’re harbingers of soulless, spiritless, A-to-B autonomous pods rented by the millisecond from Fortune 500 conglomerates, right? Here’s the thing: Car-sharing is a blessing for car culture. It exposes millions of young, upwardly mobile city-dwellers to the latest models—and lets them see just how wonderful it is to drive.

At the tap of a plastic card, Zipcar avails its members of 82 different models in its U.S. fleet. And some of those models? They’re nigh on unbelievable. Herewith, our favorites from coast to coast. And you’re welcome, America.