Watch This Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Nearly Crash Into a Crowd

Just another instance of Mustang driver idiocy at Cars & Coffee. 

byWill Sabel CourtneyOct 3, 2016 3:16 PM
Watch This Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Nearly Crash Into a Crowd

What is it about the combination of Ford Mustangs and Cars & Coffee get-togethers that frequently inspires so much vehicular tomfoolery? Is it the social pressure of having all those onlookers staring at you? The desire to show up fellow owners with fancier vehicles? Or are drivers just so hopped up on caffeine that their jittery feet accidentally send the pedal straight to the floorboard, sending the muscle cars pinwheeling into a powerslide?

The incident documented in the videos below, which show a crash from this Saturday’s Houston Coffee & Cars event in Houston, Texas, is only a few seconds long, but that’s all it takes for things to go sour. As what appears to be a Lightning Blue Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 pulls onto the road, the driver gives the 526-horsepower monster some gas, kicking out the tail as it pulls onto the road. The Mustang’s driver seems to pull the car straight for a split second—only to seemingly overcorrect, spinning the car out in the middle of the roadway and launching it towards a crowd of people watching from the side of the road.

In a stroke of good luck for both the assembled onlookers and the overconfident driver, there was enough of a curb to catch the aberrant Mustang before it plowed into the crowd. No one appears to have been injured, thankfully. Although considering how quickly the crowd rushed the driver after he climbed out of the car, we’re kind of surprised they didn’t wind up giving him a Texas-sized beat down for his stupidity.